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Are Sivertsen
Are Sivertsen
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Sept. 2, 2015
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Feb. 9, 2018
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Roger Lee's bidding problem: A A AT76 AKQT843
I would bid 4NT as RKCB. I know the answer 5(one Ace). Then I will bid 5 , asking for Queen. Partner will confirm his Q and bid any additional kings. If he bids 5 I will bid 5NT as a grandslam try. If he ...
Espen Larsen's lead problem: QJ854 K4 AT65 76
Hi Espen I lead the Spade Queen assuming the Diamond Ace is very unlikely to go away(unless stolen in the first round). The 6 Heart bidder definitely have the heart Ace, so a diamond can only be thrown on declarers clubs or dummys spades. Very unlikely...
Are Sivertsen's bidding problem: AJT43 Q74 KJT2 J
Good to see its an overwhelming vote for pass :- ) I had this hand in a BBO IMP tourney. My partner were not pleased when he had to lead against 2 undoubled with 9 KJT6 943 AKQT6. It would be interesting to know which criteria experts use in these kind ...

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