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Arun Bahulkar
Arun Bahulkar
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Basic Information

Member Since
Dec. 2, 2011
Last Seen
Jan. 12
Member Type
Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
7N down 13
Bridge Accomplishments
Fateh Maidan Club, Maharastra State winner
Regular Bridge Partners
Venky, Gokhale
Favorite Tournaments
Indian Nationals
Favorite Conventions
ACBL Ranking
Arun-Sanjay Dutta
Standard 2 over 1
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2/1 Sanjay-Arun-Venky
Standard 2/1
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Deceiving question by declarer
Some people lead J from QJ
Bud Hinckley's bidding problem: QT92 AK73 AT7 A3
If you chose to make a take out double rather than a 1 N over call then you may want to be consistent and bid 1 N to show 18 +
The Best Bridge Writer
The pair of books on Opening Leads by Bird and Antheas transform the way we think about answering the question - what is the best thing to do in this situation. It’s been only six months since I came across these books but every time I play or watch an ...
600k boards from Vugraph: lies, damned lies, and statistics
Here are some stats that we had collected after analyzing a probably similar set of hands(from BBI) that Emily did. This analysis was after running the deals through a double dummy analyzer. a) How good are people at bidding grand slams can make a grand slam(double dummy analysis ...
A New Ethics?
Maybe the real ethics question is - if you were the declarer and you made such an error would you seek a "concession" ? Glad to say that I know many players who would not seek to correct such errors.
slip of the tongue ?
No wonder the game appears to be dying.
Women’s Pairs Also Decided by “BridgeMate Top”
It is interesting how quick we are to blame Bridgemate or Directors for mistakes that we as players commit - we dont enter the score correctly, we dont bother to check it - but we want someone else to take care of us somehow.
Wroclaw - the Directors
Producing CCs that can be understood in multiple languages seems like an interesting problem/opportunity. Maybe the folks working on bridge playing robots have an answer (or would at least want one). Another reason to have more electronics at the playing table.
The Missing Trump
What if you play low diamond from dummy at trick one and win with the Ace. Now you could take the heart finesse. If the opponents still find the Diamond ruff - you can just congratulate them.
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: KQJ 7 986543 K52
So, why do people not like 2 Clubs ?
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