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Anthony Taglione
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Sept. 25, 2015
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about me

Something a lot of people seem to forget is that Bridge is meant to be fun.


Every hand an adventure, every bid a thrill!

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Using brigemates for imp pairs
If you get a vulnerable grand bid against you on a hand where many stop in game or even part-score, the BM sees it as just one bad board but your evening can effectively be over.
Using brigemates for imp pairs
Yes, you can handle it on the Bridgemates but, as commented above, the Bridgemates themselves have no concept of IMP scoring and will report all results, whether by board or by end of session, as though the event were scored as mps. The computer will handle it correctly, provided that ...
Defense to 2C - strong or weak 2 in diamonds
I faced one of these today, fortunately the game was up when I doubled the 2 response and opener passed. I had a 24-point hand and we bid our slam.
One more BIT from Platinum Pairs
Once again, we're guessing as to the meanings of the EW bids. Without further information we're going nowhere with this. We don't know their systems, so polling isn't particularly valid. 3 looks to me like an Italian cue-bid. I see no indications that West wasn ...
How would you rule?
I'd guess that he bid 5 for pass or correct. Without knowing their agreements, it's hard to rule on this.
How Would You Rule on This Claim?
I agree, Jeff, but as Declarer, I've found that it's often counter-productive to claim until I have the lead back, although I might suggest to them that it doesn't matter what card they play and show them my cards. If declarer says to me, "It doesn't ...
How Would You Rule on This Claim?
One of the best pieces of advice I was given was not to claim when the opponents are on lead. Unless it's trivial, such as "I'll cross ruff the rest", it's just not worth the hassle and is rarely a time-saver.
How Would You Rule on This Claim?
Play of the cards ends at the point of a claim. After the claim, you are entitled to suggest anything you wish as a sensible lead from partner's hand, to assist the TD in resolving the result.
AI and Human Consciousness
I recall Topalov showing a position which he said would be solved by any strong player within seconds but takes around 30 minutes for a top Chess engine to solve. Sometimes a positional appreciation beats a brute-force tree analysis. The same applies to humans, though. Often a move just leaps ...
AI and Human Consciousness
Any Chess player is an authority on this position, once they appreciate the salient feature of it. The 50-move will bring about a draw unless Black or White chooses to cooperate in their own defeat.

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