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Angela Norris
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Brd 22 Aug 6 USA1 V South Africa 2007 Bermuda Bowl
Ok thanks Axel...neat!
Brd 22 Aug 6 USA1 V South Africa 2007 Bermuda Bowl
I like your suggestion it’s a routine t/o double Kate, but I can’t work out MAFIA ☹️
Board 13 March 12 Argentina vs Italy
Hi Kate I would be interested in more blasphemy / pontification about Bergen raises as I was thinking of taking them up! They seemed to work well when I tried them at the GC.
I would much prefer live opponents but suggest we keep bots as an option for when we can’t make the regular time.
Wonderful Therese...we are all so proud of you
Board 26 Bermuda Bowl Italy vs Netherlands 2011
Thank you both, that makes a lot of sense.
Board 17: BB 2011 Netherlands-v-Italy
We had the same bidding sequence and result at our table, ie Lori and I defended 2C by E.
Board 26 Bermuda Bowl Italy vs Netherlands 2011
This was a very unfortunate board for us. The 2C was explained as Cappelletti, single suited. I doubled with 10 points, expecting E to bid 2D, correctable, but they didn’t which was odd. I don’t think this situation would arise with real opponents. Did this happen to anyone ...
I would play 2 towards Q in hand and hope RHO has KJ doubleton for 6 tricks. If they play low, play Q. If Q wins, play A and hope J or K and another card drop, or cards were 3/3, then lose one trick for 5 tricks. If ...
What was the difference?
Thanks Kim. Much to think about. I like the first point about training in groups. I’m learning a lot already.
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