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June 14, 2013
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Board 10, October 8th
We managed 400 against 1NT. If I'd shown both Majors as North and partner showed equal length, I'd not take off - it could be a 4-2 fit or a 4-3 fit. I was happy enough to get them down in 100s.
Board 3 /Tuesday October 8th / BB Australia vs Israel Round 1 _ 21
If I had been sitting East, I would pass 3H X (auto) - it's IMPs, take the plus score, regardless of this vulnerability. I know a lot of my partners would bid 3NT, worrying about the vul. I think passing 2H X is a lot more challenging to choose as ...
Board Assignments: October 8 Bermuda Bowl Match
Candice and I are happy to continue with Board 4. We will do 15th October (not giving Candice a choice?) before the Spring Nationals, but will not do 22nd October when the SNWT is on. Then back on deck. This week - just later in the week...
Board 8 - 17th September
I guess robots don't understand Multi 2D opening bids (given they don't understand alerts either).
Board 10, September 17th
Board 10, September 17th
Yes - when you open that sort of hand because you have game in your hand, but lack 'real' HCP, jumping to 4H next shows the hand. Last time I did so, Candice had the 18 or 20 count opposite so the grand slam was easy. We play that the jump ...
Board Assignments: September 10 Bermuda Bowl Match
I did board 11.
Board 1, September 10th
It was indeed a fun hand to play. Tundal went down because he ruffed once with the S10, then drew the trump with his Ace, leaving only the trump 4-2 in his hand - which were inadequate when East proved to have 4 trumps and they were higher than his!
Board 10, September 10th
Did anyone rebid 1NT on the South hand? Then it is much more difficult to reach 6C - I think. I suspect you'll subside in a spade contract then. (We couldn't rebid 1NT, because our 1NT opening bid is 14-16 HCP. So where one might 'lie' with 14 HCP ...
Board 10, September 10th
Will think about it. I tried the 'strong' option hand and didn't like that (though it did work out well once or twice). I think when 4th suit is hearts, being able to raise is very important so that you can find the 4-4 fit. That only applies when ...
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