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Ansgar Seiter
Ansgar Seiter
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Sept. 27, 2015
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Jan. 19
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about me

German, living in Germany.

Recreational player (2nd national league).

My favourite book is not a bridge book.

My fav. bridge book is - o/c - Adventures in Card Play.


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I am trained and used to use negative free bids, but had so far no idea, that they would apply at the three level... I remember the following hand : Kx Qx A AKJ9xxxx after an identical start. 4 was not natural. I think, transfers offer a solution, but increase ...
Some interesting and difficult boards in Germany
On the last board. You have the 5card length and the most of the entries of the defending side. If you choose to lead actively a spade seems the most promising suit to chose from. If declarer needs time to collect his 9 tricks, the doubleten T with partner and ...
A Slim Chance
With that prime hand of W what about a XX ? Any slip of the defense might let that pass and the costs would be heavier. I think N's choice becomes then even less enviable. Why shouldn't S hold fi AQT9x x Axx Kxxx ?
Negative Doubles after Opponent's Overcall of 4 of a Major?
Other, of course. The X of 1m (4) usually promises 4s. The others are essentially negative, but also value showing. P can and will leave them in w/o extra shape. The doubles are not penalties in the strict sense, neither are they penalty oriented. With penalty (oriented ...
What's your plan?
Gary, this one seems easy. Upgrade, when partner bids your fragment instead of your singleton. Facilitates getting the right strain. Worry about level during the comparison.
What would you say about this auction ?
If someone has to accuse somebody of resulting, why not accuse me ? I can see a bidding sequence of a rare beauty, a highly intelligent conversation and in all pretty effective : X: well, not pretty, but someone has to do the dirty work 2H : Xellent news that X partner, how ...
Year 3: Getting a Little Less Bad
Easy answer to the squeeze question. Undoubtedly this is still a squeeze. Whether the defenders allow decarer to squeeze themselves or not doesn't concern the squeeze itself ;) Many hands with squeeze positions could have been defended better by not giving declarer the opportunity to set it up and execute ...
ATB - Sanity Check
8 - 15 may be a guideline for a one level overcall. Of course this is a matter of style. Personally I would prefer 10 - 17 for a 2 level oc. If you have 8 you usually have extra offensive values and most of the time a weak jump, if you ...
A New Blue Ribbon Pair, II
There is of course a score between -50 and +50. 0 for pass out. It wasn't frequented on that board, though. There is no score between +100 and +110, which I find difficult to bring into line with your argument ;) There are 39 scores, but the most frequent is ...
What is this double?
I voted penalty. My first priority though would be to stop partner from further competition especially on the 3 level. Not necessarily to collect a number. I won't have club support nor tolerance for this double. And I don't think that 3 from our side will be ...
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