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Ant Edwards
Ant Edwards
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Jan. 22, 2011
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UK player living in Australia.

United Kingdom

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Fan of general agreements that might not be perfect everywhere, but can be understood in a variety of contexts.
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"Hottest" Debates Among Bridge Experts Today?
Which inferences drawn from long-term partnership experience are avertable during the auction?
"Hottest" Debates Among Bridge Experts Today?
When an opponent makes a mistake in the play that has a trick-penalty, do you (a) call the director, (b) apply your own ruling at the table as in (b1) waive the penalty, (b2) agree a ruling with the openers etc.
"Hottest" Debates Among Bridge Experts Today?
When subject to UI do you (a) try to ignore it completely, or (b) actively consider and choose the worst option for your side taking into account what actions have been suggested by the UI?
What's going on?
How about a delayed Western Cue: say a long-minor type hand too strong to overcall on the first round, now wanting to fish for a stopper for 3NT? To throw this undiscussed would be courageous.
Expert Defenses to Two-Suited Overcalls
Where cuebids are lower than the fourth suit, I'm a fan of the bidding the "fourth suit" to be a forcing fit showing bid (FNJ), with the "fourth suit" cue as the only way to show the suit on its own.
2H means?
Strong hands with diamonds?
Hands with strong diamonds and a side 4-major are troublesome to bid. I, and many people I know, play 2-2;3M for these hands. A coded follow-up bid to agree the major below 4M is useful.
Proposing a Simple Rule for Good-Bad 2NT
Not what was asked, but I like opener's G/B 2NT bid to be good in partner's suit / bad in your own / bad in another. This way a direct raise of responder's suit is competitive, and 2NT... new action that can't be bad implies a fit ...
Couch surfing
Yup, according to "our" rule, it is.
Couch surfing
I like t/o at the 1-level, to play at the 2-level. Simple to remember and isn't terrible in either.

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