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Floyd McWilliams's bidding problem: T932 AKT873 J9 7
I would expect double then removing to be forcing
Eric Colinet's bidding problem: QJT93 Q74 KT64 2
The first two examples you give are 3nt rebids not 3c.
BW 2/1: Jumps to 3NT
Agree. I play 3NT there as 15-17 with a doubleton in opener's major to allow correction to 4M.
Board 35 from the 02/08/2018 Common Game
He might also consider doubling as partner has opened vulnerable against not.
Board 36 from the 02/06/2018 Common Game
So with AQx against an expert declarer the defender should play Ace then Queen.
Dorn Bishop's bidding problem: A932 KQ74 Q5 A85
I agree with Jay. Why double them out of a contract I know I'm beating into one where I have no idea
Tomislav šAšEk's bidding problem: Txx KJxx AQx Kxx
2Nt is scramble for me so we should be able to find our eight or nine card fit.
David Parsons's bidding problem: AQ32 AT97 KJ9 JT
X is responsive for me so 2H it is.
ATB - Both hoping for better hands
Personally I wouldn't make a non forcing 2C bid with a full 20 count.
It's unlikely. Without agreement 3D would show either major. But if your opponent made a takeout double showing four of your suit how often would you boost that suit to the three level without any knowledge of a fit?

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