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Barry Dehlin
Barry Dehlin
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July 31, 2010
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First NABC (DC 2009)
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District GNT B champion
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Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: AKQJT4 T9 K5 J42
Should have specified that we play Lebensohl over the reverse so responder's method of getting out at 3 is 1-1-2-2N-3-3.
Barry Dehlin's bidding problem: AKQJT4 T9 K5 J42
Honestly, a jump after partner's reverse hasn't even been on my radar screen (perhaps showing my inexperience relative to other posters here). In your preferred methods, how narrow/broad are the specifications for that bid? Great suit, check...but how great? Does it show a solid suit (and ...
considerably worse than trivial
bridge experts with gambling addiction?
"Poker is...a much simpler card game than bridge." In bridge terms, I double. In poker terms, I raise. Poker's complexities are are found in different dimensions (more game theory, psychology, telling a convincing story), which I think makes it very hard to compare. But I would not describe ...
Plea to BBO software developers
I agree the upgrades you mention would be nice...but first I'd like to see some more basic improvements: 1. Identify in the Vugraph lobby (i.e. where one selects which match to watch) whether the match is Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, etc. without requiring viewers to have foreknowledge ...
Thinking Twice About Two-Way
Path dependence applies. If you're starting from scratch, I agree basic 2-way is simpler. But if you're building on a NMF base and you're dealing with intermediates, I suspect that changes the conclusion.
Bermuda Bowl inter alia (perfectly open thread, as far I'm concerned)
Re: the Butler scores from the round robin... ...I recall reading skepticism about the value or accuracy of Butler scores as a measure of the "best" pairs. But the only specific concerns I can remember are sample size and ...
World Championship VuGraph Schedule
Recommendation for BridgeWinners management: the World Championships should have their own "Featured Article" thread just like all NABCs.
Bridge and politics
I love my bridge, but I honestly wish that those involved in governance would find better things to do with their time than focus on this, or other, feel-good but substance-free gestures.
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
The uncharitable view of someone who doesn't want to hear advice from qualified opponents is that they are close-minded or hubristic. A charitable view is that they are following Bob Hamman's advice to mentally move onto the next hand, and want to leave ANY post-mortem until later. Another ...
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