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Quick question on Texas.
It seems to me that using the redouble as a slam tool of what ever sort is not very helpful. As I play, and as I think is not unusual, if partner holds a Texas-type one-suited hand with some slam interest he starts with Jacoby. So slam is very rare ...
Bid after partner's break in tempo
I have no slam interest. Once I pass over 4 I am leaving the decision up to partner. If I don't want to defend with this hand (I don't) I should have bid 5 when I had a chance earlier.
% Play to Land 6N: 3-3!D or a squeeze
Yes, Marty's line is better at MP's - where the problem is set - but risks going down if spades are 5-1.
% Play to Land 6N: 3-3!D or a squeeze
On a heart lead against 6 declarer wins and plays a low diamond from each hand. That looks like it makes the contract easily.
Bernard Yomtov's bidding problem: xxxx Axx AKxx Tx
A 3 bid would have been an invitational one-suiter.
Bernard Yomtov's bidding problem: xxxx Axx AKxx Tx
What would you have bid over 2?
Improving the Seeding Process
You are actually choosing opponents for the other team. So I still get picked last.
Appeal from Kansas City
I don't know about the cue-bidding issue, but I don't see what responder necessarily did wrong here. He transferred to hearts and heard a surprise cue-bid from his partner. Then he signed off. I suppose responder should assume that opener has an exceptionally strong hand for hearts to ...
Appeal from Kansas City
James' comment reflects my thinking exactly. He was clearer than I was. Maybe one way to see the issue is to imagine that the issue in the auction is not the failure to alert, but some sort of UI available to North when it is his turn to bid over ...
Appeal from Kansas City
Henrik, East also knew from North's 2 bid that the hearts were probably 5-0.

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