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Bart Bramley
Bart Bramley
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July 19, 2010
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about me

Grew up in Connecticut. Lived in Boston, Seattle, Chicago and now Dallas. Learned bridge from my father. My mother is a Life Master. Go Yankees!

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning 2002 BR Pairs w/Sidney Lazard
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 17 Nationals - 2nd in World Par Contest
Regular Bridge Partners
Bob Hamman, Judy Bramley
Favorite Tournaments
Any National
Favorite Conventions
Flannery, Step Responses, Rusinow
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Grand Life Master
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Is THIS a record?
I look to baseball for something comparable, specifically the American League in 1916. In an 8-team league, Washington finished seventh with a record of 76-77, 40 games ahead of last-place Philadelphia at 36-117, and just behind Cleveland at 77-77. The Boston Red Sox, with young Babe Ruth as their star ...
What's the best result you've lost IMPs on (or worst you've gained on)?
I remember this hand well. I was playing with Mark Feldman and we were also in contention. Dealer opened 3 in front of me. I had: xx AKTxxxxxx xx --- I chose to overcall 4, and next hand bid 5. Mark had: AKQJxx ...
Close Contract
I may be resulting here, but I don't like the diamond discard on the fourth spade. Keeping three clubs is less likely to be useful than keeping three diamonds, as the actual play showed. I see that West can foil me by saving diamonds, and possibly his erroneous at-the-table ...
Score keeping should be disallowed in the semi finals/finals of all major national matchpoint type events
Nik makes a key assumption that is unfounded: "We all remember what we scored on the hands." Maybe you do. And I would too, with enough supporting info to jog my memory, such as what we ACTUALLY scored on the hands. (Contracts, directions and outcomes help too.) If the scores ...
Score keeping should be disallowed in the semi finals/finals of all major national matchpoint type events
Count me out. This solution is worse than the problem it is meant to cure. Note that it requires breaking a lifetime habit, one which until this post has never had a stigma attached to it, while imposing a major inconvenience on all players. No thanks. Keeping score is essential ...
Who has the lowest Bacon/Erdos number?
@Alan: More trivia. Kleitman was Lebensold's thesis advisor (1969).
Who has the lowest Bacon/Erdos number?
Ken Lebensold has an Erdos number of 1, if you count the "Erdos-Lebensold Constant" as connecting them sufficiently. (I would, though I don't think they actually wrote a paper together.) Many bridge players, including myself, have played with Lebensold; maybe one of them has a better Bacon number than ...
Open Orlando Discussion <span>Thread</span>
Note that a hypothetical pair that finished 3-4 in the Senior KO (53.20 master points) and second in the Blue Ribbon (142.50 points) would have earned more points (195.70) than Meckwell earned for WINNING both events (190). No matter what you think of drop-ins, this would have ...
Recovering Bridge Player
His infectious grin can light up a room. He is my best partner ever. We have played exactly two sessions together, a regional pairs win in Ohio many years ago. One of the sessions was a 475 on a 325 average, six boards over, the biggest matchpoint session of my ...
7H Play problem
Steve is correct that you can survive not cashing when LHO has Txxx and spades are 3-3, by running spades and guessing the ending. This picks up about 25% of the cases where spades are 3-3 and an opponent has Txxx (LHO has the hearts half the time, declarer guesses ...

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