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Barry Rogoff
Barry Rogoff
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June 10, 2012
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13 hours ago
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about me

I'm the webmaster for the New Hampshire Bridge Association, a Ruby life master, and a former member of the NHBA and EMBA (Eastern Mass.) Board of Directors. I learned to play in college in the early '70s but have had to take several very long periods of time away from the game. My first job out of college was on the ACBL Bulletin staff when it was in Greenwich, CT, but I was too young and stupid to keep the job.

I write about and teach bridge. I play when I can but I don't travel anymore. I wrote a bridge a column for the Nashua, NH Sunday Telegraph for several years. My career was in software development. I've been retired for a while but I'm starting a new career in education.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Beating the world champions in the New England Knockouts.
Bridge Accomplishments
Two open regionals back when winning a regional event meant something. More sectionals and flighted or bracketed regional events than I can remember.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Tom Cheetham Club, Nashua, NH
Favorite Conventions
Light takeouts. A direct 1NT overcall is an 8-13 HCP takeout with two or three spades. A direct cue-bid over 1C, 1D, or 1H is an 8-13 HCP takeout with four or five spades. Double is 14+ HCP and can be offshape.
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Ruby Life Master
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An unusual alert situation
> an asking bid is exactly what its name implies - it asks partner what he has, and says nothing about what you have. That's true only if the asking sequence continues to the final contract. If you break the sequence it becomes just as much a cooperative partnership auction as ...
An unusual alert situation
Phil, why are you and everyone else so anxious to hold other people "culpable" or to judge me as "quarrelsome" for expressing the opinion that David's suggested 2 rebid is so absurd it would never even be thought of by someone has experience playing the system? Was it ...
An unusual alert situation
Phil, I've intentionally avoided expressing my personal opinion of asking bids. I never said that they were awesome at any point in time. I said that they stand on their own record of success. So please don't jump to conclusions. That seems to happen to everything I post ...
An unusual alert situation
The only time I had the privilege to talking to Eric he and Jeff were still using them. He told me that the sooner they got "out of the lockstep the better."
An unusual alert situation
Richard, of course those are important events. By "you've never actually played the system..." I was addressing only David. Correction: Patrick, the asking bid that was part of Roman Club was the second-round jump shift after a 1 opening bid. For example the auction 1-1-2 ...
An unusual alert situation
Thanks for that explanation! It makes it clear that you've never actually played the system in any serious competition and that this conversation is yet another massive, gaping sinkhole that I'm not going to fall into. The asking bids, which originated in the "Precision and Superprecision" book by ...
An unusual alert situation
If you try hard enough you can construct hands that are impossible for any methods, particularly hands that are unlikely. (Having at least eight of the 13 spades the odds are good that partner has the king.) And if you succeed what have you accomplished? Is your goal to simply ...
An unusual alert situation
In more modern Precision methods yes. I was describing how the auction would go using Italian asking bids, the methods that Meckwell and many other world-class pairs started with originally.
An unusual alert situation
After a 1 response I'd immediately start thinking about a grand slam swing! Project the play. Assuming normal splits, if partner has something like KJ10xx you can count five spades + six hearts + two club ruffs = 13 unless you have diamond or trump losers. If partner has Kxxxxx you ...
Implicit private understanding?
I've studied the game since the early '70s. I admit there are things I don't know but I know a heck more than anyone else at the club. If you want to attack me personally, let's take if offline. Send me a PM so I can respond ...

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