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Four spades is good even without the Q in South.
New suit forcing after overcall or not?
The case for responses to 2-level overcalls being forcing is strong, I think. Both the suit and the hand are generally better, so there is more safety. Also, the two-level overcall is usually a minor, so the responder will often want to bid a major even with a fit for ...
New suit forcing after overcall or not?
I play it NF, but don't feel strongly about it. I used to play it forcing, but had a few unfortunate auctions when the overcall was light.
Plan the play
I think Steve is right. You should always check twice before accepting my analysis.
Plan the play
I don't think rejecting the heart finesse needs two of two. Suppose the clubs don't come in. Declarer can still finesse in diamonds and spades, making if both work. It looks to me like going up with heart ace just substitutes the diamond finesse for the heart finesse.
Trump high or low at trick 3?
Leonard, Yes, that's the hoped for outcome by the player executing the coup, which would be South here. But sometimes it's worth it to fall victim, not because it will help your score, but because you get a story worth telling, as your example illustrates. What are a ...
Which trump do you play?
I think Marty nails it. Over a 1N opener lots of wests will bid 5, and the spade fit is gone and N-S are +500. I also don't think there will be that many 650's in 5 even if S opens 1. Is 5 ...
Trump high or low at trick 3?
The relevant holdings for North are Qxx, Qx, and xx. If North has a singleton the result is the same whether we ruff high or low. Qx is twice as likely as xx, so ruff low, and if it holds cross to the heart and finesse, lest North hold Qxx ...
-590: assign the blame
It strikes me as absurd. East has almost as bad a defensive hand as possible on the bidding - only three spades, four cards without the ace in West's long suit, no ace or king in the minors.
Does Meckwell ever sleep on the couch?
[i]Will he start worrying about comprehensibility or even readability next?[/i] Of course he's going to worry about those things. If the tax code becomes comprehensible he's going to lose a lot of work.

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