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Bill Shutts
Bill Shutts
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Aug. 6, 2011
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April 11, 2018
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Chicago and $IMP addict from the '70s in Kansas City and '80s in San Diego. Currently disguised as a systems/software engineer and data maven supporting the USMC and USAF V-22 Osprey Communities. Proud to be the human of Wolfie Amadeus Muttzart AKA Count Barkula (pictured), philosopher - "I bark therefore I am" - and pom in the butt. My philosophy is a good pun is *not* as satisfying as an entry shifting squeeze.
United States of America

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Playing vs. Kaplan-Kay in Spingold
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Few and Far Between
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Gold Life Master
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Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: J82 AT732 62 T43
There appears to be a missing king in this deck.
Disclosure that Limit Raise bid might be based on shape and not HCPs?
Richard, I believe you owe them that 22.5 - 25.5 Banzai points translates to an approx range of Work points, e.g., 13.5 - 15. I once proposed Bridgida's Prime Count as a joke on Aces =71, Kings = 47, 31, 17, 7. It fits the ...
Disclosure that Limit Raise bid might be based on shape and not HCPs?
I can certainly appreciate that Richard considers it adequate disclosure, after all, it was sufficient to a goddess:). All you need to do is divide the top and bottom of the announced range by 17.3 to arrive at ~15-17 Work points.
Disclosure that Limit Raise bid might be based on shape and not HCPs?
I personally would be a bit out of sorts if you described this as a limit raise with no amplifying information. I agree that this hand has the approximate playing strength of a prototypical 4 card limit raise, but I feel I am entitled to know your bid could be ...
Gregory Nowak's bidding problem: T9532 J8 3 KJ985
Particularly when the best result from the save will be more than their game.
I was misled by your upstream comment about claiming without assuming that East held spades. I was hoping to learn a new magic trick. It seems to me that if East started with 4=2-(5-2) and followed the same discarding strategy, coming down to e.g. J9x -- QTxx J ...
Patrick, how does this squeeze work if West guards spades and East guards minors?
If East held a five card minor, West would be looking at QJT of the other minor. I suspect this is not the case from the lead and switch, but it is the only clue the spots give us.
Gonzalo Goded's bidding problem: AQ6 A72 QJT643 3
If pass is not forcing (IMHO not, I agree with Jyri's rule) Dbl should be competitive, or pass-Dbl inversion if you prefer.
Bruce Schwaidelson's bidding problem: 9 QJT952 --- AT9865
Us 1 bidders will soon run afoul of the regs (implicit agreement to open 1 with 7HCP) in ACBL land. Give me the PPs, and the ZT suspension for cursing the convention committee for being zealots who insist that Bridge is a game of HCP.

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