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July 7, 2011
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April 13, 2017
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Equal Level Conversion
over 1/1 we play:2 = 5/4 or 6/4, 2Nt asks jump cue bid (here 3) 5/5 majors What do you think about it? According to our experience it works So you may play a major after double with ...
To Show or Not To Show?
if you want a future for the bridge game, which is at present not guaranteed considering the average age of players, you have to increase fun for players. If this the case no doubt the bridgemates should be set to show all the results, percentage, contracts etc. Discussion at table ...
slip of the tongue ?
It does not matter language, country or intention to win the trick...the last ridicolous if you play 7NT you do not want to duck do you? Simply a Declarer lack of reflex, it happen quite often you play small to AQ intending to finesse, the opp play the K ...
slip of the tongue ?
Declarer did not expect to see the Q so he was thrown into confusion...and made the wrong call: this could be excused in a friendly rubber game but not in competition, where paying attention to the cards played is part of the game, so the TD decision was perfwctly ...
ATB, void vs AKQxxx
S should have bid 4 (AKQ are never waisted even in front of void!) but N should have bid 4 anyway: difficult to picture down at 5 level so it's worth another slam try.
Randy "How do you show 6♠, but not a good suit?" You are right 3 = 6+ not good suit
2 any minimum 2SA relay: 3/3 5/4 or 5/5 no 3 3 fit 3rd 3 good suite no 3 3NT 5-3-3-2 no 3 4/4 splinter 4 5-4-2-2 the same bids directly over 2 show ...
Never Ending
concentration e right timing...this is something that everybody may improve, nice article and very good suggestion ty Sartaj
Simple Queston: Forcing or Not Forcing?
Sarah I want to reassure you, no brexit is needed: 2S is GF for Paolo Treossi and his partner only! All the Italiann players I know do play it forcing one round or even not forcing
Lavazza Defends Vanderbilt Title
Congratulations! someone may be could have noted that the two teams playing for victory include ALL italian players that won the last Bermuda Bowl: Bocchi, Duboin, Madala for Lavazza Versace, Lauria, Sementa for Cayne For once it's wonderful to be italian

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