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Bill Cubley
Bill Cubley
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Jan. 27, 2011
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Basically a club player who gets to a nationals every other year. Very good slam bidder. Hideous Hog himself sent a postcard to my cat for helping me bid a grand slam which won that night by 1/2 of a match point!  Won 2 world wide bidding contests.  Greatest compliment was opponent Grant Baze tell partner Kyle Larsen, "He's playing the Hell out of this hand!"  I had only played 3 tricks.  This was an unforgettable score of 7 1/2 match points.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Compliments by pard Kyle Larsen, opponent Grant Baze at trick 3 in pro-am. Eddie Kantar calling my name and shaking my hand for 2nd OA in year long race on money tour. Played only June -December
Bridge Accomplishments
Ruby LM, lots of successful slams bid by me and played well by my partners.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
District 7, Unit 252 Low Country in the Bluffton - Hilton Head area of South Carolina
Favorite Tournaments
nationals, regionals
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
Kibitz Kat
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Copy to my cards View/Print
Copy to my cards View/Print
Voting Problem
I hope you are not in Wisconsin this election day. Oops, my bad. But is your PM out of the hospital?
Structure and organisation of clubs
About 14 the night he screamed at me. It became the start of reduced attendance.
Structure and organisation of clubs
Randy, The club is no longer running as far as I know. There were 3 tables a week after he screamed at me.
Flights from the US to Montreal are on sale today
Adam and David, I was born in Detroit and am a Red Wings fan. When #7 Ted Lindsay played it was a very bitter rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens. For those home and home series travel was by the Canadian railway. The dining car was last and the Habs team ...
Structure and organisation of clubs
Sam, Basically club owners in the ACBL buy a personal membership to get their sanction to issue master points and otherwise have NO supervision or control. Their might be a financial audit to determine if the correct number of tables was reported but I never heard of one happening. Complaints ...
Structure and organisation of clubs
a lot depends on the local area. Some places have clubs agree that a suspension from one is a suspension from all. Districts and units in the USA seem reluctant to do this except when the incident occurs in one of their ACBL sanctioned events.
Structure and organisation of clubs
It can get complex for a club owner. In California a private club owner sued all clubs given low rent/free space in in public [taxpayer funded] recreation centers as they were given an unfair edge in competing with his business. On the other side he ran games every day ...
Summer NABC Moved
This last post by Mr. Platnick has brought humor into this thread. Finally!
Flights from the US to Montreal are on sale today
But will we be able to fly home from Montreal? ;-)
Summer NABC Moved
Bridge was part of Fargo recently. Will there be filming of a Fargo episode? I am certain the film crew will be at least 6 feet from the players.

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