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Ant Edwards
Ant Edwards
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Jan. 22, 2011
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March 19
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about me

UK player living in Australia.

United Kingdom

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Fan of general agreements that might not be perfect everywhere, but can be understood in a variety of contexts.
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BW 2/1: Jumps to 3NT
I love the article by Fred Gitelman on dealing with standard issues in 2/1. There is a whole section called "The (misguided) principle of fast arrival". What we learnt in Bridge 102 is not necessary applicable for life.
Memorizing techniques
These 5 tips are very sensible, and have the overall aim (although it's not stated as such) of moving from "system 1" to "system 2" thinking in the Kahneman sense (see,_Fast_and_Slow).
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: AT862 AJ7 A AKJ6
I like putting the focus on hearts. Does 3NT...4 promise 4 pieces? If it doesn't (any maybe even if it does), I want partner to value heart honours more highly than club or diamond honours, so I bid 4. Also, now they are captain, I have ...
Bowling Along 3 - Manic Monday
Sounds like all players and directing team followed due protocol. Glad to hear it (and two cheers for screens).
Bowling Along 3 - Manic Monday
On board 27, what was the auction where East settles for 6 rather than insisting on a heart contract?
Weaks Twos: Short strokes?
(d) it's unusual to play your normal Keycard structure here. Something like 0/1/1/2/2 i.e. step 1= 0 keys step 2 = 1 no queen step 3 = 1 & queen step 4 = 2 no queen step 5 = 2 & queen
Weak Jump Shift or Splinter?
Agree with the fit jumpers.
Experimenting with weak NT
15-19 with a 3 range and shape enquiry afterwards.
Experimenting with weak NT
If partner opens 1m, they either have 5 cards or 15+ (ignoring those pesky 4-4-4-1s).
Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?
It seems that WC players feel that waiving certain rights is appropriate, whether it is because they feel they will win anyway / they personally disagree with the way the rules are written / they believe it will disincentivise people from the game. Although the above is intended to summarise the views ...

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