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ATB: -710
Maybe I am wrong, but my impression of BAM strategy is that it is unwise to risk losing the board irretrievably at one's table. BAM is not matchpoints.
ATB: -710
I think East should bid 4 on the second round and then retire from the auction. I think doubling 4 with the West hand is a poor move, especially at BAM. It risks losing the board irredeemably. Yes, you might be only +100 against -140 at the other ...
KO: Waving the white flag not allowed? (ACBL)
John, It would be interesting to hear your reasons.
KO: Waving the white flag not allowed? (ACBL)
Should the first sentence of #1 read "[i]For any given overall award, a player must play at least 50% of each match [b]of[/b] a KO (excluding 1st round) and 50% of the total boards played by the team?[/i]" Does #1 mean that if you don't ...
Can you play 4S better than I did?
How can East afford to lead the J without the K? That looks like a great way to blow the setting trick.
Why do these guys cheat?
Sounds circular to me, David. Players cheat because the expected benefits outweigh the expected costs. Because the benefits and costs are not objectively measurable I'm not sure rationality comes into it.
How would you rule?
Gordon, You quote the standard as "serious error (unrelated to the infraction) or wild or gambling action." So if I can nitpick a little I might argue that the "unrelated" parenthetical applies only to a serious error, but not to a "wild or gambling action." I happen to think that ...
FS sentencing from IBF
Thanks, Eitan, but that doesn't really change my point. The IBF did what it could as far as its authority is recognized.
FS sentencing from IBF
I don't think the IBF has the power to stop FS from playing in tournaments not under its jurisdiction.
Who should have pushed harder?
Since the confusion was caused by the ambiguity of the 3N bid I blame the partners equally, but might just lean towards West a bit. West intended, Alan tells us, the bid as Frivolous. That's not a bad hand, and if partner moves West should cooperate. Could West have ...

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