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Bernie Greenspan
Bernie Greenspan
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Sept. 17, 2012
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about me

My parents taught me bridge at the family dinner table when I was six. I played casually for the next 20+ years then joined the ACBL in my late 20s and have slowly but progressively grown more serious about bridge. Now in my early 60s, I'm more enthusiastic than ever and still working to improve my game. 

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Jerry Murbach's bidding problem: 763 5 T765 KT852
I think if you plan to bid it would have been much better to raise immediately instead of waiting for the opponents to decide what they think they can make.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: A64 AJ984 K6 AQT
I would have overcalled 2 rather than doubling.
Max Schireson's bidding problem: A4 86 AJ9762 KQT
I don't think the double is strictly penalty. Instead, it says that you are too good to pass, but don't have a clear bid.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: T9 AT762 AQJ5 AT
Kokish game tries don't seem to work well with this hand. But the hand is worth a game try and 2 seems like the best one.
Alex Bealles's bidding problem: AJ75 AT43 72 965
If partner had doubled in direct seat, I would bid 2C and raise his major. I don't want to punish a light balancing double.
How do you respond to this question?
If this is your one chance to discuss the hand and you think partner wants the feedback, you might say, "5S was a good bid, but you might(should) have made a stronger raise instead of 2S."
Bernie Greenspan's bidding problem: AKJ2 J9873 9 842
I agree this is a very unlikely auction, but it did occur.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: K5 J865 J98 T742
It also prevents a 4 cue bid.
Frank Lin's bidding problem: 75 --- AK865 K98643
My trump void won't surprise partner and I have a nice opening lead.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: AT84 T75 A5 T963
I intend to play game. I would bid puppet Stayman if available.

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