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Am I rationalizing?
I know you are joking, but of course that's the issue. None of David Gold's peers would even consider passing. Yet when I see "weak opponents" at the club bid 3 in this auction, I'd give you 3:1 odds that they have a strong NT ...
Nikolas Bausback's bidding problem: 7 9842 KQJ AJ942
"1♦ better minor". And what does partner open with 4=4 in the minors?
Implicit partnership agreements with new partners
What does "implied agreement" have to do with "implicit agreement", or, more pertinently, with a "partnership understanding ... reached ... through awareness of the players"?
Implicit partnership agreements with new partners
Michael, what you describe falls under "mutual experience". If that's what the authors of the law had meant, they wouldn't have had to include "awareness" in 40A1a.
Implicit partnership agreements with new partners
I am disappointed by the results of this poll, and surprised that 48% of voters think "no agreement" is an acceptable explanation in both cases. I think this is clearly against the sprit of full disclosure, and also against the Laws. Let me explain. First, let's consider the spirit ...
BW 2/1: Serious 3NT
I voted for non-serious 3N. But I am hoping that the BW 2/1 team will set fairly clear guidelines on how much a "serious slam interest cuebid" shows - standards for that seem to vary a lot.
BW 2/1: 100% GF?
Isn't this a case where Larry Cohen and the Bridgewinners team clearly know what the right agreement is for their target audience? (A pickup partnership between two advanced, but not expert, players.) I would be completely happy with some amount of dictatorial decisions - after all, I can't think ...
Bidding disaster
I think 6 is worse than 4N. Slam cannot be good opposite two keycards and no K. (Obviously slam cannot be good opposite a hand that would respect a 4 sign-off either, but at least at that point slam was still a theoretical possibility.)
Forgive this not being a bidding poll
If 2 denies a slam try, responder can often jump to 4M without giving away unnecessary information. Meanwhile, to have a slam try opposite a passed hand, opener probably needs some shape, so he may as well start to show it right away. All in all, I think "standard ...
Forgive this not being a bidding poll
Paul, I don't know what Jan discussed with her partner. But I have a suspicion - 3NT would suggest playing 3NT from opener's side, whereas 3 would suggest playing 3NT from responder's side...

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