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Barry Plotkin
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Oct. 2, 2013
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Playing Precision, 3H should be a control asking bid in hearts. Assuming 3NT=2nd round control, 7S makes sense.
Seeking regular opponents for Bridge Base Online
I'd have to speak to my partner, but I think we could possibly do a couple of evenings. Do you have any problems playing against weird systems (MICS--canape with a Precision base)?
Barry Plotkin's bidding problem: J96 AK85 Q862 Q6
I'm shocked at how heavy the vote was to open this.
Who's the Joker?
As I understand the rules, how can this hand do ANYTHING ethically but bid 4S? You have a situation where it is likely one player is psyching. As I understand the rules, you may only make a grandstand catch of pd's psych by bridge logic. Doing anything--Pass or 3S--is ...
Multi 2D/Mini-Multi 2D and the new ACBL convention charts
I'll beat on it until the Board of Directors gets it's head out of its a** on this issue. It's ridiculous that you cannot play Multi in a Flight A pair event.
The Multi Weak Only 2D Opening
If the ACBL BoD didn't have it's head up it's a** somewhere in the 1940's, it would be.
Multi 2D/Mini-Multi 2D and the new ACBL convention charts
This should ABSOLUTELY have been done. The ACBL's refusal to come into the modern world is one of the many things choking the game we love.
Hawaii NABC Childcare CANCELLED
How the hell do you do this to people on this short notice? **** the ACBL.
Lightening Strikes Twice
Many, many moons ago I was playing in a club game, and one opponent got back to the table a couple of minutes after the round started. My partner jokingly said "We played them for you already. All three boards, in 7NT making." I think you might know the nest ...
Anyone who is found to have cheated in an ACBL sanctioned event, at any level, should be banned from the ACBL and ANY ACBL-sanctioned event, permanently.
No, Peg, but attitudes like yours--which I'm shocked to see from a player of your ability and experience--surely will kill the game.

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