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Ben Thompson
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June 22, 2011
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World International Master. Australia open team 1994, 1998, 2013, 2016


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Bill Jacobs
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Showing the Ten of Spades
The auction is suggestive both then and now. Even if the then-partner wasn't an enthusiastic 3rd seat opener, everyone has light hands with long that they would open in 3rd. Partner could potentially have his actual hand even today, but he's substantially more likely to have a ...
Showing the Ten of Spades
On hand #1, a is a poor lead, even 50 years ago. Partner at favourable in 3rd seat didn't open. There is no chance he has any sort of suit he wants led. A low is just a bad lead, even 50 years ago - it routinely ...
Continuation of "First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey"
Require anyone previously convicted of collusive cheating and everyone on their entry unit (here, team), as a condition of entry, to be monitored both physically and on camera for the entirety of the event, and for the the tapes to be thoroughly examined and analysed post event. Said cheater to ...
What is this double?
This double is clearly ... undiscussed unless you've discussed it.
What is this double?
Some sort of flexible hand ... that wants us to do more competing. For me "takeout" and "some sort of competitive/responsive noise" are close to the same thing in this situation.
Five Lobes Like A Dolphin
Presumably one of the clauses was "in Richard's layout I go down unless East has J10 tight in one of the pointed suits, you can thank me later for making sure you didn't make a mistake"
Hilda and Ellen
I thought your greatest skill as dummy was minimising the time between the final pass and the first drag. It takes a lot of practice to get your cards safely face down on the table whilst heading for the exit at warp speed with a fag in your mouth and ...
Brexit Question
Yep, you sprung me Frances, just joking around. Maybe not quite so funny for members of the English team of course.
Brexit Question
Will England be eligible to play in the European Championships? Will Scotland seek independence (again) just to keep its place in the European Championships?
Phil Ivey loses his appeal
David, your Clever Croupier is quite similar to my Super Shuffler. They both have the option of cheating or not. The broad principle, at least to me, is that whether you're the casino or the player, if you secretly (unobservably, in a way that the other party has no ...

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