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March 26, 2012
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Dirty Talk
I think you have to rule making. South has put declarer in an impossible situation, and the laws support such a ruling. Or to put it another way, suppose the director rules down one: just how aggrieved is the totally innocent declarer going to feel about the outcome? Very. I ...
Takeout or Penalty
Yeah … I would have no expectations in this scenario. So I would not be making this double without the support of proper agreements. But in the poll on doubling a 3-minor overcall of 1NT, there was a clear answer to that sort of question
Takeout or Penalty
But Ed, the poll proves, definitively, that there is no right answer. We takeout doublers are in the minority, but take a look at who they are. There are some very heavy hitters there.
Would you rebid 1NT?
You worry me, Richard. That's a piece of information in your brain that could be better used elsewhere. (I had to google it ... Lloyd Bridges I knew, not Mike Nelson.)
Takeout or Penalty
I'm going to give up answering these polls. I always vote Takeout and find myself in a tiny minority - it's not fair! Surely, we can agree that there is no right answer to these questions, rather it is a question of partnership agreement, style and philosophy.
Ethical or not?
Quite so, but I would never do it (play the king to catch him unawares). This is the same question as where the player passed the forcing 1. (Yes, I would let him take back his pass.) It's simply a matter of how you want to play your ...
2 sessions movements (Mitchell+Howell) VS arrow switch.
I've seen that work really well. Works best with 14 (9M+5H), 11 (7M+4H) or 8 (5M+3H) tables.
Hold on a minute
Please don't get the idea that Australia is some directorial nirvana, where directors are paid a living wage and make consistently brilliant decisions. Plenty of abysmal rulings are made: I've perpetrated a couple myself. But there are regular director courses, subsidised so they are free to attendees, and ...
Another claim problem
My answer to that, Michael, is that slapdash claims are not a problem for me if I accept that the contract was clearly going to make anyway. Everyone's reasonably happy. I simply refuse to be 'very strict about claims'. Your campaign is not going to work with me. People ...
Another claim problem
I agree strongly with both Brian's sentiments. Ultimately, bridge is just a pastime that we play for enjoyment. I'm not going to wreck my opponent's enjoyment by forcing him to go down one on this hand. And actually, I will get enjoyment by showing an element of ...
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