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Avon Wilsmore
Avon Wilsmore
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May 5, 2011
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17 minutes ago
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Bridge Player

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A X of 3NT in 1981...
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Double Bay Bridge Centre
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
Everybody knows Bill Gates is attempting to shorten our lifespans with anxiety-inducing horrible suit-breaks.
Avon Wilsmore's bidding problem: KJ95 985 AQT76 3
Yes, Garozzo found Forquet with five trumps, an ace and two kings. +110.
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
In the mid-80s, the Bridge Association of Western Australia accepted the GW-Basic software* of a Perth television salesman and amateur programmer as their dealing program. GW-Basic's RNG was notiorously weak. See: An effect of the inadequate software was the manifestation of an avalanche ...
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
Some things in life are easy... - for bridge law questions, ask Ed Reppert - for bridge proability questions, ask Kurt Häggblom. I've PMd Kurt.
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
[i]...but the above statistics prove that it can't be in random fashion.[/i] I am not a mathematician, but I'd be happier with "suggest" in place of "prove". Now, if your two samples were over hundreds of millions of hands... that's an even better suggestion!
Bridge Clubs are opening on Monday in Turkey.
From Ray's link: [i]When we compare the other Nordic countries in terms of mortality, it is clear that we are having roughly 500 deaths per week, and in Norway they had seven deaths last week,” Hanson told ABC News. “If we see the mortality per million, we are ...
Virus vaccine certificate
From Wikipedia: [i]Smallpox was an infectious disease... The last naturally occurring case was diagnosed in October 1977, and the World Health Organization (WHO) certified the global eradication of the disease in 1980... ...Smallpox is one of two infectious diseases to have been eradicated, the other being rinderpest in 2011 ...
Multiple Errors
Much depends on how good a player West is. We find a clue in his rebid of 3H, rather than the obvious 3D. There is no reason for East to have any more than two trumps; on a bad day partner has a 1-2-5-5 Yarborough and 5D has play. If ...
Multiple Errors
North has book in his own hand. I would stand up and double.

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