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Nov. 29, 2010
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Four for the price of one
5 P 5 P If I'm not going to pass 4 why did I bid 3? I cannot imagine letting the opponents play a vulnerable 4 on this bidding.
Can a declarer ask what the contract is?
Michael, The comment I missed was David Burn's about distracting an opponent. My apologies to him for overlooking one of his gems. Obviously, that was not the kind of thing I had in mind, and it doesn't seem all that relevant to the topic, since an imaginative declarer ...
Can a declarer ask what the contract is?
This is, as of this moment, the 59th comment on a question that David Wetzel has shown us is definitively answered in the laws. And what difference does it make if declarer can or can't ask when it is defender's turn to play? Declarer gains no advantage by ...
What signal do you give?
I assume you played partner for the A rather than the Q. How did the play go to get there? Say declarer cashed the A after winning your spade continuation. Now East probably throws a major suit card to keep diamonds guarded. If that's a spade he can't ...
What signal do you give?
I play the 5. I don't think it is urgent that we cash four hearts, and if partner found a magic spade lead from 63 doubleton I want him to play another one. Does playing reverse Smith mean that partner may think my 10 showed a dislike of spades?
Unscientific ACBL Membership Poll
Tom, Maybe there is a subtle difference between "I want to learn..." and "I would like to learn..." The former possibly implies that you are prepared to devote some effort to learning whatever it is. The latter doesn't. I would like to learn Russian. I do not even know ...
What Is Partner Saying to You?
I am on the conservative side when it comes to lead-directing doubles, possibly too much so. My double here is a very strong suggestion that partner lead my suit unless there is an excellent alternative. Against a suit contract leading a side suit singleton when holding the trump ace is ...
Competing against mini-NT
Thanks for the links, Steve.
Does Anybody Play This Any More
Why should I assume my teammates will get the hand wrong some of the time?
Does Anybody Play This Any More
As long as you know you're throwing the dice.

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