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Bill Shutts
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Aug. 6, 2011
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Chicago and $IMP addict from the '70s in Kansas City and '80s in San Diego. Currently disguised as a systems/software engineer and data maven supporting the USMC and USAF V-22 Osprey Communities. Proud to be the human of Wolfie Amadeus Muttzart AKA Count Barkula (pictured), philosopher - "I bark therefore I am" - and pom in the butt. My philosophy is a good pun is *not* as satisfying as an entry shifting squeeze.
United States of America

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Playing vs. Kaplan-Kay in Spingold
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Few and Far Between
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Jeff Ford's bidding problem: AQ43 43 AJT63 A7
Weaken the hand a little and I would agree it is in the 14-16 range. IMHO, this hand at 17.7 K&R and 16+ Kleinman HCP is simply too good, particularly when you factor in how good it is for slam. If this were Ax AQxx AJTxx xx would ...
The end of an ERa 25
Terrible, but I think an improvement on a reg that counts AKQTxxx as five tricks, AJT9x AJT9x AT9 - only adds up to 24, but QJTxxxxxxxx x x - has 10 clear cut tricks.
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: 75 63 A754 AQT86
Although I voted for pass, I would probably bid against most of the pairs in a typical tourney.
Tom Allan's bidding problem: AKQ9 Q AT765 K83
Before I bid I need to ask East about understanding of 2. If I were West, I would have primary diamonds, which would raise a second danger signal beside the position of the club King: at least one major is breaking badly, and hearts are behind partner. That is ...
Alert question
You would think this question should have been determined by similar Bergen raise conditions by now. I think no alert, just explanation.
Yet another, "What is the best treatment for DBL in this sequence?"
Although a cue-bid-dbl will be 98% a game try in spades, I think there is room to hold KT xxx AJxx KQxx, or similar on this auction.
Paul D East's bidding problem: AKQJT76 A4 AQJT ---
If I did not dbl 4, 7 should be a small to medium favorite.
How do you bid this hand ?
Despite other's criticism of 3, I favor it. It is easy to predict that this suit of quality will produce few tricks if spades are trump and partner does not hold Ax or better in hearts. IMHO, after 3, opener has a 5 level drive with his ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: K94 K4 AT73 AKT5
Just barely worth an upgrade for game, but so good for slam we should encourage partner who is too savvy to play me for the perfect max.
Mike Cailean's bidding problem: KJ743 A2 J95 Q75
Who says the problem presenter is the only comment stakeholder here? Who knows if the problem presenter would welcome a better mousetrap whether or not he was explicitly seeking one? I for one welcome comments like Jack's that point out potential better mousetraps.

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