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Art Korth
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Tax attorney in Atlantic City, NJ.  Playing bridge since 1972.  Inherited much of my sense of bridge humor from Dave Treadwell, so beware.

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Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
I don't know if it is a duty, but I would concede all of the tricks if it was illogical for declarer to lose a trick to the singleton K.
ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
I have decided to drop out of this discussion. I make a post stating my position, only to find out later that what I posted was actually something completely different. At least, that is what is being stated by others. It is as if we were speaking different languages.
Bidding a Singleton Four Times
To say that 5NT does not ask for Kings is an overbid. It does in many partnerships. In some partnerships, 5NT doesn't even guarantee all of the key cards and the Q of trump. Many players use it as a means of inviting 6NT rather than 6 of a ...
ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
David: What I am saying is that one must disclose all partnership agreements, explicit and implicit. If one becomes aware that partner has a tendency to make a particular type of psych, that tendency must be disclosed. It becomes an implicit partnership agreement. Another way of stating this is that ...
ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
Ed: "Art, suppose you’re on a committee where the table TD ruled that opening 1NT with the OP hand was illegal because it’s outside the allowed parameters for an agreement on opening 1NT. Would you overturn that ruling on the basis that it was a legal psych?" What ...
ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
Mike: There are a limited number of announcements. Jacoby Transfers are announcements. If you are playing something else, it may be an alert. The fact that a hard-of-hearing opponent may misconstrue your alert for an announcement is a regulatory issue and, strictly speaking, is not your problem (I don't ...
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
Martin: Sorry. Was not looking at the hand correctly. I voted that 2 was not forcing in the initial poll. I believe that is what you are recreating in your construction.
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
Martin: You may respond 1 with xxxxxx xxx xxx x, but I am sure there are a great many players who would find this to be highly unusual. Bob: We have a fundamental disagreement. In my opinion, no call that opener makes opposite a passed hand is forcing unless ...
ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
David: If the partnership has knowledge about each partner's proclivity to psych a 1 call in this auction and does not disclose this information to the opponents, that would be unethical. Now you are saying that if they do disclose, that doesn't make them ethical and, in ...
Is this "Reverse" Forcing?
I don't follow the logic in this. In an uncontested auction, playing 2/1, the bidding begins: 1 - 1 2 The 1 bid is not forcing. But I would bet that nearly everyone would say that the 2 bid is forcing. The missing factor ...

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