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Ben Thompson
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June 22, 2011
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June 20
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World International Master. Australia open team 1994, 1998, 2013, 2016. Australia mixed team 2019

WBF Executive Council 2018-


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Bill Jacobs, Renee Cooper
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"Takeout" would be the most common Australian expert explanation of low-level takeout doubles
Board 31 from April 23 matches
This hand was kind of cool at our table. Renee found the excellent 10 lead. Leading a into the strong hand has many many faults and I'm very happy with Renee's thoughtful choice. So we ran that to the K, robo-declarer ran Q successfully, and then put ...
Board 10, April 23, Poland vs Sweden
I find that marginal 5-5's don't play that well in a 5-3 fit unless partner has support for the side suit. They DO play well in a 5-4 fit, almost regardless of the rest of partner's hand. So - I typically invite (long suit trial) if I think ...
Board 5, 23 April: 2007 Bermuda Bowl - Poland vs Sweden
I opened 3. Standout red vs green. 1 misrepresents your values & gives the oppos an in to find their contract/sacrifice, or overcall-investigate-give up. Opening 1 is seriously antipercentage in my view. I'd rather open 4
Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: 5 A9742 JT32 AJ8
It probably gets me to file a recorder form. I don't go for the double shot (ie I do my normal thing; I don't pass and try to get it back in court if that was wrong). In my view players who try that sort of thing on ...
What does this auction mean to your partnership?
My general agreement in unanchored auctions is that bidding a suit they MIGHT still have is natural, but bidding a suit they have established they DO have is ... whatever our other agreements say it is, but typically a raise or a stopper ask/show. In this auction, the 2Der's ...
Board 31 from April 16 matches
With a 6 card suit, it looks more like a play hand than a defend hand to me.
What would you bid next? (based on Board 8 issues this week)
The real question is "what's your default rebid after 4th suit?" That is, when you don't have: a stopper in the 4th suit, 5 in 2nd suit, 6 in your first suit or 3 (Hx) in pard's first suit, what do you do? I bid the thing ...
Board 29, April 2, Argentina vs USA1
This is a bit of an opportunity for Smith signals. North clearly doesn't have a S honour but they did start with 3 of them In this situation I would play North's (negative) Smith as "I have a better idea", and the "positive" Smith as "I can't ...
Bidding (grand) slams with two strong 6 card suits is notoriously difficult. You might start 1H-2C(2/1)-3H which I play as a non-minimum with a 6+ suit that will play for 0-1 loser opposite a singleton. AQJ432 does not qualify. That you think you have a ripper suit ...

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