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Barry Dehlin
Barry Dehlin
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July 31, 2010
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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First NABC (DC 2009)
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District GNT B champion
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Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: 7 J5 J754 QJ7542
So apparently we've been using a modified (bastardized) version of what we "thought" was Kokish...OP edited to reflect this. Which prompts a side question...what would be your auction using "proper" Kokish, with the key issue being how North expresses extra strength? North hand is AKQJ2 AK9 A9 ...
Reporting your team's renege
Is the principle that "I decline to profit from something I should not have done" really that nebulous?
You open -- partner bids at 1-level -- they interfere -- You bid 2N
I definitely did not intend to ask the question you pose, but my question could be rephrased as such: "Would/could you bid 2N with a hand that would be an upper-end 1N-opener point count, but which you deemed not right for a 1N opening?" Would you open 1N with ...
Trick 3 defense
I was making simply giving full disclosure, but agree it should not be on here. And partner was indeed giving an odd diamond count.
Trick 3 defense
I was the leader. Logic was that it seemed highly likely our side held the majority of (maybe a significant majority of) the hearts. With declarer's distribution weighted toward the minors, this was much less likely in clubs. And at matchpoints, I was focused less on setting the ...
Part I - GNT Subsidies for Winning Teams DISTRICT 4 SUBSIDIES The ACBL does not provide subsidies to teams participating in the National GNT Finals, and does not require the Districts to provide subsidies. District 4 will reimburse each team that qualifies for the National GNT Finals for all entry fees as ...
Barry Dehlin's lead problem: A975432 7 86 732
I was declarer on this hand, so I am only reporting bidding as it happened.
Over my shoulder
Yet another Jacoby 2nt ATB
Is East really worth 2N here? No shape except for AK-tight, which guarantees any of partner's club honors are wasted/duplicated. Seems to me that for any pair that opens aggressively (and maybe this partnership doesn't fit that description) that this is a risky GF bid.
ATB - Missed minor game at matchpoints
Probably not what you mean by a "good" field, but 21% of NS pairs in the Common Game aggregate field had minuses. (Tuesday 2/7 night game, board 13)

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