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Benoit Lessard
Benoit Lessard
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Dec. 3, 2011
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about me

Love all games, I really mean all of them, go,shogi,poker,french tarot, wargames, computer games etc

"I mean, Gus and I never see eye-to-eye on work stuff.For instance, he doesn't like being used as a human shield when we're being shot at.I happen to think it's a very noble way to meet one's maker, especially for a guy like him.Bottom line is we never let that difference of opinion interfere with anything."


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Favorite Bridge Memory
The first time Ive really understood how complex the bidding phase can be, at that point it was clear to me that bridge was going to be a great game.
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transfers all the way baby
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Sportsmanlike dumping???
There is a great example in freakonomics the first book and the movie. Sumo wrestler need 7 win to stay in the same division, going up or going doing lead to a change in salary. A sumo wrestler with 7 win (with no hope to promote) playing vs one that ...
Sportsmanlike dumping???
For me its a great opportunity to field your weakest lineup while still telling them to give their 100%. IMO i would always give my 100% and profit of the rare occasion where i dont have the stress or consequence of an elimination. Lately ive played in New-York and didnt ...
NMF-Assess The Blame
After 2D I think 3C/3H are availabe for max but club problems and good hearts.
NMF-Assess The Blame
I think you can combine also. S 3-3 or KQJx onside if you win the first H on dummy and opps dont play a 3rd round of for the trump promo.
Trump guess?
Im thinking that if 3H is GF south would cuebid 3S with 2/3 top honnors so west could know that they are missing the Q of trumps.
Can Google's DeepMind beat the BBO Robots in 2017
Can Google's DeepMind beat the BBO Robots in 2017
Alpha Go is a deep learning method that try to maximize any situations where there is a clear numerical objective. For example in a racing game, at first it will do nothing and get a score of zero, later it will learn that by giving some gas it will salvage ...
Specific king(s) VS denial method VS Spiral scan part one.
I also play a relay system where we often RKC very low (at the cost of not cuebidding). However I know there is a major difference in technique between scanning (you could be missing card X and 7 is still great) and Italian cuebidding where if your both missing a ...
Specific king(s) VS denial method VS Spiral scan part one.
If 5NT promise all the KEYQ than you can override immediatly, if you play a style where 5NT can be a probe for 6NT than you need to be a bit careful in some auction. Of course if you have the agreement that 5NT doesnt promise all the keycards it ...
Benoit Lessard's bidding problem: J8xxx 8x A9 KTxx
I tought it was borderline, having xx in H make it likely that partner will lead H. Switch the red and its an easy pass for me.

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