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Avon Wilsmore
Avon Wilsmore
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May 5, 2011
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A X of 3NT in 1981...
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Double Bay Bridge Centre
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Some words from Monaco
Maybe it's an Italian habit... The Philadelphia Inquirer, 16 Jan, 1975: [i]The Blue Team wrote to the American Contract Bridge League to demand that it not approve his captaincy and when the American governing body ignored that plea, Blue Team star Benito Garozzo announced loudly that "If Sheinwold ...
Some words from Monaco
In some circles, ad hominem attacks are regarded as contributing nothing worthwhile; just an inability to engage in informed debate.
BW Censorship
1. If my 400-page book consisted of several hands, I would agree with you. Instead, it contains hundreds of hands, many played by mediocre players (i.e. not the big three)... wizards on opening leads who barely knew how to take a finesse. Eric Kokish: [i]When I started to ...
Carding Question at Trick 1
For those who would like to study Phillip's excellent articles:
BW Censorship
1. Weight of evidence. 2. Stale news. Swanson, Hamman and Wolff have all written that the BT players cheated. Their mistake was not to do the hard yards, and bury the BT under a mass of hundreds of outrageous examples of the use of illicit signals.
I cheat
I had never heard, "Take the plate off of the table", until I moved to the US. It is not used in Australia (or England, I would imagine). "I would of done the same", is used in Australia; I would have received earnest counsel from my parents, were I to ...
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[i]... our slam bidding needed to improve...[/i] By what benchmark? Comparing the slam bidding to that of a team that used range signals, shortage signals, long-suit signals, and signalled aces and kings? [code] Garozzo Forquet K10652 Q8743 QJ1054 AK8 A93 KJ7 ...
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I wrote: [i]Living, as I do, in perpetual fear of Eugene...[/i] I never imagined that anyone could be so obtuse as to take that sentence seriously.
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Sound advice...
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