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Cheating on BBO
I think you will be glad to hear that there are, in fact, almost no cheaters on BBO is. I know because the CEO of BBO's new mother company said so in a tweet:
Virus vaccine certificate
I am torn about a vaccine requirement. For now, I hope we get sufficient uptake without mandates. But I do know I wouldn't attend a tournament that doesn't require players to wear masks as long as a non-trivial number of people are infectious.
Lead Problem. Are Simulations Believable?
In normal bridge language, a "safe lead" and a "lead that does not give up a trick double dummy" are not the same. At all.
I Got Coronavirus Playing Bridge
The best one-sentence coronavirus advice I have seen is: "You shouldn't act to prevent catching the virus, you should act as if you have it and you try to prevent passing it on to anyone else." Everyone sick passes it on to 2.4-2.6 others on average. If ...
Open Letter to the ACBL on Covid-19
I shouldn't have brought the word "libertarian" into this discussion, apologies. I could have made my point without the first sentence of my post above. No need to make it more political by attaching a label to the "everyone is free to decide" position.
Open Letter to the ACBL on Covid-19
Philip, a pandemic like this one is time to let your libertarians instincts go. It's a collective responsibility to fight this, and we need to take collective action to do so. There is a reason why everyone isn't free to decide whether to have basic fire precautions in ...
Re:Lawsuit against cruise line in California
There could be plenty of good reasons to sue. But why wait until we know more when it's much easier to judge people with less information?
Open Letter to the ACBL on Covid-19
The Nationals will be canceled, it is only a question of when. The US is about 11.5 days behind Italy according to this table: (You might quibble with the numbers but that will only change this estimate by a day or two ...
Cohen, Deas elected to Hall of Fame
"and is an author and a teacher" That may have deserved more than a subordinate clause. :)
Arend Bayer's bidding problem: 4 AJT QJT73 AT93
That's what I thought. This was posted in another bridge forum (as an ATB), and I was the first poster to comment that double here looked routine. Seemed clear to me, but thought I'd check whether I was biased by seeing the other hand.

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