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Barbara Barnes
Barbara Barnes
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April 13, 2011
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about me

Live in Washington, D.C. area; degree in math, retired from U.S Government.

Played a lot in the sixties/seventies; took 35 years off; came back to play in clubs or occasional regional about 2011. 

According to Newsweek I'm a typical ACBL member:  somebody's grandmother with an aol email address. 

Interested in the discussions about cheating detection and investigation/adjudication processes. 

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Time Off???
40 years: Family (first 25 years) then career. After a few years back in (in a minor way) I'm kind of out again now. --- very occasional club games -- do study and play a little in serious-ish social games, with an app, on-line. The reasons I'm avoiding the live ...
The ACBL's (Secret?) Arbitration Agreement
I became aware of it after reading Mark Friedlander's informative article -- the first one you reference -- and looking into the ACBL arbitration policy. I certainly didn't become aware of it through any communication from the ACBL to me.
Notes page for convention cards
Hi, Jeff. Click the "CC Editor Help" button at the top of the CC editor page. The few available formatting "switches" are covered in the last item. One of them (called small) switches font to a smaller size. Very useful on convention card.
What should the ruling be?
Hi, Ed, Dave: Duplicate sessions are poor practice opportunities -- not enough of any particular kind of hand. Get some hands that meet your criteria or almost do, in this case for both kids of 2NT bids. Make them up or use a deal generator. Then go through them, preferably with ...
What should the ruling be?
Maybe a little different perspective from the peanut gallery: The root of this problem is the egregious mis-bid on the first bid of the auction. After this, whatever UI and or MI follow, it's hard to resolve the mess in a way that determines and maintains bridge equity (and ...
EBL Ruling on Disqualified Teams/Pairs
"The comments in this thread indicate how insidious cheating really is." As will the final count of vacated high placements, which will also indicate the cost of failing to deal with this promptly.
Who's going to sue?
From that same bulletin: Masterpoint disclaimer Results reported in the Daily Bulletin are subject to change because of score changes or corrections. The masterpoint awards as shown are, therefore, also subject to change. I guess this applies to EOC results, not just current competition.
Why Locals don't attend NABC's
Hi, Spencer! Ah, the good old days. I don't remember regional/national red points so maybe I was a leeetle bit behind you. My requirement was 25 gold and 25 red. I remember my first gold points for a regional section top. Of course in those days each section ...
Majority of Tricks
typo page 5 line 1 "entires" should be "entries."
Bridge Trivia Quiz - Answers and Results
Interesting. I was wondering if the BWs were somewhat distracted by the honorary LM datum. I wonder how many people have any recollection of that. I was out of bridge then so I don't know how big a deal that was -- bulletin cover maybe?

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