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Arline Fulton
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June 21, 2010
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Nov. 14
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Is THIS a record?
Once at an NABC, was playing the Fast Pairs and had a great game. Went to look at the recap -- and yep, it was good. Over 72%! Unfortunately, that score didn't even win our section's direction. These two unknowns , Bill Root and Richard Pavlicek managed to get 73 ...
How do you play the diamonds?
Sorry, wasn't given either the auction or the lead. It was an after-bridge question presented to me and was wondering if anyone had an idea how to look at it. Looking at the hand, the opponents would have been silent and I would guess the lead was the 9
How do you play the diamonds?
The opponents were silent throughout. So it comes down to a guess or a feel.
How do you play the diamonds?
Yeah, Barry, but what about real WOMEN? :)
How do you play the diamonds?
Ron, what possible ruff?
ACBL Online Partnership Desk
Also, I have to add this: At an earlier tourney, I went to the live partnership desk. I wanted to play a "main event". They wanted to pair me with someone who immediately tried to talk me out of the open pairs event. "Sorry." Then this man said, "I want ...
ACBL Online Partnership Desk
Look, if it worked, I might use it. Fortunately, for Kansas City, many players asked me to be their partner. So now, it is choices!
ACBL Online Partnership Desk
Agree it is difficult to use. Did the designers ever play bridge or look for partners? Did they ask (non-involved) bridge players to test it for them? I think no on both counts.
ACBL Online Partnership Desk
Paul, here is what I found using the ACBL partnership desk. First experience -- I thought I found a decent partner. Our discussions seemed to be reasonably on point and it felt like, "WOW, this thing works!" Then we played in "warm-up" RL tourney and his constant criticism was unbearable. (That ...
ACBL Online Partnership Desk
Barry, "the prevailing opinion"? Yes, I have good reasons for going to tournaments without partners. One - my last good partner died. Two - I spent the decade of the 2000's ill. Three - I don't believe my masterpoint total is representative of my abilities. Until I started playing almost exclusively ...

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