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Barbara Barnes
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April 13, 2011
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about me

Live in Washington, D.C. area; degree in math, retired from U.S Government.

Played a lot in the sixties/seventies; took 35 years off; came back to play in clubs or occasional regional about 2011. 

According to Newsweek I'm a typical ACBL member:  somebody's grandmother with an aol email address. 

Interested in the discussions about cheating detection and investigation/adjudication processes. 

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Use of UI
Hi, Art, At the table I I would think that a) Opener was inexperienced or b) Opener had a brain fart and misguessed the ranks of the major suits. or both. I would also think that after the splinter 4D rebid, 4N is automatic.
Marching Towards Goofyville
Such unfortunate public rants in other venues the last couple days; reading this was a soothing pleasure. Thank you David and Mayberry. I propose the issuance of a comparable cat to all who must needs share their opinions.
Interesting point -- but always? If I open 1NT, playing 15-17 as we have for forty years,and partner doesn't announce the range, what UI is there? Not sure you could even make a case that there's MI to the opponents since the failure to announce to mean anything ...
ACBL Search Committee Up and Rolling
“Our first step will be to define the search process and clearly articulate the skills and qualities we’re looking for,” Cuneo says. “We’ll be studying what other similar organizations are doing and how they’re organized.” Hmm. Any thought of articulating the strategic needs of this organization? Or ...
We play with tablets on Sunday
Avoiding the need to try to "restore equity" in the case of those irregularities (insufficient bids, bids out of turn, leads out of turn, revokes, etc. etc.) seems like an advancement in the way the game is run. Numerous threads on BW demonstrate how complicated it is to handle these ...
Fanning the Flames of False Claims
Ed, I'm really trying to understand. I don't see how 70E (applicable when claimer has not previously stated a line) allows the director to assess how the hand "would be" played. He can work out the ways it "could be" played, but it would seem he can't ...
Find The Human
West appears somewhat sadistic and must therefore be human.
Your Take on This Exposing This Revoke?
From Ray Y's post: "142[+] comments so far, with references to six Laws of Duplicate and one ACBL Condition of Contest, " and no one has yet observed that this wouldn't be necessary in electronic play where revokes, insufficient bids, bids out of turn, etc. could simply be prevented.
Every Trick Counts
Hilarious. If Kit was working on this as early as March 27 when Michael Rosenberg posted "Finally...." does this explain why Kit was so quick to get the beer card angle in MR's post? Or is it possible these two colluded in producing beer card articles? Is a special ...
Philly Slam Poll 2 of 3: ATB missed 6!D
When I was a toddler some wise soul taught me that a player holding the AK of trump has to take special responsibility in slam auctions. This rules out 5D. My choices in order of preference would be BW, 6D, 4H (which I think of as kind of a torture ...

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