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Barbara Travis
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June 14, 2013
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Bd 8 16th June
She can revert to hearts too. If Axel ducks the club (a) club continuation = 3 clubs + 2 diamonds (b) heart continuation = 1 club, 2 hearts + 2 diamonds But, yes, stopping to count defensive tricks is (was) important.
Bd 3 June 16th Spingold 2016 Final 3/5 Fleisher vs Zimmermann
Kate, you probably lost the plot because, whilst Axel took his time reworking his response, you and I were explaining about doubles of relay bids... well, really, about not doubling in the middle of relay auctions. By the way, I was bidding 3 if Axel had a pass or ...
Board 11
We had a 2 overcall. When East was happy to rebid 4, I had an easy raise to 5.
Board 12
Well, we played it in 5HX from East (playing weak 2s) and Axel still led the club. Same poor result.
Board 14, 16th June
And I was also very kind :) I omitted their auction (on the basis of no interest to us really), but I also omitted their final contract. And, stalker that I am, I already KNOW that several did NOT reach the grand. (Still kind - names withheld)
Board 14, 16th June
I was very thorough!
Board 14, 16th June
2S is often the fallback position with a 2-5-2-4. I would usually rebid 3S with a good hand and 3-5-1-4.
Bd 8 16th June
Interesting defensive hand. I chose to lead a heart against 3NT. Axel won the King to start on the diamonds. When my DQ won, I knew we didn't have enough heart tricks to beat the game (2 hearts, 2 diamonds maybe), so I switched to clubs. Now he is ...
Board 4, 16th June
Yes - I wondered about the 2-3-3-5 with bad diamonds.
Board 14, 16th June
Such a long post. Penance for not posting for such a long time
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