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Bas Van Der Hoek
Bas Van Der Hoek
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Sept. 5, 2017
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Dec. 10
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Bridge Player

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Qualified for the Dutch Senior team in 2017, and qualified in the European Championships to play the d´Orsi (senior world championships) next year in China
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
For The Record
If Belladonna intended to bid only once, 2 seems the superior bid, as it allows him to retreat to 2 when doubled. And whenever partner shows game interest Belladonna will surely accept with his near-opening bid and he can introduce his diamonds as necessary. On first sight 2 ...
Ronald Kalf's bidding problem: AK6 J752 QT JT96
You have an invitational hand with support, and 2 seems obvious. I would bid 3 with a king less. If my partner bids M in this situation I would expect 10+ and a poor 5-card not good enough to overcall.
Pretend it is 1993 and you’re at a bridge club.
2019: Opening 1NT with 5-card majors (a cardinal sin in the 90s) 2019: ultra-safe leads 2019: teams: bid game on every opportunity 2019: green vs red first/third hand: crazy preempts Finally, bidding has improved even with the less talented pairs, but defending or declarer play has remained poor.
Defense against (any) natural 1N
Vs a strong 1NT, there is no practical minimum in terms of HCP. Basically your courage, the vulnerability, your shape and whether you are in direct position or in the balancing seat determine your minimum. Quoting Larry Cohen in his article “ We should go ...
Defense against (any) natural 1N
The table below lists how often two balanced hands (any 5332, 4432, 4333) with 25+ HCP combined occur when the opponents open 1NT. First column: opponents NT range Second column: frequency of 25 or more HCP combined both hands balanced 15-17 0.1% 14-16 0.3% 12-14 1% 10-12 4 ...
Critique the bidding
What is wrong with a 4 cuebid? Partner can then evaluate his hand and he will accept your slamtry with something extra. Even with a favourable lead you still will need a good dummy.
Critique the bidding
I voted other because none of the options concerned the leap to 6. This bid is the worst bid of the auction, why would partner have two of the 3 cards (A, K, A)? The thought to bid 7 would have occurred to me (surely partner should have ...
Winning Leads
I can recommend the books. Yes, double dummy analysis has its weaknesses. One of these is that partner will know what to do. To give an example, the book recommends to lead high from KQxx vs NT. This means that you cannot play K lead asks for unblock or count ...
Ronald Kalf's bidding problem: A AQ9874 J74 AK4
Nice to have so many options. 3 seems to me the obvious start to find out whether we belong in 4, 4 or 3NT.
"Yes, it is. If you want to bid with that hand and the only way to do it is to "lie", that is certainly part of the system" Do we really want to accompany every explanation with caveats? Exceptions that happen very rarely (for a given situation perhaps a few ...

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