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I really like Peter's use of 3NT. We'd also rebid 3H (AQJ10xx is the worst we can have!), so hearts are set as the trump suit. That means 3NT is asking for cue bids, denying a spade control. And then as Peter described.
I'm not Kate but I'll offer: QJx AQJ10xxx KQx void
Same as Peter said above - it can't be right to bid 4NT with 3 spade losers in your hand. Need some cue bidding first.
Board 30, 19 March 2007 Bermuda Bowl Brazil vs Netherlands
I have to admit that, on seeing dummy, I was particularly happy to be in 3NT. Bad trump breaks always seem to doom these contracts.
Board 22 - BB Brazil vs. Netherlands
Hmmm (smiling). I still won't splinter in opener's first suit - though with Howard I can. His 'particular' structure relies on 3 suits having been bid. Then a jump into the 4th suit = splinter in partner's first suit (and agreeing third suit). Not quite the same position here.
Gold Coast Congress 2020 - A Women's Team category proposal
The Teams is already somewhat too short for the number of teams. Taking 2 matches off randomises the event even more. Furthermore, what if an all-Women'a Team or all-Seniors Team is doing well and wishes to try for the Open crown? I haven't given this lots of thought ...
Board 30, 19 March 2007 Bermuda Bowl Brazil vs Netherlands
I wasn't sure whether it was 'better' to show the 4 card heart suit or the good spade stopper after the 1S overcall. I realise I could always revert to 2NT, but I wasn't convinced I wanted to play in 4H with this poor-quality suit. In the end ...
Board 30, 19 March 2007 Bermuda Bowl Brazil vs Netherlands
Board 30 is correct.
Board 27, 19th March
My opinion: It's reasonable to open 4S if you can determine that partner can't hold enough cards for slam. On this hand, given he's a passed hand, it's highly unlikely but...
Board 27, 19th March
I would consider it with a 6-5 but not with a 5-6. PLUS it seems to either find a misfit with partner, or generate a 4S overcall.
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