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Bernard Yomtov
Bernard Yomtov
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Nov. 29, 2010
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A Bridge Swifty
Or, "It's important to bid vulnerable games," said Tom, impishly. My favorite - not bridge-related: "What our team needs is a player who can hit sixty home runs a year," said Tom, ruthlessly.
For Frank Stewart
Odd. I just returned from Paris, and have two relevant observations. 1. A Parisian relative assured me that French Canadians only imagine that they speak French, confirming your experience. 2. On the other hand, at one point I had occasion to ask two Frenchmen where the nearest Metro was. After ...
For Frank Stewart
Me too. Drivers here treat traffic laws as unwelcome suggestions.
How to defend on this one?
How to defend on this one?
Actually, I now notice that the 10 was played on the first round. If declarer is 1-4-7-1 he need only take the spade ace, draw trumps ending in dummy, and drive out the club ace.
How to defend on this one?
Even if declarer holds the 1-4-7-1 hand, he doesn't know he can ruff three hearts in dummy. The spade shift forces South to guess whether to do that or finesse.
Class of player
Jordan, I don't agree. I find a sloppy claim, even if the opponents don't call the director but accept it after some discussion, often takes longer than a clear one. I think the best policy is to avoid making a claim unless you are confident the opponents will ...
Class of player
Not too picky. It is fundamentally unfair for two players who make exactly the same claim to be treated differently because of a difference in skill, real or imagined.
What about winning the diamond in hand and leading a club right away? The defense might play a second club, won by East, who then plays a low heart, but there are more than a few Easts who won't do that when holding the A. That seems to leave ...
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
The assumption that your opponent didn't want to learn is unjustified. It might be true, but maybe she had just realized, on her own, that the spade finesse was a good bet, and felt bad about the error. Put yourself in her place. Would you welcome a lesson about ...

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