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Bart Bramley
Bart Bramley
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July 19, 2010
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2 hours ago
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about me

Grew up in Connecticut. Lived in Boston, Seattle, Chicago and now Dallas. Learned bridge from my father. My mother is a Life Master. Go Yankees!

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning 2002 BR Pairs w/Sidney Lazard
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 17 Nationals - 2nd in World Par Contest
Regular Bridge Partners
Bob Hamman, Judy Bramley
Favorite Tournaments
Any National
Favorite Conventions
Flannery, Step Responses, Rusinow
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Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Marginal Balance
Well done, Stefan. Still, it is better to challenge West in this way than to concede by allowing the defensive crossruff. I am constantly amazed by the numerous variations even in very small endings.
Marginal Balance
In the position on page 10 you risked the contract. If East ruffs the club jack you will go down. The ruff will be from a three-card holding (East is marked with three hearts and five diamonds already), which must be HJx. He will then lead a diamond for West ...
Fewest HCP for game bid and made?
In college I saw this one, with only N/S vulnerable: W N E S 1D P 1S P 3S P 4NT P 5H X 5S 6H X All Pass North: xxx AJxxx xxxx x South: x Kxxxxx -- Axxxxx The lead was a diamond. North was quaking as he put ...
Stansby is 2018 Sportsman of the Year
Echoing everything above. Lew and I were regular partners in recent years. I thought I already knew how to "behave" at the table, but Lew showed me several extra dimensions that I was never aware of before. He is the perfect exemplar of sportsmanship.
Frivolous Appeals
Back when ACBL Appeals Committees existed and I regularly served on them, I had a simple criterion for determining whether an appeal was "frivolous": Was it a complete waste of my time? Luckily, that question almost always had an easy answer.
Hugh Ross 1937-2017
Hugh and I became friends when he was captain of my Bermuda Bowl team in 1991 (he was sensational as captain), and later we were partners for several years. Starting in 1992, and for many years thereafter, my wife Judy and I always had Thanksgiving dinner with Hugh and Min ...
Meal Times at Bridge Tournaments
I would hate it. I'd attempt to grab a bite before the first session, and I would give up on eating between sessions, as it would barely give me time to swallow before I had to play again. The small time between sessions isn't enough to do anything ...
Give up or try harder?
I would go legit. I agree that the winning defense of saving TWO excess diamonds is highly non-intuitive, but it should be found. By the time declarer leads the fourth trump it is a double-dummy problem. There is no hope if declarer has a club, so East must play for ...
Give up or try harder?
I saw a way to make when West is 1=8=1=3. A, A, ruff, J, ruff, Q, ruff, ruff, two high spades. Ten tricks despite 4-1 trumps. But I still can't see a way on actual distro and best defense.
John Solodar, RIP
I have fond memories of John going back to when I was just getting serious about the game. He was one of the first real players to befriend me and my group. A great memory was attending a Rolling Stones concert with John in Madison Square Garden in 1975. It ...

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