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Art Korth
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April 18, 2012
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about me

Tax attorney in Atlantic City, NJ.  Playing bridge since 1972.  Inherited much of my sense of bridge humor from Dave Treadwell, so beware.

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Can a declarer ask what the contract is?
I just read this thread. The answer is yes. All the rest was surplussage.
What Is Partner Saying to You?
Somehow not leading from Axx seems wrong to me.
What Is Partner Saying to You?
So you are saying that he would not double with KQxxx?
What Is Partner Saying to You?
Sorry - don't want to hijack the thread, but since 2 posters mentioned this, I want to interject a question. Double of a transfer bid when the opponents are playing a weak NT - two posters say this shows a good hand and does not relate to the transfer suit. I ...
New Performance Metric for the ACBL
Or that nearly archaic term "one-over-one approach forcing." Or is that now a form of sexual harassment?
New Performance Metric for the ACBL
When there were fewer tournaments to attend, players would make it more of a point to attend them. With the rise in the number of tournaments, the incentive to attend a given tournament declines. Once a player starts to miss tournaments, it has a kind of a snowballing effect and ...
Hand from Gatlinberg KO’s
Each to his own. I find that the idea that you don't want to open the mini-NT with 22(54) but you are willing to do so with a 5 card major to be the opposite of common practice. As for whether opening a mini-NT with a 5 card ...
New Performance Metric for the ACBL
I don't have any hard evidence to back this up, but I suspect that declining tournament attendance may have something to do with the increased numbers of tournaments. When I started playing in the mid 1970s, there were few sectionals and regionals on the calendar. The number of tournaments ...
Hand from Gatlinberg KO’s
One thing we have found is that opening a mini-NT with a 5 card major is probably not a good idea. Because your objectives are not purely constructive, you need to be able to convey as much information as quickly as possible and get out of the auction with the ...
Hand from Gatlinberg KO’s
There are all sorts of methods over 2. The method that I use is: 2M - 4 cards in other major (5 cards is not allowed) 2NT - an unspecified 5+ card minor - no 4 card major - not 2245 or 2254 3 - 4-4 in the majors 3 - 4-4 in ...

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