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Aug. 2, 2015
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Healthcare-Machine learning devotee, Test Cricket compulsive, Travel junkie, and doting Dad.

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Nate & Bharat
2 over 1 GF UDCA
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Mike Heins & Bharat Rao 2/1 cc
Basic 2/1 GF UDCA
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Virus vaccine certificate
Richard, unfortunately, I am not sure a 30% effective vaccine moves the needle sufficiently. I haven't modeled it in detail, but a vaccine would need to be about 60-65% effective to eradicate the disease. The reason is simple -- there are 7B people in the world, and the task of ...
Virus vaccine certificate
Patricia, it is probability. Wearing a seat belt doesn't guarantee you won't be killed in a car accident, but it sure as heck helps. Think of a vaccine as a seatbelt -- that's not a perfect analogy -- a seat belt protects only you. A vaccine protects you and ...
Virus vaccine certificate
With all due respect the statements about using polio as a reason why vaccines don't eradicate a disease are absolute rubbish. Yes, there were 175 wild polio virus (WPV) cases diagnosed worldwide in 2019 -- that is terrible. There were 500,000 people killed or paralyzed EVERY year in the ...
Virus vaccine certificate
Let me take your points in order (yes, this is a simplification): A: a vaccine is not a panacea--no vaccine is 100% effective. For instance, the smallpox vaccine, one of the most effective vaccines, was about 95% effective against the disease. However, other vaccines are only 60-70% effective. So, getting ...
Unusual Unusual/Unusual Sequence
4N is my bid. While unlikely, it is not impossible for partner to have some minimum like K, KQxxxx,Axx,xxx which has a decent play for 7H. However, partner could also have x,Kxxxx,KQx,KQxx where 6H has very little play. So, if partner shows 0 or 1 ...
Does a Penalty Double Turn Off Forcing Pass?
Interesting -- what makes this a Forcing Pass auction? To me it is the cue bid of 3C. North has several ways of showing S support, and this is the strongest way, and should also send the message "our hand," at least at matchpoints. At IMPs, I'd be more worried ...
My Subjective 'Solution' to "The Greatest Play"
Mr. Bloom, unfortunately you are incorrect -- the bidding is relevant. The example in Kelsey's book that introduces vacant spaces uses an opening bid of 3D (and diamonds therefore known to be splitting 7-1) to help with calculations and placing of missing cards as an example. David Burn (and Michael ...
Time to make a plan B for Montreal
Not safe is the virus is still around to have players crowded around -- I have a better idea. Will post on the weekend.
What online events are going to be scheduled?
Thanks Tom! This is fantastic. I've joined... Is this for the Spring KO or another event?
Entries Still Open for Spring Online K.O.
Thank you for holding this Tom. Had I noticed, I would definitely have entered. Wish this had been publicized more -- I'm sure it was, but I haven't seen it. As an aside, I am more dismayed than surprised at our inability to have an online event from the ...

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