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a MP bidding/play problem
I coded it up to what I think is a reasonable enough approximation. As we had reasoned, it is sufficient for declarer to play the pure strategy of always repeating the finesse and playing for the squeeze. The defense must play a mixed strategy. Specifically, a defender holding Kxx of ...
a MP bidding/play problem
I think Kit's short answer is the practical one. But for the sake of it, here is a longer and more theoretical take on this problem, which to me looks potentially very complicated. First off, I think it is ok to effectively treat this problem as IMPs rather than ...
Partner's 5-card suit
Also for the sake of curiosity could I ask if the sim thinks there is a difference between which heart is led?
Partner's 5-card suit
I was a little surprised that you thought it was clear that the 9 is better than the 5. Aren't there are a lot of hands where dummy has some form of H8xx holding and the low lead works much better? It doesn't seem that finding dummy with ...
My Little Spingold Run - Day 2, Second Half
Since I saw it come up twice I'll throw this comment out: I won't claim that everyone will agree, but I believe that even if you play that a 2 of a major rebid promises 6 in a 2/1 auction, you still shouldn't raise immediately without ...
Unexpected Preference
This exact suit layout is thoroughly analyzed in the esoterica section of the bridgeworld web site
Most Likely Plus
I don't disagree with the general principle, but I'd be hesitant to draw that much of a conclusion from a single layout. Defending looks great when partner's singleton club is the A, but it has to be reasonably with the odds that it is with the long ...
From the Cavendish Pairs
Seems like in the end position given, you can afford to play another spade, pitching the CJ from dummy. West might easily err. E.g. if West has x/KJx/JT9xxx/Kxx, he might not know which rounded suit to unguard. Indeed West would even have a problem with x ...
Good Judgement in the Bermuda Bowl? Or lucky?
My partner Franco pointed out that it isn't actually necessary to overtake the trump. E.g. after club lead, spade to Q and A, spade back: Cash the second club in dummy. If everyone follows, ruff a spade and play a high club, pitching a heart. The above squeeze ...
Good Judgement in the Bermuda Bowl? Or lucky?
In practice this slam is probably a lot better than it looks at first glance. For example, if you switch the SA into the other hand, slam still makes, since the diamond threat can be isolated and there is a double squeeze. It might require 3-2 trumps. Complex hand; it ...

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