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Avon Wilsmore
Avon Wilsmore
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May 5, 2011
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14 minutes ago
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Bridge Player

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A X of 3NT in 1981...
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Double Bay Bridge Centre
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Is it Restricted Choice?
Maybe this... In any event, the topic of defenders' suit lengths and changing odds is discussed at length in "Bridge Odds for Practical Plauyers" and "Expert Bridge Simplified"
Avon Wilsmore's lead problem: J3 52 AKJT72 KQ3
Sorry, my books are in Thailand while I'm in AU. I can give the full deal in 5 1/2 weeks...
Avon Wilsmore's lead problem: J3 52 AKJT72 KQ3
1958 Bowl, Italy v Argentina. A heart lead gets a ruff for down one, partner having AQx. And that's what Siniscalco led....
Assign blame for missing game
Was 3, by arrangement, a slam try?
The Curious Case of Schneider-Reithoffer v Mollo
Good question. Maybe a week ago I ordered a "first edition" of Mollo's book so I could see for myself... if there's any variation I will let you know.
Restricted choice?
"Expert Bridge Simplified" (Jeff Rubens) may be a match, but I'm going off memory of 10 years ago, so no guarantees.
Restricted choice?
As well, if East has three diamonds, some of the time, West will raise.
Dodge a Bullet
I, too, play: After penalty double, all subsequent doubles are penalties. When talking to Australian players, I hear that this marks me as some sort of low-life pervert.
Miroslav Kovacevic's bidding problem: KQxx T9xx --- ATxxx
Correct. Having bid 1, 3 is wrong; partner will look at, say, Qx favourably, and x as a bad holding.
For The Record
So, to return to the first deal Mr Yates discusses... 1963 Bermuda Bowl Final, board 124. They are vul Belladonna A5 9 K10976 K10732 P 1 P 1NT ? Belldonna tried a most successful 2, Avarelli having a good 5-3-1-4. That deal is an interesting ...

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