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Arvind Srinivasan
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April 15, 2011
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Jan. 18
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Venkatesh Ramaratnam (RV)
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What is 2!S?
I recently held AKX,kjx,void,AKJxxxx and opened 1C, 1H overcalled on my left pp. I think this is a 2H bid. Shows a strong 17/18+ hand with 6+ clubs unsuitable for a takeout dbl
Adam Meyerson's bidding problem: K4 Q6 AKJ7 J7652
Wouldn't partner dbl the same hand without the club king or with x,AKJX,Qxxxx,Axx to protect our position. I think it is best to take a plus score in these positions.
Hits and Misses
On the slam deal, it is probably better to hope for pd having the SK rather than dia king, If your construction is right for the diamond lead to work, opener has bid 3H on SQ, H AQJ,DA, CK. He may not blackwood with such a hand
4C-4D convention
Hi Hans, relaying would be a good choice with a poor diamond suit and same HCP since you don't want to be playing in diamonds unless you have a 54 fit. The actual hand shows the problem with the method since you cant find out that you are off ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: --- KJT85 AKQJ764 T
I think a 4N bid should create a forcing pass, so I would respect the dbl and pass
Peter Hasenson's bidding problem: AQ54 A3 4 AQ7542
If you decided to bid, wont 6D show majors and hence a 5N bid should probably show clubs and a major. Could a 6C bid be misinterpreted to show strong clubs and 6331 hand
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: AK94 K32 J953 K9
Oren, Is there a case for balancing with 1N. May make the subsequent decision easier
With a Plan
Kit, Should you consider bidding 3S over 2S especially in a limited system, since that may not force to game and shows the nature of the hand. As you say a void is very powerful. This may help in partner taking the push. With Axxxx in H and AKxxx in ...
Alex Hydes's bidding problem: 2 KT852 AJT8652 ---
I think the way to interpret the double is that partner should takeout unless he has a surprise and it is mostly trump tricks
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: A7 AQT62 653 K72
1D (1S) 2H, here 2S should be catch all. This is a similar sequence.
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