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Dec. 21, 2013
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March 15
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You Know You Are A Bridge Player When....
In Tallahassee, Fl, I was once given directions at a gas station (waaay before days of GPS) like this: turn right here, left there and then go west on 90 East. After confirming the directions to make sure that I heard it right, I quitely walked out and threw away ...
Help with Short-Short analysis.
My bad. How can I delete it from "Partnership Forum" and post it as article?
You Know You Are A Bridge Player When....
When you cluelessly say "push" while comparing team scores with a pregnant partner.
Roth Swiss
Pls contact me at +1-256-468-5148. I will be playing in finals of Werner Open pairs later today and I can meet you before game time near Constitution Hall. Best, Atul
The GNT's, a modest proposal
For most districts qualifying stages of GNT involve long drives and overnight hotel stays. I suggest that we experiment with hosting the qualifying stages online in a proctored environment. For example, the players must play online on their laptops at a club. Obviously details need to worked out, but I ...
The GNT's, a modest proposal
Further to my comment, ACBL should think this way: players are spending a lot of money in terms of time, hotel stay and gas. Why not try an alternate format, e.g., online, and recoup some of that money for themselves and increase participation at the same time? It is ...
Equal Level Conversion
BTW, thank you for posting the hand about ELC. Enjoyed reading your detailed discussion and important points you made.
Equal Level Conversion
I meant the concept in "A switch in time" by Gravonattors (sp?) A codified set of rules based on honor cards and length in dummy's suits to first identify the obvious shift suit and then determine whether the partner of the opening leader can stand the switch to that ...
Equal Level Conversion
What is your opinion of obvious shift at trick one principle for attitude purposes?
In the Well: Jeff Meckstroth
Jeff, can you pls think aloud for me to decide the line of play on DK lead in 7NT with AQx,AKQxx,AJT,Kx opposite xx,x,xxx,AQJTxxx?
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