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What is redouble?
And in case you are thinking that Zia simply caught his palookas, which as it happened he did, I would remind you that Larry Cohen lost a World Open Pairs title because his partnership was not on solid ground in this situation.
What is redouble?
Redouble is a great bid. In one of my very rare games against Zia, he redoubled with some crappy overcall, fearing that he was about to go for a number. He was banking that South couldn't be sure that North's pass of the redouble was for penalties. It ...
Sorry. Another question about a bad claim.
If he said exactly those words ("KQ of spades then dummy is good"), then the director has some work to do. For example, if he plays the KQ, then a diamond to dummy, then a 'good' club, he goes down. If he plays all 4 spades, then the 'good' club ...
Sorry. Another question about a bad claim.
I agree with you in theory, Michael. However as a club director, I have found that converting whatever declarer said into a sequence of plays, and then setting the score to the outcome from that sequence (allowing of course the defenders to play perfectly), is a good way to diffuse ...
Sorry. Another question about a bad claim.
Ed, it might perhaps be necessary for serial offenders, or players trying to con their opponents. That clearly didn't happen here. Declarer was simply confused. Applying a procedural penalty for a bad claim (which is what Law 68C refers to) would be, in my opinion, beyond the pale. And ...
Sorry. Another question about a bad claim.
No Ed, they wouldn't make better claims. They would find a different pastime that doesn't humiliate them like that.
How to continue?
Whilst this is a cute hand in 6NT, I am also taken by the play problem in 6. Let's say North declares 6 on an uncontested auction. As it happens, East has all 5 clubs and leads his singleton 10. How should it be played?
Sorry. Another question about a bad claim.
Would the director, having confirmed the statement "4 spades, 1 diamond, 2 clubs", require him to take the tricks in that order? In which case declarer would get his 9 tricks. The question is whether the order of suits named in the claim dictates the order of the play. When ...
What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
For those of you still alive in 2040, you can check out the accuracy of at least part of this poll by looking at the rest of the world. If bridge is dead globally, then its death in America will not be due to 'financial mismanagement by the ACBL'. My ...
Carding Dilemma
Wouldn't the meta rule (do what's needed) kick in? How could anyone in the world think that this situation calls for an attitude card in spades? I don't know why the 10 was played slowly, but am finding it hard to believe it was because partner was ...
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