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Barry Ko
Barry Ko
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Dec. 15, 2015
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9 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Live in Washington D.C. (District 6)

Originally from Hong Kong, and California.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing bridge in high school
Bridge Accomplishments
1st in NABC Collegiate; 6th in NABC+ Mixed Swiss.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
chinese american bridge club
Favorite Tournaments
world bridge series
Favorite Conventions
Gazzilli, Scanian 1nt, Mulberry, Pakistani Blackwood, Comic 1nt
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
How would you rule?
I can't agree more with Dave here. The reason why I am in favor of South here is because I can put into his shoes. There were times I was playing with clients, and I had to make pre-balancing decisions based on the bidding as I know, partner may ...
Toby Curtis's bidding problem: Q7 --- J72 AKJT8754
could have opened something different on 1st seat since it was unclear it was our hand. once opened 1, and opponents did not overcall, it may well be our hand. rebid at minimum level and expect partner to bid again.
Jeff Rogers's bidding problem: --- AKT874 9542 AT3
First, I don't like the 6 bid, that leave the last guess to me. Second, if partner pass 6, does it mean he has the A or also a void in ?
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: JT532 QJ87 A7 Q9
I think so. Partner has 2nt,3,4, and 4nt to choose from, and he picked 5. Given this vulnerability, he has no reason to assume I have any cover cards for him. I would be shocked if he doesn't have like a 6-6 in minors.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: --- AQ9762 J42 KJ85
agree. my question here is whether to make a descriptive bid right now or preemptive. ill try 5
Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç's bidding problem: JTxxxx AKx KQ Kx
Maybe it's your method. But for most players rebidding 2 doesn't mean 16hcp with 6 cards. And you are also risking playing in 6-1 fit in S with a 5-3 fit in H.
Timuçin (Timo) Erkoç's bidding problem: JTxxxx AKx KQ Kx
I was also considering 1nt. Because 1.Opening 1S may run into rebid problem. 2.And short suits are strong that 1nt can better describe the hand. 3. 3 card in , I can handle the transfer. But still, not my style, I still go for 1
Cue-bid = good raise of partner overcall
How about in matchpoints, where 2nt is considered a playable spot?
How would you rule?
John, I am not sure if I have got my point across, or if I have followed. I am sure you know the law very well, and I am not getting into deep discussion here. Firstly, you deny there would be a link between the infarction and the table result ...
How would you rule?
Strongly disagree. If I were the TD, and Kit, or Jay had made this bid, I have no doubt but to let the table stand. But here, the player, based on what he did and wrote, was inexperienced, and certainly wasn't competing in a competent field. The player here ...

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