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Arijit Hazra
Arijit Hazra
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Feb. 21, 2013
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July 5
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Bridge Player

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Nebulous 2 club; Two-way Checkback
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Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: x Kx KQJx AKTxxx
I meant to say "he certainly doesn't have a 4 card "
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: A AQxxx Axxx KQx
In standard 2/1 style there is no other option to show 18+ hands if you don't play any convention like Gazilli. But even using Gazilli, it is not clear cut how can you bid the grand? My question is also related to that.
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: T9 KQJx AJxx AT9
Can't AKJTxxx be considered a self-sufficient suit?
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: T9 KQJx AJxx AT9
There is a mistake. I am south. East passed all through.
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: xxx xx ATxx KTxx
Major suit can be bit weak. But you can expect QJxxxx or QT9xxx at least.
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: T AJ8x Kxxx Kxxx
We play Micheals. However 3 Micheals would promise reasonably good two-suiter hand. From this auction, it looks like partner probably wanted to buy a cheap contract with 2 because he does not have a strong two suiter type hand. After 2NT, he wanted to show his 5 card ...
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: QT98 KJ3 QJ3 AJ9
But with no action may result in an uncontested auction where opponents will play in 2 Major and you have a play at two or 3 level.
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: 6 A9876 AT6 T632
Yes. But don't you think that sometimes you are forced to bid with 4 cards as well. For example with this hand 2-4-3-4 shape. There is no other option. Here, I did not choose double actually. I bid 3.I was thinking about different possible auctions.
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: QT98 KJ3 QJ3 AJ9
Yes. corrected.
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: KTx Axxxx AQTx x
But there might be possibility that partner will not be able to reopen with minimum range hand and we are in danger of losing a vulnerable game. What about 3NT directly?

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