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Ant Edwards
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Jan. 22, 2011
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UK player living in Australia.

United Kingdom

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Fan of general agreements that might not be perfect everywhere, but can be understood in a variety of contexts.
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2H means?
Strong hands with diamonds?
Hands with strong diamonds and a side 4-major are troublesome to bid. I, and many people I know, play 2-2;3M for these hands. A coded follow-up bid to agree the major below 4M is useful.
Proposing a Simple Rule for Good-Bad 2NT
Not what was asked, but I like opener's G/B 2NT bid to be good in partner's suit / bad in your own / bad in another. This way a direct raise of responder's suit is competitive, and 2NT... new action that can't be bad implies a fit ...
Couch surfing
Yup, according to "our" rule, it is.
Couch surfing
I like t/o at the 1-level, to play at the 2-level. Simple to remember and isn't terrible in either.
Measuring Deductive Reasoning
This is very close to my research area (tertiary mathematics education). I highly recommend you check out the following book: Inglis, M., & Attridge, N. (2017). Does Mathematical Study Develop Logical Thinking?: Testing the Theory of Formal Discipline. World Scientific. In its appendices is a variety of logical / deductive reasoning tasks ...
Nabil Edgtton's bidding problem: x KTx KTxxx JTxx
Opponent's system is a standard-ish base?
When two cue bids are available
There is no general rule for all sequences. On (1x)-p-(1y)- sequences such as the one you gave, it is very common to play both 2x and 2y as natural. When you are "deeper" in the auction, it is - I believe - most common for cuebids in opponents' suits to ...
ACBL Wide Junior Fund Game
Would Law 6D2 apply here? "Unless the purpose of the tournament is the replay of past deals no result may stand if the cards are dealt without shuffle from a sorted deck or if the deal has been imported from a different session. (These provisions shall not prevent arrangements, where ...
Declining the revoke penalty
I had a partner (a regular poster on this site) who used to explain to the director that his partner (me) had "spotted a revoke and wished to claim his prize".

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