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Barry Rogoff
Barry Rogoff
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June 10, 2012
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about me

I'm webmaster for the New Hampshire Bridge Association and a member of the NHBA Board of Directors. I also write about and teach bridge.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Beating the world champions in the New England Knockouts.
Bridge Accomplishments
Two open regionals back when winning a regional event meant something. More sectionals and flighted or bracketed regional events than I can remember.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Tom Cheetham Club, Nashua, NH
Favorite Conventions
Light takeouts. A direct 1NT overcall is an 8-13 HCP takeout with two or three spades. A direct cue-bid over 1C, 1D, or 1H is an 8-13 HCP takeout with four or five spades. Double is 14+ HCP and can be offshape.
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Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What are the ethical obligations?
Whether or not convention cards are necessary and should be required depends on the level of play. If your club regulars never play in tournaments and all play pretty much the same system, I see no need for convention cards. If they don't bother to agree on conventions, they ...
What are the ethical obligations?
Right. Tell me another one.
What are the ethical obligations?
I've always loved Journalist leads but these days it seems that only experts play them or even know what they are. Most people think Journalist is a combination of Rusinow and coded 10s and 9s. When they hear that a ten shows an interior sequence or shortness, they seem ...
When else can 1m-1M-2M be based on 3 card support?
2. I wouldn't even consider 1NT with two little hearts. Bids like that destroy partnership trust. Make the king of spades the king of hearts and I'd bid 1NT.
What are the ethical obligations?
Use a highliter to color the part of the card that says "SPECIAL CARDING - PLEASE ASK" and leave it facing upward with the colored part toward the center of the table.
When can 1m-1M-2M be based on 3 card support?
I open 1 and rebid 2 over 1. No one likes bidding a 4-4 like a two-suiter but ALL of my 13 HCP are in two suits and telling partner where your values are is usually a pretty good idea.
Continuation after Splinter
Those things are all matters of partnership agreement. Being on the same page is vastly more important than playing the best possible methods.
Continuation after Splinter
The question is really about cue bidding methods and style. (No. I will NOT call them "control bids." I'm too old for that. It irritates me.) Much has been written about cue bidding but the best source of information is play records. To see how it's done, watch ...
Should ACBL allow this opening in Novice games
It was in a dorm at college in the early '70s and decorum wasn't terribly important. Use your imagination. I haven't played against that kind of bidding since.
Should ACBL allow this opening in Novice games
The arguments for and against allowing it are the same. It's an idiotic system easily disrupted by interference. Gullible novices may be convinced that it's actually playable. Experience will quickly teach them that it's not and that only terrible players never learn anything beyond counting points. I ...

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