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Bill Cubley
Bill Cubley
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Jan. 27, 2011
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Basically a club player who gets to a nationals every other year. Very good slam bidder. Hideous Hog himself sent a postcard to my cat for helping me bid a grand slam which won that night by 1/2 of a match point!  Won 2 world wide bidding contests.  Greatest compliment was opponent Grant Baze tell partner Kyle Larsen, "He's playing the Hell out of this hand!"  I had only played 3 tricks.  This was an unforgettable score of 7 1/2 match points.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Compliments by pard Kyle Larsen, opponent Grant Baze at trick 3 in pro-am. Eddie Kantar calling my name and shaking my hand for 2nd OA in year long race on money tour. Played only June -December
Bridge Accomplishments
Ruby LM, lots of successful slams bid by me and played well by my partners.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
District 7, Unit 252 Low Country in the Bluffton - Hilton Head area of South Carolina
Favorite Tournaments
nationals, regionals
Favorite Conventions
BBO Username
Kibitz Kat
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
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Copy to my cards View/Print
For Frank Stewart
We were returning from a hurricane evacuation in SC. I mistakenly got on I-95 southbound. We were surrounded by about 1,000 Florida drivers moving very slowly at 10-12mph. Than it dawned on me. When have you ever seen so many Florida drivers going 60mph below the posted speed. Or ...
It also works in reverse. An asylum applicant applied for a permission to depart and return to the USA to pursue a social cause. This was not sufficient and was also not furthering any US policy so it was denied. After 9/11 the US required passports from Canada and ...
How should Multi be allowed (if at all) under the Open+ chart?
We use Marty Bergen's methods which are often aggressive for their success in interference with the opponents auctions. Marty's famed weak 2 bids were alerted by Larry Cohen as weak 2 bids but Marty might be the only player to think so. And we worry about Multi. Marty ...
How should Multi be allowed (if at all) under the Open+ chart?
Ban it in the Gold Rush and lesser events. Play it ALL Flight A, A/X, A/X/Y events, all NABC events. Both the Open and Flight A GNT and the Flight A NAP. We learned and unlearned stop cards, bidding boxes, skip bids [more or less ;-)], different NT ...
Class of player
Claimers must be required to restate the claim made so the director can rule.
The 2!c strong opening is annoying
Some create issues when they decide responses to 2C MUST show specific honor combinations when bidding a suit. The 2C opener has over half the HCP in the deck. I have found that it is not as crucial as 1NT/2NT openers be declarer. The second hand shows it is ...
A contemporary political event
I hope no one tries to be Guy Fawkes. ;-)
I'm Sorry
Michael, I did not feel you displayed any youthful arrogance or disrespect. If you did you would not have written the article. Sorry I cannot come to San Francisco so you can best me.
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
I have gotten over equating masterpoints with skill. Some partners ask why I do not ask their masterpoint total. The only relevance in masterpoint total I find is what is the lowest flight I can enter. I have made suggestions to newer players, but I mention they may ask me ...
Tales from the Past, Part 2: Double Bay
Great tales!

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