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Anthony Taglione
Anthony Taglione
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Sept. 25, 2015
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about me

Something a lot of people seem to forget is that Bridge is meant to be fun.


Every hand an adventure, every bid a thrill!

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Name the lowest card with which you would reply to partner's 1!D opening
It's the same in most common systems that a 1st/2nd seat passer's response bid is often not forcing on a 3rd/4th seat opener.
Comparable Call?
I find that, more often than not, it's worth accepting an insufficient bid for just these reasons.
Comparable Call?
Not necessarily. I open either 1 or 1NT often on nothing more than a whim with five clubs. Editadd: Anyway, this really comes down to the strength of a 1NT overcall, rather than the strength of a 1NT opener.
Do you care?
I think one study was attempted but all the Chess players they could find were occupied banging their heads against various walls and mumbling "If only I had a partner to blame!"
Mechanical error
It would seem that East was trying to sneak in some UI on the grounds that it might be deemed AI to his side alone if the director allowed it. This was my point above.
Mechanical error
You'd be surprised at what passes for evidence around here. Then again, maybe you wouldn't. Anyway, the player has committed an infraction by bidding before the arrival of the TD after attention has been called to the IB. If the TD judges that this leads to an advantage ...
Do you care?
I recall discussing this issue with one early partner and we agreed that there should never be a need to say "sorry". It'a partnership game and he'll make a counter-error at some point. Let's just play. A later partner said that, as far as he was concerned ...
Alert the Polish Club sequence 1!C-1!D-1!H ?
Minus the abstention.
Mechanical error
My thought parallel Roland's. Where I'm currently stuck is whether to deem East's bid now to be an insufficient bid, assuming it now is, or whether to treat it as a call out of turn. I don't feel inclined simply to allow him to take it ...
Insufficient Bid
Finding two people with the same interpretation of ACBL regulations seems harder that finding two people with the same birthday.

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