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John Miller's bidding problem: J754 AKQ86 A AJ8
I wouldn't assume partner doesn't have Ax(x) in spades. If I were sure of that I would bid the grand, playing partner for 5+ hearts and either both minor kings or one minor KQ, at least. But I'm not sure. My guess is that South has ...
The Non-Polish Club
It's only welsh if partner doesn't take the transfer.
common game deal best line for 6NT
Thanks, Charles. It's kind of interesting. You need to have a diamond menace in your hand, so you can't duck a diamond. But you have to stop them from knocking out both your top clubs, so you can't duck a club right away either. The spade duck ...
common game deal best line for 6NT
common game deal best line for 6NT
If East guards the minors I think you get home (at DD) by ducking a spade. Say they return a club. Duck, win the next trick and cash dummy's spades. Now the hearts and the spade king squeeze East. The diamond menace is in your hand.
common game deal best line for 6NT
Dave, Right. I shouldn't do percentages in my head after dinner.
common game deal best line for 6NT
Complicated percentage calculation. It looks to me like the choices are: 1. Play three rounds of diamonds, hoping for three tricks there and then either a spade split or a spade club squeeze. This comes out in the 30-35% range, I think. 2. Duck a club, hoping for both black ...
What a Bunch!
Yes, you do have to run the diamonds first, but that feels more natural than running clubs first. For one thing, West might hold Kxxx.
What a Bunch!
On the second one it looks like declarer would pretty much automatically take thirteen tricks, just by noticing whether the spade jack was good or not after trick eleven.
Bridge Players and the movie world
Yes. Absolutely. I remembered the scene, but the movie title. Thanks. She is being interrupted by someone (William Holden?) and objects, "I'm playing three no trump."

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