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Aug. 14, 2014
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Bill Kent - Eli Jolley
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ACBL Instant Matchpoint Game -- E/W Scoring Bias?
I noticed that the scoring program did not interpolate for scores not accounted for. Whether good or bad these scores were rounded up in N/S favor.
Grassroots Participation in ACBL Elections
I can speak for Mike's unit. Our Unit is begging for people to serve on our Board. We have excellent volunteers but they have done their time. It is hard to get new blood. Second, no BOD in our district has voted for the District Director for a long ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
When one of the World's best matchpoint players, Bobby Levin, having already limited his hand launches into a blackwood auction opposite a mostly unlimited partner bids a grand but does not go looking for 7NT (via 5NT) that is very telling. When Joey bids 7NT suggesting tricks he hasn ...
Your Opinion on This Director Call and Possible Re-call?
Club director. I think you were premature in your director call. Except your knowledge of your friends, there is no evidence East does not have a splinter. The 5D might be the right time but I might have waited until the pass of 6D. I tell all my club players ...
Does anyone know what time it is?
In the last 8 weeks, within reasonable driving distance from Iowa City: Minneapolis 1169/Champaign 551, Crystal Lake 810/Topeka 421, Coralville 375, Chicago 486 and Sioux City 421. Both Chicago and Sioux City were helped by the Indonesian National players.
The Death of Teams
I don't think the problem is that Champaign and Minneapolis have Regionals on the same weekend is the problem. I say this because there are not that many players choosing whether to go to one or the other these days. Players are deciding for personal reasons to travel or ...
Revoke Prevention Responsibility
You are 100% responsible. When partner says he has none the third time you ask, then you have no responsibility. Always ask unless you play with someone who does not revoke.
Best Advice Ever
The first advice I got from a good player has worked very well: Run your long suit.
How to Kill the Game
Peg, I will try not to say anything nice to you this weekend. Let me tell you in advance how much I appreciate your thoughtful play and creative bidding. I have a player in my club who almost always says well done when his partner makes a contract. His partners ...
Calling the director at a local club
Peg, some have said that calling the director is what you do best.
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