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Bas Van Der Hoek
Bas Van Der Hoek
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Sept. 5, 2017
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Qualified for the Dutch Senior team in 2017, and qualified in the European Championships to play the d´Orsi (senior world championships) next year in China
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Defense agains natural 2!c
I suspect after some googling that GB2N is good-bad NT, right? And GB good-bad, whatever the difference with GB2N? I myself would avoid using abbreviations like these. Defending vs a natural constructive 2 does not occur often, and to avoid memory strain we have only one agreement (right or ...
Opening 2!D/2!H weak with majors
I also play 2 as both majors or strong, but I find it pretty worthless. The preemptive value is minute, opponents just bid NT or a minor, and they rarely miss a game contract.
Bas Van Der Hoek's bidding problem: A854 KQJ3 AQ843 ---
Partner had Q xxxx Kxx Qxxxx. Perhaps he will bid 3 (or double).
Bas Van Der Hoek's bidding problem: A854 KQJ3 AQ843 ---
Thanks for all your responses and comments. At the table I bid 5, 2 down doubled (should have been three down). 4 would be 2 down as well. I am now pretty sure that bidding 5 is very wrong. Partner does not have a void in ...
Bas Van Der Hoek's bidding problem: A854 KQJ3 AQ843 ---
Passing on 1 with so much playing strength is unthinkable to me. A take-out double with a void in an unbid suit makes me nervous.... We all know what is going to happen, partner will bid clubs and clubs. Still in view of your -length it is unlikely that ...
Ronald Kalf's bidding problem: KT87532 Q75 Q8 J
poor suit, playable in , 2nd hand, nevertheless I would open 3
Ronald Kalf's bidding problem: KQJ9xx x x AKQJx
I am also not sure what 5 means in this biddig sequence. We have a general agreement that a jump/raise to 5M asks for control in the enemy suit. And I frankly cannot see that partner will find another interpretation. I would be happy to bid 4NT followed ...
High level negative double
Doubling 4 with the North hand is madness. Partner will pass with most hands without a fourcard . Bidding 7 with South is remotely understandable, but when partner gambles a slam in a crowded auction you should pass and be glad that you have a suitable hand.
Ronald Kalf's bidding problem: KQJ9xx x x AKQJx
4NT is minors, 5 asks for a control, so you will have to guess. I think bidding 6 is with the odds, so I will bid slam. An interesting question is: what is 4NT (minors) followed by 5? I would not risk it, but could that ...
An interesting hand... advice appreciated...
you have been very lucky that partner did not have long . My partners always bid in my void when I double with such hands. Once you overcall with a simple 3 (keeping your fingers crossed that it will not go all pass), west will presumably still bid 3 ...

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