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Barry Dehlin
Barry Dehlin
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July 31, 2010
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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First NABC (DC 2009)
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District GNT B champion
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Bronze Life Master
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Barry Dehlin's lead problem: A975432 7 86 732
I was declarer on this hand, so I am only reporting bidding as it happened.
Over my shoulder
Yet another Jacoby 2nt ATB
Is East really worth 2N here? No shape except for AK-tight, which guarantees any of partner's club honors are wasted/duplicated. Seems to me that for any pair that opens aggressively (and maybe this partnership doesn't fit that description) that this is a risky GF bid.
ATB - Missed minor game at matchpoints
Probably not what you mean by a "good" field, but 21% of NS pairs in the Common Game aggregate field had minuses. (Tuesday 2/7 night game, board 13)
Time Off???
Friend of parents taught me the game socially as a teenager, but I had only idle interest. Really enjoyed the bridge club for two years of college, and I count this as my real start even though I didn't obsess like many others have at this age, and I ...
Serious 3NT question
In your favorite set of agreements, just how narrow is the range of the 1 opening hand here? For us, it's anything from just above a non-minimum (rough equivalent of 15hcp playing strength) to just below game-forcing (rough equivalent of 19-20 playing strength since we are aggressive in ...
Peculiar ethical situation
I may or may not agree with this comment depending on whether you are suggesting (a) different behavior for the whole event, or (b) different behavior for this round (against an overmatched C team). I too played in this event, and we too got blitzed by Art's team. This ...
Peculiar ethical situation
Isn't the consideration of a running hand moot when he pulls the contract from 4X to 5?
Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: J9xxx AKxx xx QJ
On one hand, I like the creativity here to try to find more info to place a GAME contract. But it's a solo effort, and "the other hand" is that I'd worry about missing slams due to flat-out misdescribing my hand.
1NT-3M as 3-suited with stiff in Major
I take your point, but how worried are you about wrong-siding the contract with this approach? Or do you just assume this cost isn't large because you're not going to find many 53 fits?

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