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Bas Van Der Hoek
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Bas Van Der Hoek's bidding problem: AK7632 AQ4 54 KQ
Even with the first hand 6 is fair, either 3-3 or 2-2 with spades not worse than 4-2, and some additional chances. A slam is possible but you can only bid 5 to ask for a control and this can result in a slam with ...
Bridge is Sixty Percent Bidding?
How often do you loose an IMP match because of poor play, or because of part score swings or missed games or slams? The latter in my experience. There is some logic in this. During the bidding, you only see your own hand and you have to guess the other ...
Best use of double
Playing best minor and 5crd major, I play that double is long diamonds in the hope that partner can support. (and yes, I expect partner to lead them but that is not the purpose of the double).
Suit first or distribution first
Agree, when you play weak NT it seems to me better to bid your points first. 1 is then unbalanced 11+, 1NT 15-17.
Ronald Kalf's lead problem: 863 84 J73 AJT83
I begin with the lead least likely to cost a trick, 3. With matchpoints and nonvul. I would not have passed this hand out.
ATB: 2/1 Problem
North made two poor bids: 1 with a pure 3-looser hand (2 is clearly indicated). His 4 is beyond belief. South has after his 1 response a difficult 2nd bid. Is 4th suit game forcing?
ATB after enemy unusual 2NT
Certainly playable after partners 1 or 1 opening and a 2NT overcall. And frankly, punishing opponents after their two-suited overcalls occurs rarely. Still, I think that the first double showing cards is mainstream.
ATB after enemy unusual 2NT
Well said, Patrick. A first double by south is card-showing, and after that double all subsequent doubles are penalty. I should have stated this in my poll, apologies.
Grade this call
Vul vs not, poor suits, and perhaps you can double later e.g. after (1)-pass-(1NT)-pass-(2). With this weak 7-looser hand a game is unlikely. I would not risk Michaels.
ATB - Flannery
I would happily double as South. Even when partner has zero clubs the Law predicts 19 total tricks, 3 down in 5 if 5 makes. And often partner will have one or even two clubs.

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