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How strongly do you feel?
One point hasn't been mentioned yet, I think. Where are your entries? If you lead a club and they are 4333 around the table, you will (eventually) set up your long card. How will you get in and cash it? The Q is a thin reed. A club lead ...
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
No it was true. I simplified the story just a little, not realising that someone such as yourself - with an analytical mind par excellence - would read it :) In fact, the AKJ10 was dummy.
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
This reminds me of an infamous (for me) 64-board match I played some years ago. Early in the 16-board segment, I declared 5, having considered at length bidding 6. My spades were: xxxx AKJ10 and to make 6, this suit must be brought in, but there's ...
Director's ruling opinions?
Here's my read of it. LHO's answer of "not sure" was perfectly acceptable. Better to say that, than guess. He perhaps might have said "not pre-emptive" if he was certain of that. If you wanted to know, and you did, it might have been best to call the ...
Comedy of errors: how do you straighten it out?
You mean, East deducing that South was trying to be ethical regarding North's questioning and so leading a simple 4th best?
Comedy of errors: how do you straighten it out?
North asked about 3 (a bid that was alerted) because if it was artificial, he would double for a lead. If it was natural (as indeed it was explained), he wouldn't. South ignored the vague potential of UI by leading a reasonable diamond to an auction where West ...
Comedy of errors: how do you straighten it out?
The score should have been adjusted to 6NT down one. Armed with the correct explanation, North would have doubled 3. West gets to keep his slimy 6NT bid. If this is what happens at your club, with one director taking blatant advantage of UI and another director allowing it ...
Scramble or Good/Bad or other?
I would treat this as the same, systemically, as partner doubling a weak two for takeout. So for me, it's Lebensohl. Ostensibly a weakish hand with a minor.
Two way finesse.
Then the laws say 50-50 and explicitly tell the director (via Law 12B2) not to depart from that.
Two way finesse.
I don't see how it can be right to consider the other table score in the way you are suggesting. There's no reason why the innocent side can't lose imps on the board. After all, their opponents did achieve a very fine score at the other table ...
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