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Bharat Rao
Bharat Rao
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Aug. 2, 2015
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Jan. 7
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bridge player

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Nate & Bharat
2 over 1 GF UDCA
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Mike Heins & Bharat Rao 2/1 cc
Basic 2/1 GF UDCA
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My frustration with the ACBL reaches at an all time high
Amir, while there is undoubtedly some understandable frustration on your side, I actually had a fine customer service experience in virtually the same situation. About 20 months ago, the 19 Philadelphia Spring Nationals rolled into my backyard, and # of bridge friends of yore kindly insisted that I play with them ...
Meckwell would be proud
I'm assuming the "Meckwell would be proud" bit is facetious. After the ST opening lead, the SQJxx(x) is clearly marked with W -- so S must shift. The DA is cashed at T2 and when N encourages, the DJ continuation ensures down 1 at the minimum.
The case for zero-max IMPs - part 2
Ian Grant -- there isn't a bridge partnership in the world that has to make guesses when the auction is pushed high, and sometimes they guess wrong. Correction, there is apparently one bridge player -- you -- who isn't impacted by prempt... If you have something meaningful to add to a ...
The case for zero-max IMPs - part 2
How would you feel if as N you opened 3C and propelled EW into 6S -1, and got 0 IMPs. The same as all the other pairs who passed meekly / sagely, and got the same 0 IMPs against 4S +5.
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
Augusta is a clear outlier -- but that situation is far far different. The club could make $M more in television rights, but they don't show the early rounds and restrict CBS is exactly 4 minutes of commercials / hour. They sell very limited tickets and do so for $100 apiece ...
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
Richard and Deb, you raise excellent objections. All I will offer is that a) I'm on the Board / Advisory Boards of a few non-profits, and b) in many of the cases, there was very little governance / knowledge about how to use technology to change the way the organization functioned ...
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
Ray-- if I built the app, it *would* cost hundreds of thousands of dollars :) :) You don't want me building it for sure; the days when I actually built / wrote software are well in my rear-view winner... But, with the right authority and governance, I could certainly guide the building ...
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
Peg, thank you -- but there is no need for any apology. It wasn't insulting -- I certainly didn't take it as such -- and it won't dim my love for bridge in any way...
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
Richard, it isn't even in the neighborhood of hundreds of thousands of dollars, let alone a few thousand dollars -- and I do technology for a living... It's something, with the high-profile membership of the ACBL could be done for free (or near free) and very very well... but ...
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