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....but what if dummy is void?
If you normally play high encourages then high says ‘ don’t switch’
... but what if dummy is void?
It really was difficult if not impossible - I ‘solved’ the problem in the other room by bidding 6H.
... but what if dummy is void?
If South has Q10xxx Q9xx x Axx then you have time (having ducked the spade) to ruff the first diamond and switch to a club - this fails on the actual hand where you have to keep discarding until partner can ruff!
... but what if dummy is void?
South’s hand is : Q1087 9x xxx AKxx If you can find a duck of the first spade then declarer can’t quite manage it.
....but what if dummy is void?
I dare say it could have been clearer. What I’m getting at is A)should you (for consistency)play the same method (whatever that method is) when dummy has void opposed to Singleton - answer 4 Or B)void is a unique situation and the best method is 1,2 ...
... but what if dummy is void?
I’ll reveal the whole hand tomorrow - you’ll find that the first sentence of your 2nd paragraph is not true(unless I’ve mis analysed!) bloody complicated though and I’d never work it out at the table.
... but what if dummy is void?
It was this hand that set me thinking about the general problem outlined in the other thread. I’m quite sure that at the table (I was at the other table) I’d win and play a club - trying not to think of the fact that if successful then 6H ...
... but what if dummy is void?
Ok, though I doubt you’ll find it much help. AKJ107653 Declarer plays the 2
No Matchpoints
To use one of Bridgewinners most popular terms,the opponents leading methods are 'unplayable'(unless they are Fantunes!)
Review a Regional Ruling
Since I’m not a laws expert hopefully those that are can clarify something for me. I’ve seen many comments so far to the effect that South never reveals their hand - how does this tie in with the situation where North knows there is an agreement but can’t ...

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