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Bill Higgins
Bill Higgins
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July 29, 2010
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about me

Sometimes ones name is less unique than it might be. Those named John Smith are certainly aware of this.


My name is not nearly so common, but also not entirely unique. In fact, I am aware of another Bill Higgins from the Ohio area who is also a bridge player. Since I have seen him entered as part of Spingold/Vanderbilt/GNT teams, I am sure that he is my better with regard to this game. I am not him!


If, on the other hand, you think you know me from the Seattle area, you are most likely thinking of the actual me Smile

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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
True North American Championships Coming
Hopefully, the rest of the world will look at the calendar!
Super acceptance, What is standard?
The question asked was "what is standard?". It appears that most are answering the somewhat different question "what do you think is best?". As far as what IS standard, there is none (or rather many) at this time.
Likely undiscussed response over an Unusual NT showing the red suits.
It is what we have discussed it to be unless we have not discussed it If not discussed, then it is the ever popular torture bid!
What Is The Ethical Thing to Do?
I agree that very many individuals are virtually clueless with regard to ethical considerations such as this. I vehemently object to the suggestion that ethical behavior is idiotic!
Introducing BBOH (anti-cheating device)
"highligting one's system card" or things similar to Fred's Full Disclosure type alert assistance are too much of a memory aide to be permitted in high level events.
Where Do We Go From Here?
As we all consider the action of stripping past titles from convicted cheaters and their team mates, please think long and hard about all the implications! The assumption that the cheating must have been going on "forever" is very weak. Are ALL of Reeses victories tarnished? Shall we yank all ...
Bermuda Bowl Round-Robin, Day 4
I find it cute that after 12 RR rounds that USA1 is in second place. Note that I did not specify which competition -- it was not needed as they are in second place in all three :-)
BBO down?
When I attempted to log on to BBOF a few moments ago, I saw a message from rain stating it was all back, but the server failed to respond properly to a secure connection request and thus presented the appearance of a hijacked site. Edit: Firefox complains about some certificate ...
Responding to lite Opening bids
Our culture has been greatly influenced by beer commercials - so yes! ("our culture" being subject to many possible interpretations!)
Bridge Winners Website Wish List
I would like to see different behavior for the "click to jump to first {new} post". Invariably in a hot thread, someone has posted a new comment on a very old post, and after being taken to that, I now still need to scroll forever to get to the bulk ...

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