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Anthony Taglione
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Sept. 25, 2015
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about me

Something a lot of people seem to forget is that Bridge is meant to be fun.


Every hand an adventure, every bid a thrill!

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Another Scoring Error
People need to learn to check the Bridgemate, pure and simple. I always check the board number, the contract and the direction and I've told my partner to keep her hands off the thing until I've checked it. I also speak the result out loud, so the whole ...
Opening at the 7-level
A hand I held last night was: AQx AKx A Axxxxx (Ace sixth) LHO opened 3, partner overcalled 5 and I bid 7. Partner held eight diamonds to the KQ, void in spades and the ever-so-precious, K. The diamonds split 3-1. 7NT also ...
Be careful what you ask!
Well bid, Ian. I'm sure that 3NT+2 would have scored very well, too, and it was kind of them to save you any guesses in Clubs. This is an excellent example of how to exploit the shady tactics of the opposition. The tragic thing is that if they ...
Referring to newbies as "Novices"
The trouble with master points is that they are often nothing more than a long-service award, thus the grading system, which runs alongside the ranking system. Whether the NGS really achieves its intended purpose, however, is another matter.
Referring to newbies as "Novices"
Agreed, it's much more appropriate simply to call them "weak" ;-j
Referring to newbies as "Novices"
Over here in the UK, Improvers' tournaments are for those below the rank of Master, which requires 5000 master points to attain. I've heard that it's generally considered that it takes about ten years to reach the rank of Master for a player of average ability. Neither Newbie ...
A Foolish Double
They should have counted their cards to ensure that they had 13 each. They fouled the result by failing to ensure that they had 13 each and the penalty/adjusted score is appropriate. The previous table also warrants a penalty for fouling the hands.
Salvaging Some Matchpoints
You can change your unintended call (Mechanical Error) anytime before partner makes a call.
Over my shoulder
#TellASadStoryInThreeWords(Bridge related)
Sadly, they do

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