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Bill Hall
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May 9, 2011
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about me
I do physics and math, these days as a semi-retired consultant. I started bridge at college (1954) and never had the sense to stop. Same with sf and fantasy, which I started reading in 1944. Yes, I am that old.

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Jim Munday, Ron Westwood
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Thousand Oaks, CA
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Spring and Summer Nationals
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Debbie Rosenberg's bidding problem: 2 AJ9 KQ8743 A84
Maybe we can approach this problem in a different, less confrontational way. Suppose we exchange the K for the 2: Would you still transfer and bid 3? I would not, as it exposes a major vulnerability without establishing a game alternative more likely to make than 3N on a ...
Debbie Rosenberg's bidding problem: 2 AJ9 KQ8743 A84
If this sequence shows 6 and a stiff in a hand big enough to make 5, I am done. These diamonds are nothing to write home about. I can well envision even 3N failing, when partner holds KQx KQxx xx KQxx. To bid these values again implies ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: T9763 T 9763 K32
RR: A trump lead could well give declarer the time to develop tricks in a side suit (spades, perhaps?). RT: I would guess the vast majority of competent players would take 4 as a splinter with 3+ trump and a trick.
Juraj Kvocek's bidding problem: KT75 KQJ84 J4 A6
Who cares about part scores? Your most likely game is 4, and the best route to that contract is to balance with 3. Double risks playing a part score in the wrong suit at the wrong level when 4 makes.
Thibault Wolf's bidding problem: 5 KQ3 AT32 AQT85
If the bidding so far is honest, South does not hold 3 spades, and partner does not hold a wasted spade honor. 3 would make it easy for South to raise on Qx or better, and I don't want to push them into 4 with a belated ...
Gonzalo Goded's bidding problem: --- 6 A7652 AT98632
Double. Partner rates to hold three hearts, not one, which leaves you with multiple minor losers opposite, e.g., 6-3-2-2. IMHO with his actual shape, he should pull the double.
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: K54 AT KT KQJT72
Jonathan, a fairly common practice is to follow an RKC 4N with a third-round ask above 5N, indicating possession of all keys plus the trump queen. That approach can be extended to Gerber. But the difficulty here is that one must first ask for the missing king.
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: AJ984 9843 AQ5 9
3. A slight overbid, but it should get us to the right strain - which may be any of three suits or notrump. Both double and 2 carry big risks, since they are undiscussed.
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AKQT875 --- AKJ985 ---
You hold the Q.
Illegal convention wins big IMPs
Boye, Double of 3N to show a strong defensive hand is a sensible tactic, even without a specific agreement. But normally it will be semi-balanced, so Lindqvist's 5 is also sensible. You are certainly entitled to some time to select among undiscussed options in situations like this, if ...

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