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Benoit Lessard
Benoit Lessard
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Dec. 3, 2011
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about me

Love all games, I really mean all of them, go,shogi,poker,french tarot, wargames, computer games etc

"I mean, Gus and I never see eye-to-eye on work stuff.For instance, he doesn't like being used as a human shield when we're being shot at.I happen to think it's a very noble way to meet one's maker, especially for a guy like him.Bottom line is we never let that difference of opinion interfere with anything."


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Favorite Bridge Memory
The first time Ive really understood how complex the bidding phase can be, at that point it was clear to me that bridge was going to be a great game.
Favorite Conventions
transfers all the way baby
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Alpha Go the movie on youtube
I don't know how to explain it to you but the order of magnitude is not close at all, the play of the card and the simulation of possible holding with 52 cards is trivial (like in minutes not hours) compared to a game like Starcraft 2. What the ...
Alpha Go the movie on youtube
The type of game doesnt matter that much for example you could make a game where a robot need to cross the street without getting hit by cars. You could have some cars no drivers they are just physical objects (think Atari asteroid), cars that are driven totally randomly, Tesla ...
Alpha Go the movie on youtube game that make no sense even for the strongest GM I was told. Another Star Trek game Same game with better commentary IMO ...
Alpha Go the movie on youtube
Its the last version that beat AG 100-0 not the 2017-2018 version.
Alpha Go the movie on youtube
You are totally right that perfect information or not isnt relevant they just weight outcome is a statistical way, basically when you are far fron the computionnal horizon it doesnt matter at all if its a game of luck or a game of perfect information or just calculating weather forecast ...
4NT in Competition
better minor lebensohl type of bid, both minors or diamond to play a direct 5D is a bit slammish. In this particular auction its no that good because the odds of your side having a good 6D is less than the odds of them being to find a borderline penalty ...
Any methods in this situation?
Yes 2NT followed by 3D showing only weakish diamonds is a tradeoff. 2452 inst a problem if your have some extra values you bid 3D directly if not you go 2NT-3C-3D. Correct to H should apply in cases like. P---(2S)---X---(P) ?? 3442 with values you bid 3red directly ...
Any methods in this situation?
I missed the initial responder X but my my agreement is just better minor lebensohl in those similar auction. 3red = some values. (here I already show values so it show extras values) 2Nt pick a minor or no extra values (opener bid 3D with 1345 3C with 2335/1336) 3C ...
How do you interpret this double?
If you hand is very strong or very weak it should still work but its not foolproof.
Ron Lel's bidding problem: KJ92 K5 AKJT6 AJ
I think the odds that partner is missing a H control and we reach 6D instead of 6S + the odds that 1S-2D-2H-2S allow me to find the best spot are higher than the other way around so ive discarded 2Nt fairly quickly. Most of the time its going to be ...

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