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Bill Cubley
Bill Cubley
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Jan. 27, 2011
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15 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Basically a club player who gets to a nationals every other year. Very good slam bidder. Hideous Hog himself sent a postcard to my cat for helping me bid a grand slam which won that night by 1/2 of a match point!  Won 2 world wide bidding contests.  Greatest compliment was opponent Grant Baze tell partner Kyle Larsen, "He's playing the Hell out of this hand!"  I had only played 3 tricks.  This was an unforgettable score of 7 1/2 match points.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Compliments by pard Kyle Larsen & opponent Grant Baze at trick 3 in pro-am
Bridge Accomplishments
Silver life master, lots of successful slams bid by me and played well by my partners.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
District 7, Unit 252 Low Country in the Bluffton - Hilton Head area of South Carolina
Favorite Tournaments
nationals, regionals
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
Kibitz Kat
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Improve my analysis!
I doubt I can improve your analysis. Thanks again for the compliment in Atlanta.
Ripped Off
David, many players steal tricks and contracts, I would think we are honest otherwise and pay our hotel bills as required to remain members. ;-)
Ripped Off
At a later tournament was there a player who suddenly hired a top pro partner? Just wondering. Watch the money just as you do not leave a child unattended at the mall.
ACBL Attendance Dropoff - 2016-2018
I assume the # of regionals includes NABC regionally rated games. Not just sanctions to districts and units.
Your preferred defenses vs. 1NT
Karen, I really do not have a technical reason for playing Cappelletti. She always smiles when we meet and I usually get a hug. Always good to see a friend. I hope I relieved your tedium in reviewing various methods. ;-) I enjoy your ACBL column.
Save Bundy's Sanity
Peg, please file a Recorder form. I loudly complained of 3 rounds of slow play by the same pair. I asked for a refund from the tournament or from them. They played the next 10 rounds on time! So I did the Recorder From because they can change behavior as ...
Reduce UI
Ed, There is always another view. Are you playing under the nom de play as the Lone Ranger with the mask?
Bidding Box "Picker" or "Grabber"
I am far more concerned with opponents who leave the box in deliberate disarray. Pass, double, and redouble cards are intermixed. I am sensitive because I have had hand surgery on both hands. I did tell one repeat offender that the Americans With Disabilities Act applies to his actions he ...
"Under strength" 2!C opening bid - ruling?
Again the issue is the ACBL will NOT define standard bridge. The Bridge World defines expert standard. The ACBL is the authority on the Laws and how we play.
Are you in shape? We weren't
Supporting partner's suit with 4 trump is so basic to the game.

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