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Ankur Rathi
Ankur Rathi
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Ankur Rathi's bidding problem: J976 T4 AQ6 AK75
That's correct - 2N has no upper limit (by an unpassed hand). The strategy with this agreement is that the 2N bidder becomes the captain and we have a detailed rebid structure after 2N to separate out minimum range hands from various types of non-minimum hands. This allows the 2N ...
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
Love that it's literally called "Secret Pizza" - Open until 4am? Hm.. I think the post-midnights hangout has been identified! :-D
Take It Slow
Page 9: "You choose to lead the 9 off dummy. East plays the 10. You duck, and West overtakes with the jack." Page 11: "You lead a diamond. West plays the jack." Did he reach back in to his played cards? :-) My guess is on page 11 you ...
Ankur Rathi's bidding problem: J976 T4 AQ6 AK75
That's the system we play - essentially we give up the natural 2N response and instead always play 1M-(anything)-2N as 4+ card limit+ raise (over which we have a bunch of systemic rebids for opener to show different hand types). 1S-2H-3H is specifically a 3-card limit+ raise in ...
Ankur Rathi's bidding problem: J976 T4 AQ6 AK75
Sorry should have included that in the original post. 3 originally (instead of 2N) would have been a 3-card limit raise+.
Open Atlanta Discussion Thread
Kevin is (and always has been) awesome!
Atlanta Thread: Not Results or Events, But Basic Info
Nicolas - Breeze offers temporary tickets (good for 90 days) that are only $1 in addition to the fare added to them (rather than $2 for the permanent Breeze card). Source: So for visitors, it should only be $6 ($2.50x2 for round trip fare ...
In The Well: Ralph Katz
Thanks for going in the well! What's the most memorable hand you've played/defended?
Ankur Rathi's bidding problem: Q96 865 AK75 874
Yeah sorry, should have noted that 2n is leb
Ankur Rathi's bidding problem: A98 J63 K43 QT42
Just to clarify - lebensohl is on here (fast denies)

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