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Aviv Shahaf
Aviv Shahaf
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July 29, 2010
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13 hours ago
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Bridge Teacher
about me

I have been directing and teaching Bridge for the past 20 years.

Head of Directors at the Honors Bridge Club in New York, running 5 section games most weekday afternoons

USBF Jr Program Mentor

Met my wife at a Bridge Club and we are raising two future stars.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing "Gulash" with Chagas & Branco in Rio
Bridge Accomplishments
third place at a club game twice!
Regular Bridge Partners
Igor Savchenko
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Head of Directors at the Honors Bridge Club in New York
Favorite Tournaments
WSOP Main Event
Favorite Conventions
Incision (Forcing Club system with very light opening bids)
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ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Draft ACBL Convention charts and using bidding judgement
Tom, I wasn't arguing that anyone is exempt from following the rules. I was merely pointing out that the reason for this rule has nothing to do with "creating a level playing field".
Draft ACBL Convention charts and using bidding judgement
Tom, how is that any different from: some ethical players will use judgment and open a few special 14-counts. But some, um, less ethical players will open all 14-counts while lying to opponents that their range is 15+?
Draft ACBL Convention charts and using bidding judgement
And that is wrong how?
Ruling After Failure to Alert
The MI subject have been covered nicely by Tom P and others. There is also an UI issue... South had UI regardless of what their actual agreement is. From South's point of view North has shown at least 5 spades and at least 6 clubs with possibly slam interest ...
Bob Heitzman's bidding problem: K KQ9543 KT42 AJ
I believe that expert standard is that the Jump shows 15+ to 17. Otherwise it might be hard for responder to investigate slam with hands such as this.
Aviv Shahaf's lead problem: AJ63 T632 6 8542
Not that it necessarily proves anything but here is the full hand from an online practice. ------------ QTxxx ------------ x ------------ AKxxx ------------ x xxx -------------------------- K J ----------------------------- AKQxxxx QJTxx ---------------------- xx AKxx ------------------------ QJx ----------- AJxx ----------- Txxx ----------- x ----------- xxxx Only the A sets the contract (1 spade + 2 diamonds + trump promotion) The singleton diamond lead holds it ...
NABC Online Individual - Day 2
I do
NABC Online Individual - Day 2
I just wanted to point out that when you have the best hand with a flatfish 16 count there is very little point to inviting with 4NT opposite your partner's 1NT opening, unless you are a fan of playing 4NT contracts...
Max, I don't think even DB would argue that the defense gets a trick in your scenario...
in the OP there was only 1 card in question, hence "at the end" for that card means the last trick. In your question above there were 2 cards, hence "at the end" for those cards means the final 2 tricks.

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