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Feb. 22, 2012
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St George's,Darlington,UK
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What's the ethical thing to do when partner misreviews auction?
I assumed the ‘keep quiet’ option related to what to do at that moment - there is a possibility that partner may wake up of their own accord and the problem disappear.
I have abstained since I think the director should be called but for the reason that (however impractical ) I believe that pairs playing systemic very wide range preempts should be automatically recorded so that the evidence is there to support their ability to guess.
David Corn's bidding problem: KQ963 975 KQ5 65
Though I am a 3S bidder I don't play that 4S is stronger(such a hand starts with a cuebid). I prefer 4S to be similar to a 3S opener so that partner has a better idea of what to do if eg they've doubled with a hand ...
What's wrong with opening 1!h?
Yes,if rho bids 3 or 4 spades then you’d have been happier if you’d started with 2H rather than double with a strong hand - but I’d argue that if rho bids 2S(or heaven forbid passes) then you’re better off if you’ve heard a ...
What would you choose?
Stayman,RKC Blackwood and Strong club(which I consider a convention). Why you lose at Bridge. Terence Reese.
What's wrong with opening 1!h?
Mike - I play NFB in one partnership and ‘normal’ in another and find the pluses and minuses roughly equal . I think it important that if playing NFB then in an auction like 1D (1S) then 3H is 6+ H and GF.
What's wrong with opening 1!h?
You may find this ‘problem’ I posted some while ago of some interest. I can tell you that the teammate in question has not been persuaded in the slightest!
TD please
As Trevor suggests,once you shown a hand too strong for a spade overcall then you’re not implying anything about Hearts at all.
TD please
Gregory - IMO holding a weak hand with long hearts and a void spade then 1H is the correct bid .It is far more likely that partner has a hand too strong to overcall 1S rather than a normal double with the auction dying in 1H. I would have offered up ...
Bill March's lead problem: Q 7654 JT85 QT64
I think in principle 3 suited, 4441 or some variation of (345)1 - at the table it was 4441.

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