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Bernard Yomtov
Bernard Yomtov
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Nov. 29, 2010
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What are you done with?
Gonzalo, This is because the title does not convey any meaningful information about skill level.
A play problem
Or five.
Best line in 6!H
Given our diamond spots West is likely to hold good to very good intermediates to go along with the hypothetical king. That makes the trump lead somewhat more attractive if indeed West has that king.
whom to blame!
I don't like 3N by South on the first round at all. Is North supposed to bid 4 or 4 with KQxxx Qxxx x AKx or the red suits interchanged? Or KQxxx Qxxx xx Ax? I agree about 3. Looking for a 4-4 fit at the ...
GNT Qualifiers - Same Question, Different Year
I think the full explanation is, "It is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer of the meanest intelligence that ..." This is a way for the teacher to avoid filling three blackboards with equations.
3NT, MPs, first step
I voted (for a club and then the 2 to the ten), but the option of seeing all votes is missing.
Carding Question
The hands have only twelve cards each, Jim. North must have another A or K.
After 1m-1H with a balanced minimum hand?
I don't think either agreement should require an alert. Both 1 and 1N are natural, descriptive, bids.
You Know You Have Issues When...
I've had that happen when I held Qxx, dummy was void, and declarer had AKJ10xxx.
1!C - 1!H - rebid??
For the lead, John?

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