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Benoit Lessard
Benoit Lessard
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Dec. 3, 2011
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about me

Love all games, I really mean all of them, go,shogi,poker,french tarot, wargames, computer games etc

"I mean, Gus and I never see eye-to-eye on work stuff.For instance, he doesn't like being used as a human shield when we're being shot at.I happen to think it's a very noble way to meet one's maker, especially for a guy like him.Bottom line is we never let that difference of opinion interfere with anything."


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The first time Ive really understood how complex the bidding phase can be, at that point it was clear to me that bridge was going to be a great game.
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transfers all the way baby
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Ignoring Lightner Double???
mildly interesting is that if declarer try... void A9xx vs Ax xx north would need to keep a H lower than the J and south would need to play 2nd hand high with the J.
It Doesn't Have To Be Random
club lead, H to ace H to K and now if north is not inspired and return a the contract will make.
It Doesn't Have To Be Random
declarer can make it much harder for defense if he play A & and keep the A on dummy.
It Doesn't Have To Be Random
"If partner lead the ♣7, you can play any club except the king and later exit only once more in clubs." If you do this declarer will make 3C+3H+3D, you need to exit , in fact i think you need to exit a D everytime you win the ...
The 5 level belongs to: __________
But here partner overcalled 3H VUL in a scoring form where 3HX-1 is usually a poor score and where opps will be quick to X so I strongly expect to make 4H and would be very surprised if 9 tricks is the limit. IMO bidding 5H can work on 3 ...
The 5 level belongs to: __________
Note that there is a huge difference between MP and imps. In mp 5Dx is often going to be very close to a bottom, but in imps its only -4 imps wich is often an acceptable cost if it allow you to win 13 imps from time to time.
The 5 level belongs to: __________
I play FP only if overcaller jump to show a powerhouse and we are red vs white or if we bid game on power and they bid over us NV or equal or when its passed hand vs preempt and they reach game. (2D)--3H--(5D)--?? (3D)--4H--(5D)--?? Yes ...
Jim Perkins's bidding problem: A2 T98 --- KQJT9432
I like to play that "splinters are void" with optionnal exclusion. With 5Nt PAS a further 6C will often be to play. Some expected auction. 4D--4H (wasted values in ) 4S--5H (one keycard, we are missing too much) i think its unlikely 5H will go down. Its possible that 6C ...
Off the rails again
For most players XYZ is off when opener is showing an unbalanced hand with clubs. Whats the point of playing Walsh style if you cant stop in 2C ?
2C-2D-jump in 2-way new minor forcing (XYZ)
Kx facing Qx is cherry picking. When Qx isnt working full time it happen that game is poor. Passing 2H INV with a weak Nt 13 count with 4 sure tricks is just not bridge. I dont mind being in 2H on the 2nd hand.

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