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Hitchhiker revisited
A complicated scheme, perhaps better than the current simple, easy-to-remember practice of transfers, perhaps not. But I think that informing opps of a doubleton in opener's hand can be harmful. I play 1NT-2NT is natural, and 2 after stayman response is 5 card , invitational, usually unbalanced. That ...
Bas Van Der Hoek's bidding problem: T9 KQ63 AQJ T954
Yes, K tends to be onside, but if partner has this king he must have AK, or Kxxx for 7. Looks to me is a pure gamble, and as mentioned by Richard, perhaps you win already with bidding and making 6
What would you make of this call?
My general agreement is that a 4NT bid over opponentsĀ“ 4 is take-out, in this case a hand with, say, 6-card and tripleton . It would be nice to have the agreement that 4NT is a 5 call with defense, but my guess is that most pairs ...
Bas Van Der Hoek's bidding problem: KJ653 K82 Q2 AT3
Once you bid 2 you will not always play in a 4-3 fit, partner will also double with a 5-card and 8-9 points. I also tend to think that it is better to tell 8 cards (if you bid 2) than only 5 (after a 2 ...
The Best Bridge Writer
S.J. Simon. His classic "Why you loose at Bridge" (published in 1940) is still in print and is very instructive and highly entertaining.
What is this Signal?
Attitude, encouraging indicates K. I do not quite see why you would deviate from your standard agreements here. Letting your signal depend on the bidding and/or dummy's holding is perhaps superior, but both you and partner need to be on the same wavelength. When partner encourages, you can ...
Signal on first trick in trump contracts
You are right, suit preference is a much clearer term, but as others say the term Lavinthal is about as commonplace as Blackwood or Stayman in my country. Next time I shall try to be more precise.
Signal on first trick in trump contracts
I also prefer count. Not because it is better, but it is often unclear when Lavinthal applies, and you basically need three small cards (preference for highest suit, lowest suit, no preference) for your signal. IMO the margin of error (and partnership misunderstandings) is smaller when you play count.
BW 2/1: Splinters
A three-level splinter with a minor suit fit is also useful to judge the best game (5m or 3NT). I would splinter on a minimum, unless the hand is really unsuitable for a trump contract.
How do you interpret this double?
Seems penalty to me, with likely a stack and enough trumps to lead them a number of times. Something like AQ10x Ax xxx xxxx

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