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March 26, 2012
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Director Ruling
They would have cashed their two aces. I don't see why South's play was so bad. If East has three aces, as explained, isn't the heart continuation the only chance? This score should have been adjusted to down one.
Revoke Question
Great post. Tricky situation. Where's Michael Rosenberg when you need him?
Demanding revoke correction
... or hidden behind one of dummy's cards, or in another suit in declarer's hand, etc. Declarer DEMANDING that a defender does something? Gimme a break! Just call the director whenever you want to. If you are smart enough to do so after the revoke is established but before ...
Bidding without Lebensohl
Or perhaps a bit simpler (because the reason for not playing Lebensohl is to keep things simple): double = takeout (so now 3 can just be your 'strong' natural bid) Apart from that, I would support Nicholas's solution.
Mindful revoke
What a shame you weren't in hand (with the A) after cashing your 6 diamonds, and then found your 2. You could have cashed it, taken your overtrick, reduced to 9 tricks via the revoke penalty.
Mindless revoke
Michael, the problem with all this is that what works for you, at your level, won't work for the rest of the world. I run a local club, where the standard is, like all local clubs … well, sometimes it has to be seen to be believed. If you said ...
Mindless revoke
Well I don't quite know what you mean by that, as it implies you are acting under your own set of laws. Let's look at that statement: [b]'Illegal bids and plays are canceled. Bidding/play reverts and continues legally. Redress is applied to any advantage gained by ...
Mindless revoke
You're right - I deliberately outed myself. I agree it's unfortunate that the laws are such that you don't on occasions want to apply them, as in the original post here. Michael Rosenberg has proposed a solution, but I'm not convinced that it's a practical one.
Mindless revoke
I secretly think less of them, but don't share that view with others. There should have been that option. Clearly it is their legal right to have a pound of flesh.
Your thoughts on whether Alerts or Explanations are required or should be required or voluntarily should be done
For what it's worth, many years ago, a major overhaul of the alert regulations in Australia resulted in dropping alerts for all doubles, redoubles and jump bids. (And also all bids above 3NT.) They were regarded as 'self-alerting'. After a year or so of this, alerts for unusual jump ...
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