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Experts playing against newcomers and director calls
In the case of 1) (a revoke immediately noticed), either 1a) (risking the wrath of Ed) 'put it back in your hand, don't worry about it', or 1b) call the director. Having him leave it on the table but not calling the director is a mess waiting to happen ...
Is this a weak two bid?
I glance at my opponents. The stronger they are, the more likely I am to open a weak 2.
Hard dillema
I think it's either a club (passive, let declarer do his own work) or a trump, hoping to eventually get three rounds in before declarer can trump both a club and a spade. But at the risk of cruelling a trump position. Whichever I choose, it's the other ...
Discuss this convention
I'll tell you why I think this is a bad idea. The opponents come into the auction (which they often will with you being 10-13) and are guaranteed kindly breaks. Now compare it with Dave's approach, to do it only on unbalanced hands. The opponents come into the ...
Update -- Grue and Levin Win Blue Ribbon Pairs
I find it amusing that anyone can be so naïve as to expect that a thread in a bridge blog (or any blog) will stick to the original topic.
Update -- Grue and Levin Win Blue Ribbon Pairs
Well Ed, there's a whole new thread (probably many old threads as well) in that question so I won't engage. But I stick by my statement. Losing a major event via a bridge appeal is appropriate, even though you might disagree with the committee decision. That's bridge ...
Update -- Grue and Levin Win Blue Ribbon Pairs
Shirley I understand your frustration, but these things happen and they cannot be avoided. If a strong appeal is dismissed, resulting in the appealing pair losing the event, it could equally be said that the bridge has been soured. It's unfortunate, but necessary for the game to be fair ...
Diamonds: Now, then or even later?
Wow - wouldn't THAT be a sweet variation!
Diamonds: Now, then or even later?
I'll have a crack at it. Win A and take two rounds of trumps. If they are 2-2, casually play a diamond to the ace (the earlier the better), and hope that East doesn't see the need to unblock with Kx or Qx. Then eliminate the blacks and ...
The Hand That Changed The World (of Claims)
I would agree with your 'surely', but it does not seem to be the case. Once the director is called (68 D 2 a), he applies Law 70, which has no option for play to continue, but forces the director adjudicate the claim.
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