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Arend Bayer
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July 28, 2010
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David Boxley's bidding problem: AQ J63 AKJ7 A862
Shouldn't 4 suggest a hand like this? A 4NT bid with good spade values.
BW 2/1: Opener's 3NT Rebid
I am open to other preferences in established partnerships. But for BW standard, I would strongly prefer if 15-17 balanced hands never open 1M.
Arend Bayer's bidding problem: T2 T92 KJ62 KQJ2
I tried to keep the footnotes brief but accurate, sorry if I failed in that. 1D is unbalanced, except that a 5332 hand with five diamonds may choose to open 1D. (More likely to open 1D with a good suit, and more likely with 3=3=5=2.) 1C contains ...
Arend Bayer's bidding problem: T2 T92 KJ62 KQJ2
So double still shows four hearts, and you give up on the natural 1NT bid?
Which of these auctions are Support Doubles?
"Do we play support double when opponents bid a natural 1N?" seems a good question to poll for the Bridgewinners system.
Procedural Penalty
I think it is logically consistent to award a PP without a score adjustment in this board. Say you judge that over 2H, only 3H and 4H are logical alternatives. Then 4H is clearly suggested by the UI, and it is reasonably to conclude that every experienced player should be ...
AI and Chess
Sorry, go is far more complex to learn than the "language" of bidding. The reason that it is difficult for AI to learn bridge is that you have to interface with humans, and we humans have strange ideas about disclosure of partnership agreements. If every BBO partnership had their agreements ...
Reducing the Manipulation Factor in Robot Individuals
I think this is a great idea. However, with all respect to Carl, I don't think he quite thought this through to the proper conclusion. I see many players making odd choices in their second bid (such as making a short suit game try after 1S P 2S in ...
EBL Launches Hall of Fame
Han, you only say so because you don't get invited to the HoF induction dinners!
Arend Bayer's lead problem: J86 AJT AT75 J53
At the table I led a club. On reflection, that seems questionable against weak NT/4-card majors - dummy is likely to have 5 clubs. Dummy had Axx x QJ98 KQTxx, declarer KQTxx KQxxx xx x, leaving partner with xxxxxx Kxx Axx. Double dummy, your lead doesn't matter. Single ...

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