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Barry Rigal
Barry Rigal
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Aug. 17, 2010
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Barry Rigal Glenn Milgrim
15-17 NT; Short club plus transfer responses. 2/1 GF bar 'rebid'
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Barry Rigal Glenn Milgrim 2014
15-17 NT; Short club plus transfer responses. 2/1 GF bar 'rebid'
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Saturday's common game.
By the way I agree. I thought the line was best because you could decide what to do later on in the hand -- but also because anyone can take a finesse but a trump squeeze is not an everyday occurrence. (My impression that non-simultaneous double squeezes tend to work in ...
How does one go about this?
cashing the A and then A before playing a trump rates to remove the exit card from a player with a singleton club. Opening leader can still easily have a singleton club and not lead it.
Saturday's common game.
Not surprisingly, Michael Rosenberg has it exactly right. Note that RHO will (because he is human) pitch a small spade from his five-card suit on the fourth trump, and if he had 4-1-5-3 he would doubtless discard a diamond on the fourth club. Either way you have an inferential count ...
"Killing Eve"
There is a scene in Big Bang Theory where Leonard is if I recall saying Meemaw has taken up bridge. Found it. Sheldon: You know, when my grandfather died, and Meemaw was alone, my mom arranged for her to visit a center ...
Deportment -- who's at fault?
Haven't we all at some point when asked for an explanation of whether the 'eg 3' was encouraging or discouraging answered in a spirit of levity 'It depends on whether the 3 is a big or small card'. After all declarer isn't entitled to know we have the ...
Saturday's common game.
I'm delighted with this range of comments, since it indicates that the theme of this deal is very well hidden. I'll post more later.
Saturday's common game.
No the J is consistent with KJ but their discards will be honest.
Deportment -- who's at fault?
Or she might just need more help and you are too arrogant or supercilious to help her.
Deportment -- who's at fault?
Agree with the comments upthread. I often do the same thing and realize indirectly I'm confusing my opponents unnecessarily.
Wednesday’s common game 2
Strongly disagree with Kieran re his point two. With D+S and a hand planning to move over a weak action from partner I like 1-1-1-1NT-2NT or 1-1-1-2-3 or even 1-1-1-2-2NT I know that isn't winning tactics ...

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