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Benjamin Bomber
Benjamin Bomber
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Aug. 12, 2013
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May 3
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Bridge Player
about me

Former USBF Junior 

UWash undergraduate MSU law and attorney at large not playing half as much as I would like...

United States of America

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2013 Collegiate Champions
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Anant Rathi, Lee Holstein, Sumi Whitehead, Jeff Jacobs...
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UW Bridge Club, Vancouver Bridge Club
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Silver Life Master
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Greg Saunders's bidding problem: A8 J98652 9 AKQ2
This would not be a rosenkranz x undiscussed because this is not a Rosenkranz auction. Though I suppose you could have that agreement. I would not play it that way, this x is 100% penalty in my book.
Benjamin Bomber's bidding problem: ATxxx x AJ98x Ax
I think partner was hoping to elicit a 3N bid from me showing a partial diamond stopper (which he obviously got), but I'm not sure what that really does for him.
Benjamin Bomber's bidding problem: KQT87x x KQ87xx ---
I agree about 5D I'm surprised by the popularityof that call, not really sure what it accomplishes here. Also surprised more people are not going going for a lead directing 4C bid. If (when) you end up defending 6H/7H is it really going to be clear to lead ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AK AQ8762 --- QT654
Lot of junior players (and others) play t/o way past 4H. I like x because it gives a better impression of strength when I bid on over his next response....
ACBL Junior Memberships: What do you think of new policy?
Hi all, I have been a junior under the ACBL for almost 14 years (I age out in the next two years). I always enjoyed receiving the bulletin and always read it back to front every month. Personally I strongly prefer tactile (read paper) to electronic copies.
Benjamin Bomber's bidding problem: A AKQ876 AJT97x ---
Benjamin Bomber's bidding problem: A AKQ876 AJT97x ---
Apparently all the 3S bidders are confident this is two suited rather than some form of last train for 3N? Because honestly considering the range of bids available to show the reds it seems to me that is what it probably should be here....
Benjamin Bomber's bidding problem: AKJ9x --- AKQ87x Kx
Or even ♣A and Q not dropping.
Anant Rathi's lead problem: KQ875 A85 J2 J72
Improving the ACBL Collegiate Bridge Bowl
That may be true on the East Coast, but not the West Coast where a lot of students are on quarters. When I attended UW the latest I think we were ever back in school would be the fifth.

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