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Arik Perlmutter
Arik Perlmutter
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Dec. 21, 2010
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April 14, 2019
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Bridge Club

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Favorite Bridge Memory
winning the 1993 European Common Market junior team championships
Bridge Accomplishments
winner of the 2012 Israeli IMP open pairs chanpionships; member of Israel junior national team 92-95, open team 95-98
Regular Bridge Partners
Sergiu Covaliu
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Sign-off, invite or drive to game
Thanks Gary, The hand was played on BBO, training session with expert opposition, IMPS. I've edited the problem, adding the conditions accordingly. Initially, I thought about posting this as a bidding problem, however both signing-off and inviting would start, I presume, with a 2 transfer bid. How would ...
Arik Perlmutter's bidding problem: KQJ964 964 AQ96 ---
I think looking for a grand is very optimistic if not unrealistic. Partner can be credited with KJxxxx in so there is simply no room for him having both Major aces - he would have started with 2. Even holding as little as Ax-Axxx-Kxxxxx-x partner would ...
Old Puzzle - Completed
if East has four small spades then West is left with Kxx. I fail to see how spades are running.
Old Puzzle - Completed
I posted my solution @ Hope this is not impolite...
The 1600 Games I: Bar's Best Suggestion
I think declarer can make it anyway, although not sure whether it is the best line single dummy. She can win the Spade return in dummy, cash the Ace of Clubs and Jack of Hearts, play a Spade to hand and cash the remaining trumps. In the three cards ending ...
Perfect Top?
Greg, not sure I got your point. Maybe my original comment has not been clear enough. I fully agree with playing low Diamond from hand toward the J in the seven cards ending depicted above. However, when East returned the D-9 I'm of the opinion that it was better ...
Perfect Top?
I agree with the analysis and in all likelihood West does rate to hold both red Aces however I believe ducking the second Diamond was a mistake. Assuming East discard of the H-T is an honest one then the H-A can be safely placed with West. In that case it ...
Too Many Aces
Something went wrong with the description of the poll. Here is a tidier version: It's an IMP team match - the first in a double-knockout qualification round of the Israeli premier teams championship – the "State Cup." You are playing against an ad-hoc partnership of two top-notch Israeli Internationalists. This is ...
Well, Survived Trick One But...
I play CA and return another Club giving present count. If Declarer has a stiff Club I can't beat it even if partner has AJ in Hearts as declarer can simply duck a Heart and then enter dummy and play a second Heart toward his K. Partner will get ...

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