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Ben Thompson
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June 22, 2011
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World International Master. Australia open team 1994, 1998, 2013, 2016


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David Birds Inappropriate Comment
I totally agree with Kokes that raising 1S here shows a bit extra. After P P 1D P, you've got a passed opponent and another who couldn't dredge up an overcall of a measly 1D. There is very little to fear any more from halfway decent opponents now ...
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
Getting your side to game with a chunky 55 and a fit is completely unremarkable. At least, it should have been
Selection Problems
"There are arguments in favour of trials, and arguments in favour of selection, but nobody would expect a trial to reliably produce the best possible team" To mangle some Churchill - Trials are the worst form of selection, except all those other forms which have been tried from time to time ...
Selection Problems
John, I played in a replay playoff for the 1998 Australian open team (see my comment a bit upthread for how it came about). The difference to this situation was that no team had been declared the winner. It's extremely difficult to wind back a selection decision once you ...
Selection Problems
Khokan, I am indeed acutely aware of that contentious playoff! In 1998, my teammate Barbie Travis and I noticed that the carryforward to the playoff final had been incorrectly calculated (the regulations obscurely required some but not all types of procedural penalties to be removed before the calculation), and we ...
Selection Problems
The Netherlands. I live in a city (Melbourne) that covers about 30% of the land area of the Netherlands. Try organising weekly national squad get-togethers when you've got to handle distances like Madrid to Moscow
Selection Problems
That was remarkably graceful of you Sarah. It's appalling that a player should feel the need to fall on her own sword to resolve a selection dilemma created away from the table.
EBU Selection Trials: a proposal
Andy, I'm struggling a bit with your comment because you want to know who's better by considering "what has she won" but then you say that winning something indicates only that you won. You didn't get around to part (b) of betterness - by how much. If you ...
EBU Selection Trials: a proposal
Right - so exclude the data that's garbage for international bridge purposes, and go from there. At least use the relevant data that you have, and use it in a reasonable predetermined deterministic way. Discussion about process tends to be a lot calmer than discussion about judgment. There are numerous ...
EBU Selection Trials: a proposal
The Brock team may not entirely agree with John Armstrong

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