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Bill Segraves
Bill Segraves
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about me

Long-time student of the game. Slowly returning to active play and giving back.

Regular pards and I are always looking for the strongest competition we can find.

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Deciding Whether a Hand Is Good or Bad
I've now run about 200 deals with the OP hand opposite 14 and it's making 5 about 20% and 4 about 70%. I'm inclined to think it's not worth the risk of going down when pard raises and game is still this far off ...
Deciding Whether a Hand Is Good or Bad
4 is moderately safe but far from a sure thing. I've run about 200 deals and it's making ~ 70% of the time. PS - and I agree that a 5th club makes this good. Better for suit play or for notrump.
Deciding Whether a Hand Is Good or Bad
If you're simulating 14 count 4=1=4=4s opposite the OP hand, 3=4=2=4 with two bullets, we're getting very different results. I'll run some more. Still interested to know what pard should do over 3 and how we avoid getting too high ...
Defensive Carding
I'm not talking about routinely giving count signals in trump (I guess if Kantar's defense book is to believed, there are some who do, but it doesn't make much sense to me). We use trump echo exclusively to alert partner that we want a ruff. Since the ...
Deciding Whether a Hand Is Good or Bad
Fwiw, I ran a small sim with pard holding a 4=1=4=4 14 count and 5 made less than 20% of the time. (Margin of error for the small sim is probably enough that it could be 20% if I ran again.) By my lights, that's ...
Deciding Whether a Hand Is Good or Bad
I appreciate your taking the time to get concrete, Craig. Perhaps you can run an independent sim. My (small) sim does not suggest this is close. With 14-15 hcp and the heart ace singleton, I'm not getting much more than about 10% chance that this makes 3NT. If pard ...
Deciding Whether a Hand Is Good or Bad
And with this hand, do you want to hear 3NT if pard has 14 and a stopper?
Defensive Carding
I *try* to do this in some of my partnerships, but too often find that pard and I are not on the same page. Here, for instance, I think "pard wants to know whether I have the T," so I discourage with the 4. Pard, playing as you suggest, doesn ...
Defensive Carding
I should probably have also said *if* it's a situation where trump suit preference is likely to be needed. We don't necessarily give a trump suit preference signal whenever we're playing our trumps, so the overlap/ambiguity ends up being very rare. It'd have to be ...
Defensive Carding
For better or for worse, pard and I play trump suit preference *if* the situation isn't one in which I might want to echo in trumps to ask for a ruff. This is that situation (the club 4 might have been a single). I don't want a ruff ...

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