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June 22, 2011
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World International Master. Australia open team 1994, 1998, 2013, 2016


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Awkward fourth suit forcing auction
With KQx x AKxxx Qxxx I'd probably rebid 2NT actually. Bit worried about ruffing a with a honour, and the likely alternative of playing 3NT from the wrong side. I'd be happy to bid 3 with Hxx though (especially if partner understands that's my ...
Awkward fourth suit forcing auction
Depends on whether you're more interested in getting the 5th or 6th clearly stated (working off the given auction). You would sometimes rebid 's with 6-4 but you would almost never rebid 's with 5-5 so I think rebidding your 1st suit as the default ...
Awkward fourth suit forcing auction
It's handy to have a default rebid defined in 4th suit auctions. I usually play opener rebidding his suit as the default. I like raising 4th suit to be real (and a sound opening), preferably really real as in 4 of the suckers but I can live with Hxx ...
Who knows but the evidence of the exactly one hand we have says he makes weird overcalls but sound penalty doubles. And "weird" is not "erratic" - if he consistently overcalls this sort of way he is entirely reliable
Robert, yes your point is right on point - even if 4x is making, it's a long way from clear with East's hand that 5 will be any better (and it can, as here with 4x going down, be a lot worse)
Robert: Your example hand isn't a penalty double, it's a 5 bid. With that hand, 5 could be making. Maybe 6 on a really bad day. It's also too strong for a 2 overcall. It's closer to a 3NT overcall
I wouldn't overcall 2 with AJxxx (or KQJ9!) either - but AJ1097 is a very different proposition AJ1097 is good enough to mitigate the risk of trouble, you want it led, the holding is well placed and comes with fillers, and the A scores. Put all those positives ...
Goodness me. Give West something like K1094 A9 J10 AJ1097 That's an unremarkable 2 overcall. 5 is going to be at least as hopeless a contract as on the actual hand ... and so will 4x. East's [b]delayed[/b] 5 is a unilateral and ...
Think about it in terms of the old "egregious error" thing. If the oppos do something dodgy and you subsequently do something superbly bad, you get to wear the consequences of your superb badness. In this case, centre hand opponent is the most dangerous opponent, but East's 5 ...
If East had said 5 off the bat, I would have said 100% West. But having said + as a passed hand in an auction that clearly says the oppos have at least the balance of strength, the delayed 5 is suicidal. East should have known that ...

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