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Barry Dehlin
Barry Dehlin
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July 31, 2010
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First NABC (DC 2009)
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District GNT B champion
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2020 North American Online Bridge Championships
With signups starting tomorrow, shouldn't we be hearing more from "ACBL Official" about all of this? So far, very little official information provided on which to commit a decent chunk of change. I think it's nice that unofficial people with ACBL ties are sharing additional information (on camera ...
Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: AT952 AQ2 JT Q85
You may not have looked but Richard voted for 5 rather than 3N. I did bid 3N at the table, hoping that EITHER partner would have Qxx OR they wouldn't lead . However, 3N failed even when they did NOT lead because RHO had Kxx.
The Kibs Are Not Alright
The time delay itself isn't "significant." The loss of viewer functionality which comes with shifting from a live-on-BBO vugraph to a delayed-on-Twitch replay (and which I've detailed elsewhere in this thread) is absolutely "significant."
The Kibs Are Not Alright
I'll point out that the reasons Greg gives making commentating less enjoyable, are exactly what makes spectating less enjoyable. Under current delayed viewing, I can't double-check the sequence of play, can't look at prior hand results while someone is tanking, can't switch to watch a key ...
In my methods, East not only forced to game w/ 3 but expressed interest in slam with 4, so all the fault is his for passing 4.
NABC Online Pledge: Join Me With a Camera?
Why is everybody OTHER than the ACBL talking about the next ACBL event and the related security requirements? It seems to me silly to support or assent to something that hasn't (to my knowledge) been announced and detailed yet.
The Major Alt - World Class Bridge all week
Of note from this bulletin: "Team Marina has withdrawn and will be replaced by a substitute team starting at 0 VPs unable to qualify for the top 8." Team Marina included Andrea Burrati.
The World's most complete bridge player.
If I were looking for a comprehensive apology from a confessing bridge cheater, I would want to see the following: 1. The actual apology, taking COMPLETE responsibility and not hinting that full responsibility is mitigated by circumstances (i.e. no "I'm sorry, but...") 2. Description of full EXTENT of ...
Cashing Out Down 2?
Isn't finessing the 9 the highest percentage play to get two trips to dummy?
Anti cheating committee
His comment below strongly argues that Nicolas Hammond should be invited to be on the committee, should he care to join.
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