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Bernard Yomtov
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On auction 2 the HCP range depends on the spade length and the location of my honors. I think overall hand evaluation - spade length and strength (especially with four) distribution, location of honors end up being really important. I will (rarely) jump with 8 HCP and four spades if these ...
Rate North's bidding
I think 1N is an underbid, especially since double is a reasonable alternative.
Can you help "junior" PART TWO (Read part one first)
This is why I'm confused. If he can't have KJ10xxx and the A, then he can't be 4-2-6-1, and the inference is fine.
Can you help "junior" PART TWO (Read part one first)
"any inference you draw by concluding he can't be 4-2-6-1 is lacking a valid foundation. " I don't understand this.
Can you help "junior" on this defensive problem?
Yeah, but still sort of embarrassing if we had them for down six. I guess partner was right not to balance.
Orlando Hotel Price
Look like Alvin's work has had results. I just got an email from the Marriott confirming that the resort fee will not be charged to World Bridge guests. Per the email, if you want to use the resort facilities you can have the fee added back. Also, parking is ...
Can you help "junior" on this defensive problem?
Bizarre. South is 4-2 in the reds with just 3 HCP there. If S started with QJxx J10xx Qx AKx then partner didn't balance with K10xx Ax KJ10xxx x. Not possible. If partner has another club then South opened 1N with 5-4-2-2 : KHxxx J10xx Qx AK. I guess the ...
Orlando Hotel Price
Thanks, Sabine and Alvin. I just spoke to the hotel and they told me that even though the extra $25 shows up on the confirmation it will be waived. I guess I believe them.
Your call after 2!c opener’s penalty double
Pass. It's even possible spades is partner's suit. There is no reason to expect that we have a fit. Would you be astonished to find a diamond singleton opposite?
Declare 6NT
Patrick, I agree that a lead from J fourth against 6N is unattractive. Maybe West holds Qxxx J98x 10x Jxx. Not a lot of appealing choices, and at least 's is the unbid suit. Regardless of what you and I think, 3rd and low vs. 6N seems to be ...

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