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Avon Wilsmore
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May 5, 2011
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A X of 3NT in 1981...
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Double Bay Bridge Centre
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It seems to me that this topic is a replay of Edgar Kaplan's concerns, expressed in his Dec 1958 Bridge World article, "New Science" (reprinted in Dec 1997 BW and in "Bridge Master: The Best of Edgar Kaplan", available at The Bridge World.) There, Kaplan wrote about partnerships that ...
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The book is finalised; it is being sent to the printer.
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Josef: Did you, or did you not, arrange to play illicit signals with your partner, Alex Smirnov? You write, above: "I know pretty well which players play dirty and mostly how they do it. Nevertheless, I was never ready to call these names in public." Can you explain why? Is ...
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I was 14 when I read hand 75 of PBwR, where Reese, as in Jyri's description above, tested LHO's standards in one suit, before testing them again in the critical suit. I recall thinking at the time, "What a fool this Reese is! LHO, seeing that their hesitation-gambit ...
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Alfred Sheinwold discussed Odd-Even signals in a (US) Popular Bridge article, Another Death in Venice: "In theory, when you’re just following suit you play an odd card to encourage a continuation; an even card, to encourage a shift. A low even card calls for a shift to a low ...
I have just read this - Fantunes
Can you explain, then, this ACBL announcement on 12 Aug 2016? ...the ACBL Ethical Oversight Committee unanimously finds... Overwhelming evidence establishes that charged parties Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes engaged in collusive cheating.
I have just read this - Fantunes
If they are innocent, why did F-N state that they will not play again as a partnership?
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
JL: Do you mean, "Och!"?
Pop History: Nonillion-to-one Bridge Mystery (Sports Illustrated, January 24, 1955)
Of perhaps even greater interest are Schapiro's actions on the repeated 1955 BB hand.
We run the risk of getting girl-germs.

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