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Ari Greenberg
Ari Greenberg
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Oct. 20, 2010
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July 9
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about me

I started playing bridge when I was 10 and never looked back. I'm also an admin here.

United States of America

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My two junior world championships playing with Justin Lall
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Nationals and World Championships
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ATB: could it happen to you?
Yes, redoubling could certainly land me in a worse contract. My primary goal from redoubling is that my opponents won't double us in whatever contract we run out to. I don't know how likely this is but it happened at the table. The other good thing that can ...
ATB: could it happen to you?
My North opponent was a 7-time NABC champion. Passing 1X would have resulted in an 18% board even if I managed to get out for 800, so it seems like I took a worthwhile risk in redoubling.
ATB: could it happen to you?
I held the East hand and the auction started the same way. I redoubled, planning to redouble again if 1 got doubled and again if 1 got doubled. I figured partner could then correct to 1NT or 2. Partner bid 1 and North at my table ...
Board 6: Dead on Arrival in 3NT
We play systems on over 2 showing one major, so X would be a transfer to hearts and 2 would be a transfer to spades. We don't play lebensohl here so I could have bid 2NT natural and invitational -- perhaps that would have been a better bid ...
5 recent BW comments on ACBL technology
You make a good point, Henry, but certainly more technology can help reduce human-entered scoring errors. Certainly the "eyeball scanning" could be done automatically to detect results that are likely to be erroneous (e.g. scored as NS making 3N at one table while every other result in the field ...
In the Well: Sabine Auken
Thanks Sabine for joining us today. Do you have a favorite hand you'd like to share from all your years playing bridge? By the way, if anybody is interested in checking out Sabine's great book "I Love This Game" it is available here: ...
Ethical obligations
Michael, yes we were considering appealing since 3N making 3 was a possible outcome. However it wouldn't have made a significant difference in our score so we decided not to bother. Most pairs who were in 3N made 10 tricks. I believe the right line is to cash 3 ...
Ethical obligations
I played this hand and our opponents had the auction 2H (weak) -P-3N*-P-4H-P-P-P. There was about a two minute tank before the 3N call. We called the director as soon as 4H was bid. Declarer made 5, but the director ruled it back to 3N making 4.
Cash or underlead?
Interesting point Andrew. I held the West hand on this board, and I assumed that partner would have played the Q from QJxxx, which made cashing the K at trick two less likely to be correct. But if I am known to often lead unsupported aces here then I can ...
Gamesmanship in the Vanderbilt
I think Meckstroth has every right to demand that his opponents provide a written defense for Multi when the bid comes up. I would think it quite odd, however, if the opponents provided a defense but Meckwell decided to use their own defense instead. Does anyone know if Meckwell normally ...

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