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Slow double - should I pull anyway?
But there is a bit of a problem here. Partner shouldn't make a marginal double after a BIT, because you won't be able to pull with an unsuitable hand. So you know partner's double is sound. Are you entitled to leave it in with a hand where ...
UI or not?
I agree, John, but maybe that response would have created some confusion, defeating North's purpose.
UI or not?
I agree, and I wonder if East would should have answered, "no agreement." How likely is it that they actually had an agreement about this specific sequence?
Bernard Yomtov's bidding problem: A4 98 KT95 QJ963
I can't give you a description other than that they are playing more or less 2/1, not Precision, and are, as noted, active bidders, so West's 4 could be pretty weak.
ATB - missed slam
This all sounds right to me. Declarer may well have some useful distributional information when it comes time to guess the diamonds.
Playing for an overtrick at imps (part 2, read part 1 first)
Or if the other table goes down in 6. More broadly, any calculation of IMP odds has to take into account that we can't be sure what happened at the other table, so sometimes there will be no gain at all.
Who should have done something else
Ah. That explains why the earlier comments mystified me. I think North should drive to slam, one way or another, over 4.
Dan Jablonski's bidding problem: QT987654 AT8 J7 ---
I don't know about the UI, but xx rather than some number of spades seems wrong.
Alan Frank's bidding problem: AQ873 83 AJ AQ42
Yet this assumes double-dummy play, doesn't it, Craig?
Alan Frank's bidding problem: AQ873 83 AJ AQ42
I agree with Brad. I chose 4N because I thought partner having only a doubleton spade made my hand a little weaker than its HCP. I also thought knowing my long suits would let North value his hand accurately.

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