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Barnet Shenkin
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Dec. 26, 2010
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Oct. 13, 2017
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Bridge Teacher
about me

My time is mainly spent now either making new forms of bridge lessons and presentations, or updating my website with hands and stories.

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'Back from the Dead ) The Fat Lady see extraordinary tales on my website.
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See my profile on my website .
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Multi and Polish 2 Bids
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Gold Cup final stages - controversial end to semi-final
1n the Gold Cup semi final of 1993 one hand took a long time. The players then rushed and completed the boards just within the time limit. The team that lost by 2 imps claimed they were under pressure to finish on time even though it was not their fault ...
The Most Sensational Story Ever in Bridge History
Actually my father while having on behalf of the BBL to read the official verdict to the press was unconvinced of their innocence and this was well known to them. My extensive article covers the incident with personal views and contacts with many of those involved.
extraordinary story - Fantoni Nunes
I mentioned that at the very start Julian For those interested here are some opinions of Lorenzo Lauria World Champion and former Italian teammate. They come at the end of the interview
Fantunes' defense under investigation
For those interested in the opinions of Lorenzo Lauria,World Champion and former Italian teammate you can read some at the end of this interview for Neapolitan Club site
extraordinary story - Fantoni Nunes
Tks Barry that is most helpful and gives a much clearer account of the episode, the deliberations by those concerned and the reasoning behind the verdict.
extraordinary story - Fantoni Nunes
Hanan may attribute the play to genius. I believe it was a blackout. Hanan should remember a very important hand that I would attribute as a blackout. All players have them even the best.
Fantunes' defense under investigation
I think he had a blackout . In my opinion the only explanation is he had another one here
extraordinary story - Fantoni Nunes
The link shown clearly states that the pair were exonerated.I would not have posted had I seen article below .I just thought it was an interesting story for the reader. No offence intended.It was the lead story on new in bridge.
The Benefits of Study
In 1966 Hugh Kelsey had published Killing Defense in Bridge. On page 19 Counting, he shows the idea of delaying a ruff to build the setting trick. One of the best ever bridge authors , he was ahead of his time. The theme is there. You just need to know where ...
The Benefits of Study
In 1966 Hugh Kelsey had published Killing Defense at Bridge. He is still one of the finest ever bridge authors and ahead of his time. On page 19 counting, he shows the exact theme of delaying a ruff to build the setting trick.The theme is there. You just need ...
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