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Bill March
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Feb. 22, 2012
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St George's,Darlington
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The Next Step
Eric - I’m no spring chicken and have always considered Richard’s description as ‘std’.
You be the judge(classier than ATB I think)
Richard - this is the point I was alluding to above. If the default bid with a 4135 hand with xxx in Diamonds is 3C then South might feel obliged to bid 3NT with Axx or Kxx in case partner can’t cooperate. However I now think that a bid of ...
Reese and Me
Many years ago our county used to have a ‘simultaneous’ competition where the same boards were played at local clubs on their normal club nights. There was a 6S hand one year where declarer had QJxxx in hand opposite K9xx in dummy .After small to the Q and seeing Lho ...
You be the judge(classier than ATB I think)
Perhaps that’s not the hand you meant as slam is ok on that combination.
You be the judge(classier than ATB I think)
Dominic - this was not a regular partnership, though I was North I would never post a problem to ‘prove’ that I was blameless(indeed my regular partner thought it was obvious to bid 3C rather than 2NT) and the votes bear that out. FWIW my ‘reasoning’ for 2NT was twofold ...
Help with Precision Club please
Steve - I’m familiar with the meanings of the jump rebids of 3C/D from their use after 2C - 2D in ‘std’ however i’ve never been sure of the best approach with both minors or one minor eg super strong 1336 or 1345 this is a very low frequency ...
Help with Precision Club please
Help with Precision Club please
Much to ponder here - my thanks to everyone who has responded.
Help with Precision Club please
That book was my ‘bible’ at university - we used to ‘ test’ each other by giving a quote and the other had to describe the hand it related to. I still reread it every 5 years or so but if truth be told it’s not very detailed and many of ...
Help with Precision Club please
Thanks, as I was thinking of questions you were answering them further down! 2 things 1) I always worry about 4- 2 fits, are you suggesting that after a 2nd round 1NT by responder that opener passes with say 5314 shape? 2) Do you recommend opener rebidding 1 of a ...

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