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Jay Barronen's bidding problem: 8 AT987 AK2 QJ85
Lots of questions Can partner have four hearts? Could his spade holding be the king? What do we know about his minors? Would he bid 2 with four diamonds and fewer clubs? Was my 3 control-showing?
What's the right defense?
What you are saying, I think, is that not every card can convey a firm message. There has to be a normal play. The three, partner's original fourth best, is the standard card to return.
What's the right defense?
I don't think so. He has the nine and the deuce. A heart looks right to me.
ATB - No Double, No Game
Yes. 3 looks right to me. It helps in the bidding and the opening lead, and the risk is ???
How Do You Defend This 4!H Contract
Why can partner not have 108 doubleton?
Bidding a Grand
If 2 simply shows controls, how can 4 be a cue-bid? What is S supposed to do with AK fifth or sixth and a stiff spade?
Insufficient Bid
Nikos, I think the logic is that you do not play as an individual but as part of a partnership. Your partner's errors, like yours, are team errors. Suppose you are on lead against 3N holding 150 honors in some suit. Alas, partner leads out of turn, and the ...
Who is to blame for this disaster
I think the pass over 2 is the worst call. Aside from what actually happened, interchange the West and North hands and N-S have a good save against the E-W vulnerable slam. Regardless of that, I think that the fact that East's second suit is unknown makes it ...
Utility of a 3-card super-accept raise over Jacoby Transfers and a Strong NT
I dislike super-accepts in general. In my experience those -50/-100's are far too frequent, so I restrict myself to really good hands with 4-card support. I like to use 2N to show this, as it leaves room for a variety of maneuvers, according to taste.
Claim ruling poll
This was well before 2007. It probably happened in the 1970's or so. Eisenberg was also, obviously, playing in an event where, absent any problems, the claim would likely have been accepted.

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