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Bernard Yomtov
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Nov. 29, 2010
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Assess the blame (13)
I think bidding 4 as South to show any hand 4-4 in the majors is a poor idea. First, how is North, with a hand like the one he has, supposed to know whether South has any values or not? At some point we have to home in on ...
ACBL announces new director of field operations
So they think it's really important, I guess.
ACBL announces new director of field operations
Where is the announcement? I don't see it on the web site.
4!S play
Is 4 conventional? It's highlighted in yellow on the diagram, as is 4.
Play 3NT
But West led a heart, which increases the probability he has five. I play clubs.
Reporting your team's renege
Richard, "If declarer is so careless as not to check for the possibility of a revoke, it's his lookout." So any time the opponents score a ruff against me, or I otherwise run into bad distributional luck, I'm supposed to grab the opponents' hands and check for a ...
Plan the bidding and then play.
If West has four diamonds East is likely to have started with QJ10 tight, since I doubt West would lead from the Q or QJ against a grand slam. (Might depend on the bidding, of course.) So maybe if no honor drops from East on the A it's better ...
Senior Quarterfinal Hand
The whole thing kind of blows up at that point.
Who's crazy ?
I don't understand the pass over 1 on the second hand at all.
ATB .. partner opened 3S, what spade support is needed to bid 3NT?
"It's also an insult to declarer, who ought to be bidding 4S on that hand instead of 3NT, precisely BECAUSE the spades likely won't run." That seems a little strong to me. We don't know their preemptive style, and even opposite K10, or K empty, seventh the ...

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