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Barry Senensky
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Jan. 20, 2015
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July 21
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Leave ACBL?
Master points are not at all like golf handicaps. They are like career prize money in golf. Both pretty meaningless!
Leave ACBL?
So you want the most profitable clubs to risk their revenue stream? Not realistic as are most if not all of the ideas here. Most of the membership is unaware or not interested in the management of the league. Those that are have an average age that is in the ...
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
In order to get the board to agree to a reduction in size, I believe you first need to get them to agree to a reduction in their perks for being on the board. So the objective should be to eliminate any and all honorariums and more importantly hold all ...
How A Junior Would Teach Bidding
The real message here is that for bridge to survive long term, we need to look to our young people for guidance on what to do. .
Donations Needed
Bridge winners imho is a very good site. However, I do not understand why it cannot monetize its value and provide its owners a very healthy roi. Relying on donations is a losing proposition in the long term. And are these donations even tax deductible? If not, I would call ...
Adjusted Master Points
This idea of a second rating is excellent, but there are many complications to developing a measure that is fair and equitable for all. My suggestion would be to get the ACBL to fund a project where someone expert at data analytics would be hired who would develop such a ...
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
Why would a successful entrepreneur, who is not part of the bridge world and who lives with his family in New York, apply (not once) but twice (also when Robert Hartman was hired) for the position of ACBL CEO, where he has to move to Memphis/Mississippi and gets a ...
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
“In today’s world lawyers are definitely in command” This is only true if the organization treats it that way-which in my experience is how the ACBL acts. In a well run organization, the lawyers identify the risks and the business people then decide which risks they are willing to ...
How I would revise our NABC Tournaments
I don’t know if any of the suggestions here are viable but it is sure nice to hear some new ideas for growing the ACBL!
New Performance Metric for the ACBL
Art, I am not sure I understand your argument. If the number of tournaments has remained reasonably constant over the last several years (even though there may be a lot more tournaments now than in the 70’s and 80’s), how can more tournaments be a factor in the ...
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