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March 26, 2012
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In the argument between Wayne and Kevin, it doesn't really matter: North does indeed have a lot to learn. South's 2NT looks silly, but I've seen a lot worse. It could even be regarded as an imaginative, and fairly safe, psyche. I think North absolutely should have ...
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
On the other hand, 1 makes it easier for an opponent to come in with a major? Would have preferred to see more comments about the pre-emptive nature of the 1NT opening ....
Futile Willie?
North did indeed do a fair impression of Futile Willie. West, East and South are all members of the Guggenheim family.
What would you say if you were director?
He's a beginner so I'd certainly tell him. Do you want to keep bridge alive or not?
Am I overthinking ? Opening lead choice.
So perhaps then, it isn't automatic.
Am I overthinking ? Opening lead choice.
… on this deal
Boy Scouts of America . . . Be Prepared
I count my HCP, and think about a possible opening bid should I get the chance, but is it really an efficient way to use one's finite store of energy to consider any of the others?
Can we trust the statistical analysis in the Bridge?
Craig, your argument doesn't scan for me. In fact my partner and I, confirmed passive-style leaders consistent both with the research and our experience, are more likely to misread an active lead, when it is occasionally made. Nothing substitutes for knowing partner's leading style. Double-dummy analysis stands on ...
What is a "world class player"?
Let's just say that winning a World Championship is a sufficient but not necessary condition for world-classness. One of the delights of the game (and pointlessness of this thread) is the partnership aspect. That makes it difficult in any legitimate way to rate individuals. How many millions of us ...
What is a "world class player"?
According to BBO statistics, about 50 thousand.
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