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Barb Taychert
Barb Taychert
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Sept. 14, 2011
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May 23
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Bridge Player

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Gold Life Master
John Kloke & Barbara Taychert
2 over 1
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Bright and Zeller Win Imp Pairs
So Happy for you, Greg. Congrats!
BB Final, Final Day
I enjoyed your commentary. You were refreshingly open and provided lots of useful info outside of the actual hands being played. Hope to hear more of you on BBO.
Becoming a life master
I agree with you mostly, David, but I consider it slumming when I see life masters playing in the gold rush.
Trump guess?
We were in a slam, and the opponent, a well-known player, made the same opening lead that Kieran speaks of - low trump from Kx - my partner also finessed, and when the hand made, this player (from D.C) got up and screamed at my partner.
In the Well: Brian Platnick
Hi Brian. I have played against your mother and brother in sectionals in Charlottesville. They are very nice people. Tell us something you specifically learned from them and/or how they inspired you to go on to a higher level.
Great sportsmanship at the senior trials
I see both sides of this issue, but I also think it is easier to be generous when one is way ahead in a match.
Stratification, bracketing, and general whining
I loathe the bracketed swiss and refuse to play in it, even though I have fewer than 3,000 points. I play in the AX because I want to play against the best competition.
A Tale of Two Bridge Clubs
A novice game runs concurrently at the same site, but it is run by a different director and is a different club.
A Tale of Two Bridge Clubs
Both games daytime. When I have played at club "B", I was not able to see scores.
Fantasy Bridge Camp, a modest proposal
Fantasy bridge camps have already been held abroad, but not in the format described here,

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