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Ethical, questionable or cheating?
If the opponent meant it as a sign off, it would have made sense, maybe she did, and did not want to embarrass her partner, it was not mentioned though, and incidentally her partner had a few words when they saw that I was disgruntled, and responder said, yes partner ...
Ethical, questionable or cheating?
the bidding I reported earlier, was totally different, and my apology to everyone, it went id-2c-2d- 2sp-3s-now came the big break in tempo too long, -4c-4nt -5d-6c opener-, knowing responder did not have 4Sp after the table action, her hand was-KQ54 J6 KJ10976 4 They did not get a good ...
Ethical, questionable or cheating?
I said opener passed 6c I meant bid 6c over 5D SORRY!!
Ethical, questionable or cheating?
To-day the bidding went by the opposition- E W 1D-2c 2D-2Sp 3sp-Big break in tempo( obvious to anyone at the table I do not have 4Sp) - 4NT(opener) 5D- 6C!! The opener held KQ54 J6 KJ10976 4 and actually passed 6C. They agreed on Spades, blackwood was bid and Spades ...
What does this bid mean?
Since 1D- 1H 1NT- 3H is a slam try ( even stronger than going through 2 way new minor) then it would have no other meaning in my system than 6H and 5 Spades,this bid really would have to be discussed,by the partnership. The only other possibility, is a ...
XYZ players - what meaning do you give for those sequences
ran out of space to continue …. 1D-1h 1Sp-3S- AKxx Axxx AJx Qx 1D-1H 1Sp-2D 2?? - 3Sp- Axxx Kxxx Kx Kxx
XYZ players - what meaning do you give for those sequences
very similar to 2 way new minor F. whereas 2c is invite and 2 D is game force- but a Jump by responder without a 2c or 2D bid is best hand of all in 18 point range slam interest strong suit 1c- 1H 1NT- 3H- Best hand better than ...
What do you open w/ a 5-5 !C-!S hand?
With a minimum opening and 5c and 5 sp the club suit will often be difficult to bid later bringing the auction to the 3 level ,shows a good hand for me You hold AJ863 QX xxx KQ1098 Never would consider a one Spade opening bid.
Do you play Drury?
We play 3 Way Drury, found this to be really informative 2 Clubs is 4 trump constructive or Limit, partner bids 2D asking which) And 2 Diamonds is 3 trump limit raise Like one no trump F by P.H. Less screw UPS!! And Fit Showing jumps by passed hands ...
Play 6NT
Think Meckstroth is needed here for his input~~~Many of us are just guessing.
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