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Sept. 5, 2017
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How do you interpret this double?
Seems penalty to me, with likely a stack and enough trumps to lead them a number of times. Something like AQ10x Ax xxx xxxx
Eric Leong's bidding problem: KT KJ9752 T842 5
I bid 4. If partner has a singleton you can in the best case ruff 3 of partner's black cards. Bidding 4 has a bonus: partner may bid 4 on honnour-small.
Steve Tyer's bidding problem: KT2 AQ AKQ6 QJ94
Is lebensohl played? If so, 3 is a fivecard and I would investigate slam.
Bill Papa's bidding problem: 83 AQ75 A82 A943
I think we should first announce that slam is a possibility by bidding 5. Also, North might bid 5, and then it would be easier for partner to bid a slam with a freak hand with a void in spades, even if he has a mimimum. To think ...
Wesley May's lead problem: K83 T8 975 98652
I made a new simulation where west has no 4 card M, except if 4333. Then 10 is still best (70%), other leads are 62-65%.
Wesley May's lead problem: K83 T8 975 98652
Out of 3000 hands, a heart is the best lead (71%),followed by a spade (65%). =60% and finally 58%. Many "best" leads overlap, and there are numerous contracts which make the same number of tricks with any lead. And best lead include overtricks or downtricks.
Wesley May's lead problem: K83 T8 975 98652
I have made a quick simulation, on the assumption that west does not hold a 4 card major. Then, the 10 is the best lead by a clear margin. Simply the best chance to hit partner's fivecard. Second best is a spade.
Best use of 2NT here
I have a simple rule, 2NT response on all balancing doubles=2 places to play, in this case minors. Best use for 2NT here? Perhaps not. But you will never have a disagreement over what it means!
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: 84 9 94 JT876532
There are 39 HCP for the other three players, and 23 cards in the majors. Looks pretty likely that it is game in or for the opponents. Concerning the prospects for North-South you can be pretty sure that a contract is best. To me, passing this hand ...
ATB grand slam with missing ace
Many thanks for all your comments. This hand was played in an 96-board final playoff to elect the official senior bridge team of the Netherlands (we won, by the way). I was south and at the time 5 looked logical to me: no first-round control in and ...

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