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Barry Plotkin
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Oct. 2, 2013
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Is there something better than BBO?
Even the BridgeBaron bots are better than GIB.
The books have got to go.... Part II
That would have to be a separate Flight A for them to legally allow Mid-Chart, no?
The books have got to go.... Part II
Get rid of the books and make it GCC. Period.
Followup to the Well
What would you say to those of us who are disheartened by ACBL's refusal to open up the convention charts--we fall further and further behind the world every day. Why should gadgets such as Multi 2D not be GCC-legal when they are almost everywhere else in the world? I ...
A feat that will never be topped
Many moons ago, I had a partner who complained I always played all the hands. One day, we were playing in a regional Flight B Swiss, and she played the first board of the first match. As I put the dummy down, she said to me "I guess you're ...
Barry Plotkin's bidding problem: 65 KJ72 Q98763 T
I don't think it SHOULD be--you could have zero, and partner could have a scattered 16. Admittedly, I think the majority of the time partner is going to put a red card on the table, but I don't think it's a FP situation here.
Collegiate/GNT Clash: Or a call to help college players at the NABCs
Wow. I don't think being condescending towards someone with a legitmate issue is helpful.
Feedback for Convention Chart, Part 2
So Multi is still stuck in the "6-board or longer segment" corner? Thanks for keeping your heads in the sand. This game must either progress or die.
ACBL Online Partnership Desk
Why should it matter if your partner shows up in a wheelchair, or what they look like?
Is this bid a psych, and if it is, is it a legal psych?
Wow--what is with the implication by a number of people here that we must have had a secret, nerfarious agreement? We've been playing this stuff for two years. This is the first time either of us have ever done something like this.

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