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Ben Thompson
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June 22, 2011
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World International Master. Australia open team 1994, 1998, 2013, 2016


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What is the meaning of this double?
Depends. If 2 was a clear game force, which it probably wouldn't be in an unestablished partnership, the X would be penalty. If 2 is more like natural F1, then X would be values; more defensive than offensive but not a clear penalty statement.
Question regarding missing information behind screens
I had a weird situation in the world pairs in Wroclaw. After the play my screenmate and I both called for the director for incorrect explanation. Heated discussion ensued. Basically, my partner had bid 2C and explained it as "game force". I explained it in more detail - there were a ...
Best name for this squeeze
Heh. And good luck to you and Jamie and Renee in the trials too. Especially Renee :)
Best name for this squeeze
Are you thinking of this ending? 1st problem in the book; are trumps with the lead annoyingly in dummy [code] - K8 10 4 - - AQ 109 QJ 95 - - 5 J65 - - [/code] If so, the position's a little different. This one's a non-material squeeze - West throws a , which ...
Best name for this squeeze
I, and many Aussies, still think of the backwash squeeze as the Seres Squeeze, named after the great Tim Seres who discovered it at the (rubber bridge) table. Always nice to make a little money out of your discoveries :) This, however, is a simpler and more common ending. I wouldn ...
Best name for this squeeze
Cool squeeze! A mole squeeze is a kind of vice squeeze with the added bonus that the non-squeezed player is then endplayed to give away a trick in the suit with the vice menace (or since the menace is a little weaker than the standard vice menace - the mole menace ...
Best name for this squeeze
As you should be - quite the rare object of beauty! Sadly I tend to remember the not quites, the near misses and the oopses. One of my sob stories is an entry-shifting squeeze that I couldn't pull off because I had to be in the wrong hand at a ...
Best name for this squeeze
As originally written, the vice guard is meant to sit in front of the vice menace, as in your example, but I suppose there's no technical reason that has to be the case. Pinning an honour works just as well. And of course the low part of the menace ...
Overcall in long suit or double?
This is kind of the wrong question. If you think your hand is worth one bid, then you should make the one bid that describes as much of your hand as possible - a takeout double. If you think your hand is worth MORE than one bid, then you should start ...
How to get 600 comments
I think it's time for some on-point Latin from David Burns

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