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Avon Wilsmore
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May 5, 2011
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A X of 3NT in 1981...
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Double Bay Bridge Centre
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Best line for 6H
You are in a 4-4 fit. Not the time to propose tapping-off both hands, in my view. Further, see the comment below about the danger of ruffing with big trumps.
Hasta la vista, visa?
Hasta la vista, visa?
You are on the right track... if/when I dig up sufficient information, I will write an article about this matter. To nit-pick, I used "secret service" in a more general sense, rather than referring specifically to the US Secret Service. From wikipedia: [i]A secret service is a government ...
Zimmerman Reinstated as Winners of Rosenblum Cup 2018
Meanwhile, Sartaj Hans wrote here: [i]The WBF President said words to the effect - Per other Olympic sports, only the titles won post the date when the athlete was proven to be cheating can be stripped. We have followed this in bridge. So all ...
Hasta la vista, visa?
Yes, Roelof Smilde, 1964 Olympiad. He was a vigorous anti-Vietnam war opponent and his visa to the US was refused. Some Big Names in Australia used their influence and his visa was granted. And when he got to NYC, the trouble started...
Hasta la vista, visa?
Hint two: The player concerned was Australian
Slap in the Face
Here is Nicolas's site: I have read his book. He names players that his analysis identifies as cheats; these are the same players as were "outed" by Brogeland. There are many instances of "a European pair" and "an American pair". If I understand correctly, his ...
Slap in the Face
It's not as simple as "people drawing their own conclusions". We see there that demands were made for Brogeland to pay Fisher-Schwartz US$1m. The fact is, whistleblowers are taking a risk. We have seen Fantoni-Nunes and Elinescu-Wladow successfully take legal action, even though ...
Slap in the Face
I think that, for better or worse, Nicolas followed the advice of his lawyers...
Did anyone who reads BW ever play against Buster Keaton -- or know someone who did?
Dr Google says... [i]He was even a world class bridge player.[/i] From the book, "Buster Keaton Interviews", p234: [i]He is an avid bridgeplayer...[/i] From "Buster Keaton: The Persistence of Comedy ...

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