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Benjamin Weiss
Benjamin Weiss
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Oct. 8, 2010
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May 25
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Bridge Player

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Winning Flight C GNT in 2009 (Washington D.C.)
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Brian Wyman
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What is acceptable risk?
Nicely written, Yu. The low risk population of Columbus, The Ohio State University, has moved entirely online, and the governor has asked all other colleges and universities in the state to do so as well. The NABC will be nearly the only gathering in the state, and will involve lots ...
Request from book publisher: can you identify man on the right please
If you scroll down here, you'll see a black and white picture of an MCC tie. It seems to match:
My Grandson
When I was his age, my grandfather took me to play in the clubs with him (my grandfather was mostly a money player, but wisely never took me to those games). I strongly recommend just jumping in with 2 feet and having fun with that.
The Godfather of Bridge
Even corrupt and complicit governments have admitted wrongdoing for events 2 generations ago. It'd be a nice start if the WBF could meet those standards.
BW Censorship
Me too, sadly the wayback machine didn't grab it. Maybe Avon would share his article with you via the site messaging?
1min - 1!S - 1NT - 2!H playing reverse Flannery and XY NT
Playing XYZ and reverse Flannery seems to overload your options. If you have 5 spades and 4 Hearts and a game force, then reverse Flannery is perfect for 1C-1S; 1N-2H. So why not just use that still, even with the XYZ option? I realize this is in some ways suboptimal ...
Confused old man
If this was a marked change from one week to the next, you may want to alert Harry's caregivers that he needs to be evaluated for a TI (stroke) or other emergency cognitive issue.
Zia would know what to do
I think a tank at trick 1 is hard to call a break in tempo.
Best play for 6NT
I count AKQ of the other 3 suits as well.
Best play for 6NT
With 10 top tricks, I win in hand and lead diamond to Q. If it wins, cross back in heart and lead diamond J (making 12 tricks as long as K is onside, just give up a diamond to the T). If diamond Q doesn't hold (or if East ...

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