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Avon Wilsmore
Avon Wilsmore
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May 5, 2011
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22 minutes ago
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A X of 3NT in 1981...
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Double Bay Bridge Centre
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Challenging Deep Finesse...2019 version
Everyone has a mix of AQ108 KJ97 8642 -- is my guess...
Is it my choice?
South cannot have a hand that bids 1 bid early and 4 late.
Is it my choice?
Is the auction correct? - South didn't jump? - Are we talking about two passed hands, who might have played the hand in 2, bidding game after pushing the opponents to 4m?
Searching for a book
In the Introduction of BWTBT, Forquet writes: [i]All the hands used arose in actual competition and are faithfully and accurately reported.[/i] We know about the Mike Lawrence hand that Forquet borrowed and attributed to himself... Forquet and Tim Seres exchanged many pretty hands by mail during the 1960s ...
Searching for a book
The Bridge World review of "Bridge with the Blue Team", July 1983: [i]The deals "are presented as if played by Forquet and his teammates while compiling their incredible record... (indeed, many of the deals [b]were[/b] played by Blue Team stars)..."[/i]
#ZEROTOLERANCE Open Barcelona 2019
A very fine article indeed. When it comes to having bridge as clean, cheat-free game, it is, at the moment, us vs them. The fight is on.
Great Players; Great Books
Agree about Adventures in Cardplay. Why can't all bridge writers stick to the business? I stopped reading The Rodwell Files, sick to death of rubbish like "Days of Thunder". The hands may well be good; I found the prose unbearable.
The Three and a Half Cs
I xame across this quote by Nick Krnjevic , 14 Oct 2018: [i]Don - isn't that why the BoD has D&O liability insurance? What's the point of paying for that coverage if you're going to forfeit the ACBL's credibility and integrity by surrendering titles to cheaters ...
Great Players; Great Books
A man of varied talents...
A Cheater's Best Friend? Secrecy, Or?
There is no question that secret decisions and a policy of (in Ortiz-Patino's words) "minimise the scandal" have done dreadful damage to bridge.

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