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Feb. 22, 2012
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St George's,Darlington
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Selection Problems
Julian - presumably you’re new to bridgewinners, ‘move on ‘ dear oh dear!
Selection Problems
Andy - it would help if it was serious. Thanks to you I now know that Norman and Kay are married (and thanks to him...)which I suppose everyone knows except for those that don’t. I suppose I could have found this out but even i’ve got better things ...
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
Though I agree with that in principal it doesn’t follow that the opponents have wimped out - the failure of 4th hand to overcall the ‘measly’ 1D could be because they have some length in Diamonds, Given the potential weakness of one over one responses nowadays it’s easy to ...
Selection Problems
I wouldn’t (on a public forum) discuss people to whom I had a connection(of any sort) without declaring an interest - this seems to be a minority view. I don’t dispute the sincerity of any of the views expressed but for those of us not in the metropolitan ...
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
Good job it wasn’t a slow 3S otherwise we’d have to debate whether there was a LA to bidding game - seems to most here there isn’t! I don’t consider bidding bidding game automatic at all(not vul) and would pass 3S. Maybe the 2S bid was ...
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
Thank you for giving me the courage to put my head over this particular parapet, I consider many of the criticisms on this thread to be way over the top.
Selection Problems
I also laughed - at the notion that the USA has ‘cracked’ team selection and everyone’s happy about it.
Bidding after a preempt
I played in a match where the auction at both tables started 1S -(4H) - 4NT. Each opener thought it was blackwood,each responder the minors, each table 6S minus 2,just another flat board.
The Bridge Player's Lament
I’m sorry Richard, it’s simply far too early for an April Fool - the fact that one of my choices(seriously) would be Britney Spears is neither here nor there.
Notwithstanding that every approach has pluses and minuses I must admit that the scenario that you’ve described is not one that I would automatically think was worse for me than if I’d opened 1NT.

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