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Reducing the Manipulation Factor in Robot Individuals
I think this is a great idea. However, with all respect to Carl, I don't think he quite thought this through to the proper conclusion. I see many players making odd choices in their second bid (such as making a short suit game try after 1S P 2S in ...
EBL Launches Hall of Fame
Han, you only say so because you don't get invited to the HoF induction dinners!
Arend Bayer's lead problem: J86 AJT AT75 J53
At the table I led a club. On reflection, that seems questionable against weak NT/4-card majors - dummy is likely to have 5 clubs. Dummy had Axx x QJ98 KQTxx, declarer KQTxx KQxxx xx x, leaving partner with xxxxxx Kxx Axx. Double dummy, your lead doesn't matter. Single ...
The Price of Information
Isn't the main concealment advantage of Puppet after the opening lead (and hence invisible to your study)? Consider the auction 1. 1N-3C-3D-3H-3N versus 2a. 1N-2C-2D-3N or 2b. 1N-2C-2H-3N. *After* the opening lead, the defenders know dummy's shape (duh). They also know whether declarer has four hearts in the ...
Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?
@Andy: I can think of a few differences between enforcing revoke penalties and calling for a ruling on the hand in question. 1. When my opponent revokes, I am 100% certain that all of the authors of the relevant law fully intended the penalty to be applied in the specific ...
Unknown 2-suiter, doubled
Thanks, I had suspected this is the case, and now I have found the threads: A post by Frances Hinden explaining her methods: A thread where this issue is discussed again:
Official Spanish Team Statement
Gonzalo, for this to develop into an "unconscious agreement" there is one more thing that needs to happen: Kevin would have to remain unaware of the fact that Justin opens EVERY HAND IN 3RD SEAT NON-VULNERABLE. (Sorry for caps, just want to emphasise.) Likewise for Justin about Keven's 3rd ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
David Burn: "I imagine 'could be illegal' might be counter-productive, even if true." I doubt that would be accurate. The WBF definition makes it illegal to agree to open a balanced 7hcp hands ("King or more below average strength", where "average strength" means 10 hcp with no "distributional values"). I ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
Gonzalo, the idea that Justin and Kevin form an unconscious agreement to open all hands in 3rd seat non-vulnerable seems absurd to me, and I thought it would seem absurd to you as well. Wouldn't you think they know each others tendencies well? I think this is just a ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
Dear Ignacio Jiminez, on Bridge Base Forums, your team mate Gonzalo posted: "The captain had warned us that maybe we would retire, and so after 2 bids on first board he told us to stand and leave." (See ) Maybe you and Gonzalo ...

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