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Arne Jordestedt
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Nov. 22, 2010
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Recycled hack
4N qvant /4 Diamonds SI not a choice miss that, 2 Major here is reverse bidding and at least F1 in all system but GF almost. Perhaps South might bid 2N Forcing, eg 1D-2N;
Signaling problem #2, edited to make reading OK
If partner bid 2H prob. 6 cards and then lead A of C he hopes get an ruff, perhaps with Ax before dummy comes, you may discourage because you control the suit and may get for the Q if Ace is singleton. Some player prefer lavinthal, counting discarding or obvious ...
Penalty Card
Thank you Kit. Reading all your articles with great interest. BTW is west holding an opening?
Play Problem
Imagine West S QT9, H Axxxxx, D xx, C Qx, discard Q create an entry for East in J?
All Your Options
next page, works fine here
Your Methods vs Transfer Responses and Advances?
Against transfer 1; "transfer against transfer" dbl = t/o of , 1= , 2/ =/ and 1Nt natural sys on, etc
Your bid over a weak 2 spades?
Adam, I played transfer lebensohl, but find it not so superior. When opps open 2 i still play Transfer Lebensohl (rubens.) but not against 2. But this defence is not superior either, thats why they open 2 "...Obvious benefits. 1-P-2-X = takeout OR just clubs...Bid ...
Your bid over a weak 2 spades?
BTW; I find it useful.
Your bid over a weak 2 spades?
Hi. I find at internet and use a defence against weak 2 (I also use it against 1-P-2-?) I don´t remember the source, sorry. But copy here: 1S-P-2S-2NT = both minors, or just diamond (Overcaller will correct 3C to 3D), or just hearts but weak (will correct ...
Opener's rebid over a negative double
"Never" pass a T/O with only Jxx in theirs suit.

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