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Art Korth
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April 18, 2012
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about me

Tax attorney in Atlantic City, NJ.  Playing bridge since 1972.  Inherited much of my sense of bridge humor from Dave Treadwell, so beware.

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ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
New Jersey is considering legislation to consolidate or eliminate about 191 of its smallest towns. Here is a typical reaction to this type of proposal:
Unravelling stoppers
I would agree with you if the only issue were no trump contracts. But that is not always true. How is one to intelligently explore the possibility of a minor suit game or slam when opener's minor suit opening may be just a point-count bid?
Unravelling stoppers
And total indifference to minor suit distribution.
Unravelling stoppers
I have one partner that I used to play 10-12 1NT openings nonvul 1st & 2nd seats, in a 2/1 context with mandatory 10 HCP openings in 1st & 2nd seats nonvul. In this context, opening a 10-12 1NT in 3rd seat opposite a known less than 10 HCP hand seems ...
Use of UI
@Mike C: "Nail on the head Mike. Even pursuing 'further inquiry' could be construed as gamesmanship. Sent me to ACBLive. Two of the four opponents on one team in the first round RR totaled fewer than 300MPs, two on the other less than 100MPs." I don't know where you ...
Use of UI
The last caboose?
Use of UI
Several comments: 1. Who questioned the director's ruling? Or do you equate posting the problem here as questioning the director's ruling? 2. How am I supposed to know that the opponents were newbies? We were playing in an A/X Swiss opposite a B/C/D Swiss. Just ...
What is the best treatment ?
Here is what I play with two partners: Without a club stopper, ignore the double and make the normal Stayman response (this seems to be opposite of what a number of posters have posted). With a club stopper, pass with 1 or 2 4-card majors and redouble with no 4-card ...
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I believe that saying that my opinion there is self serving is equivalent to saying that my opinion there is my opinion.
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No. I just said that I don't agree. That is not the same thing as saying that they are wrong. I could be wrong.

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