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What does 3 diamonds tell you?
Totally agree. I think partner is 4-4-1-4 and enough for game. This allows for a decent slam investigation. I will choose a suit, and we can cue from there. The point about 2 is crucial. The heavy vote for "stopper asking" is short-sighted in my view. Giving South's ...
Your thought process?
James, I think there might be some other dimensions involved, because the numbers never collide. Come to think of it, that must be the case, because once I get to 1000, the shapes repeat (turn left at 12,000 then at 20,000 ...). If someone reports 90,000 at a ...
Your thought process?
I got into the "how do you see numbers" question with my family, and I gave my definitive answer: "Straight line from 1 to 12, then turn left to go to 20, then left again to go to 30, and then sort of zig-zag by tens up to 100, then ...
What is the meaning of this double?
There is, actually. It's called a Snapdragon Double. It's not designed for this auction, but it could be argued that the double here is showing something like 2-5-4-2 and a decent hand, not sure how to continue.
Regular vugraph experience
And as for bids that don't get explained, sometimes they are simply inexplicable. What are the commentators - mind readers?
The Next Step
There is a HUGE difference between pre-meditated cheating (a la various high-profile pairs etc) and poor ethics. Whilst I am totally supportive and appreciative of Boye's efforts, the lumping of the two items together in this post makes me uncomfortable.
Question emailed to me.
A lovely reprise of Edgar Kaplan's great comment, when let down by a partner in some stratified individual event: She: "I only had 12 points, what could I do?" Edgar: "Forgive me madam, I thought you had 300." (This might not be a completely accurate quote but you get ...
Non-comparable call question.
Sorry Steve, a Venn diagram would help. The 1 response doesn't deny an opening bid, but it doesn't promise it, and that's the problem. Look at it this way: after 1 - 1, opener still has extra information from the illegal 1 opening bid ...
Non-comparable call question.
Peg, the movement has been in the other direction. The Comparable Call law was brought in for insufficient bids in 2007. In 2017, it was added for bids out of turn. The lawmakers clearly like the concept, and after much discussion and consideration, so do I. For example, take the ...
Good Director Story
Yes, both the 2 and 2 calls have problems. The question is whether they are judged to be "similar", according to the deliberately vague wording of Law 23. At a club level, I think they should be allowed, as players are unlikely to be able to take advantage ...
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