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Antonio Cocco
Antonio Cocco
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Oct. 4, 2015
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May 28
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was afraid of that :-(
Antonio Cocco's bidding problem: QT7 AJ852 AJ Q83
After 15 answers, pass seems to be the one. What after pass - pass and double by partner?
Another ruling case
Let me see if I understood French code A player [b]doit[/b] has the absolute obligation to put his alert on the right place. If he put the alert three centimeters away from the right place, he loses his rights A player [b]peut[/b] may sleep at the ...
Another ruling case
"How is North able to place his Alert card on East's as East has not yet posed a bidding card ?" Good question :-) Maybe something is missing in French regulations. Anyway, North said he put the alert on the middle of the tray. "Moreover East didnt asked" If East is ...
Another ruling case
Timing EW were pre-alerted when they arrived at the table, They confirm this later When playing the [b]second[/b] board 1- [b]1NT is alerted by North[/b]. North opened 1NT and alerted. East did not ask, 1NT was not explained of bidding , then play... At the end ...
Another ruling case
“The alert should be posed on the last opponent bid” How many times have you seen this procedure REALLY applied in French competitions?
What is the correct ruling?
Was not at the table. Don't know if EW really play 4 as preempt. It seems that North assumed 4 as preempt. So my questions are: Is it East responsibility to tell North if 4 is Forcing or not? If not said, what will North assume ...
What is the correct ruling?
@steven The rule exists! In France, in events with screens we have to have TWO CC. I repeat "The rule exists!!". But Conventions Cards are still not popular :-) As an example, on the last selection for French representative (so called Equipe de France B) One of the twelve pairs played ...
Another ruling case
Sorry for that. Corrected North and East are on the same side of the screen South and West are on the other side
What is the correct ruling?
I'm intrigued. Please can you be more specific about the terms "Agreement Disruption" and "No Solid Agreement"?

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