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Barry Ko
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Dec. 15, 2015
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July 11
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Bridge Player
about me

Live in Washington D.C. (District 6)

Originally from Hong Kong, and California.

United States of America

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1st in Collegiate
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Gazzilli, Scanian 1nt, Mulberry, Pakistani Blackwood, Comic 1nt
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Legal Discussion of Contract Cancellation Based on Coronavirus
in my opinion, what's tricky in this case is it is both an act of god, and a government order. in absence of an executive order, the spread of the virus alone, as one may argue, does not render performance (holding a tournament) impossible, thus the issue rests on ...
4!H play problem
The goal here is to hold trump losers to 2. Looks like breaks 2-7. If I play my side suit now, I'm risking East getting in when I pull trump and give West a trump promotion. So I have to play immediately. Ruff the first trick in ...
26 IMPs at stake
I don't agree with the 100% line after ducking a , but I want to simplify Paul's line: Assuming they returned a . In the end position, when K is onside, declarer will have to finesse. (No squeeze since you cannot unblock now and go back to ...
26 IMPs at stake
John, Your line is a simple guard squeeze scenario, North can guard and , and South guards , but since a finesse position against South does not exist, the squeeze will fail.
Finesse or drop?
Ray is right here. The distribution in is unknown, so it cannot be included in the calculation. Vacant space is 4:10 now. However, by restricted choice, the 10 should be divided by 3. The correct percentage play now is to finesse (4:3.3).
What would you make of this call?
In my opinion, partner is raising to 5. If they ever compete to 5, partner wants a lead.
Best use of 2NT here
It can be somewhere in between. 2MT pick a minor, and if opener bids clubs, you correct to 3 to show weaker diamonds than immediately bidding 3. You lose out on hands with constructive/ invitational here, provided you are not playing Negative freebids or transfers over 1 ...
Another Humpty Dumpty Bid?
To me it has to be a cuebid. Most defensive bidding methods are based on opponents' bids being logical. 2 doesn't promise they have a fit. If we don't have a fit in and I don't think I am really free bidding 2 ...
Plan the play in 6NT
I have potentially 4 menace here: 9, T, T and 7. If any of these menace is positioned to the left of the opponent threatened (i.e. behind its busy card, you can play for a compound squeeze type of position, and make this 100 percent. If this premise is ...
How "expert" is this play?
If you do, then you wouldnt have made this poll.

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