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Bernie Greenspan
Bernie Greenspan
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Sept. 17, 2012
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about me

My parents taught me bridge at the family dinner table when I was six. I played casually for the next 20+ years then joined the ACBL in my late 20s and have slowly but progressively grown more serious about bridge. Now in my mid 60s, I'm more enthusiastic than ever and still working to improve my game. 

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Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: T9754 A2 AT3 J97
I'd take my chances with a penalty double if it was available. Given the system, I pass.
Wayne Perrin's bidding problem: A75 K985 --- QJ9876
I think making a forward going bid is mandatory. The 2 bid showed a limited opener. The 3 bid rejected a game try. Once partner cue bids over that, I'm not permitted to deny a control. In some partnerships, I would bid 3Nt as a slam try.
Scott Needham's bidding problem: AJxx QTxx KTxx x
I play 3 as invitational or better with both majors. Rarely, I might hold a hand too good to jump to 4 of a major.
Eric Hamilton's bidding problem: 43 2 AKQ9864 T75
If we don't use 3Nt as Gambling, I would open 1. It's almost impossible for any of my partners to play me for this much if I open 3.
ATB/UBTJ - hand from sectional swiss
It looks to me like West was guessing (poorly) how to defend. As East, I think I would have played the 3 to trick one, hoping to play the 2 to trick two. I'm not sure if this would have been enough help for West. It also ...
Stefan Olausson's bidding problem: A96 AKQ43 J KQ86
With several partners, I play 3Nt shows an unbalanced 5 card raise with exactly one outside A or K.
Mark Raphaelson's bidding problem: xxxxxxxxxxxxx --- --- ---
I have to ask. What are the spot cards?
Marley Cedrone's bidding problem: Axx Kxxx Tx xxxx
If I needed a top and was playing garbage or crawling Stayman, I might bid 2 planning to pass 2 or 2. If partner bid 2, my plan would be to bid 2. If partner corrected that to 2, I'd bid 2Nt. Actually ...
fast arrival
John, would you ever use fast arrival with an Ace and the trump Queen?
Thomas Berg's bidding problem: A75 852 T94 AK64
I'm really surprised that 45% of the respondents pass. I think everyone I play with and 95% of the people I regularly play against would open this.

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