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Barbara Barnes
Barbara Barnes
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April 13, 2011
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about me

Live in Washington, D.C. area; degree in math, retired from U.S Government.

Played a lot in the sixties/seventies; took 35 years off; came back to play in clubs or occasional regional about 2011. 

According to Newsweek I'm a typical ACBL member:  somebody's grandmother with an aol email address. 

Interested in the discussions about cheating detection and investigation/adjudication processes. 

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Peg, Yu Maybe "we always pause at trick 1" could be squeezed into the "general approach" section of CC?
Suggestions for our new CEO -- starting a list
Other cost tradeoff questions about convention/score cards: How many partnerships maintain convention cards on-line, print them at home and have no need to pick up a CC at the game site? How can you increase that number? How could you encourage people to use both sides of a two-sided ...
Bridge Mates?
Many clubs have the beverage caddies that clamp to the table. They keep most spills off the table.
Ah, memories :)
Wonderful memory, Brad. Now about that connection: from Definition of silver cord : the emotional tie between a mother and a child and especially a son
Is this offensive?
I guess the OPP's remarks might cause annoyance or embarrassment to OP, OP's partner, or even OPP's partner or might interfere with the enjoyment of the game. So OP and OPPs should all just keep quiet.
dump bidding boxes - all in favour ?
As remarked elsewhere, you can do with two bidding boxes per table, or even one if you pass it around. And if you pass one around maybe that will create a little cooperative social activity, not to mention reinforcing the bidding ladder. Then you could pass the box around to ...
A Foolish Double
To be precise about dummy's rights and limitations: Law 42 Dummy's Rights: B.3. Dummy may draw attention to any irregularity, but only after play of the hand is concluded. Law 43 Dummy's Limitations Except as Law 42 allows... A.1. (a)Unless attention has been drawn ...
Bridge Lawyers
I think you're right -- they got 14 from somewhere -- either your "VP" differential in the head-to-head match or the difference in VP totals between your team and the other at the end of qualifying. Good luck with your appeal!
Bridge Lawyers
No, I meant they incorrectly took your margin in the head-to-head qualifying match as Victory Points instead of IMPs. And for victory points they took the number of boards. If there were a 15 board victory scale (and maybe there is) you would have won the quaiifying 15-0. I put ...
Bridge Lawyers
By CoC, they should have converted the qualifying matches to Victory Points to rank the teams after qualifying. What scale did they use? If they did that, how many Victory Points did Team P have. How many did Team C have. Was the difference 14 by any chance?

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