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Bill Shutts
Bill Shutts
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Aug. 6, 2011
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Nov. 22
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about me
Chicago and $IMP addict from the '70s in Kansas City and '80s in San Diego. Currently disguised as a systems/software engineer and data maven supporting the USMC and USAF V-22 Osprey Communities. Proud to be the human of Wolfie Amadeus Muttzart AKA Count Barkula (pictured), philosopher - "I bark therefore I am" - and pom in the butt. My philosophy is a good pun is *not* as satisfying as an entry shifting squeeze.
United States of America

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Playing vs. Kaplan-Kay in Spingold
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Few and Far Between
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What should be the correct ruling on this
Debbie, was it a slip of the mind or a mechanical error? If the former, I rule it a made comment:)
The Return of the Hand Pirate
If your LHO is good enough to hold off the doubleton K with small clubs, you should make him pay. Suppose you ruff with an honor, lead to the nine, and win the finesse, how should you proceed? I think cash a high heart, and if trumps are 2-2 ...
Can he or can't he?
If the defender's card was turned face down but never on the table, it is there in black and white ("until he has turned his own card face down on the table") that he is entitled to see the trick. However, this mannerism looks to me like a violation ...
Claim ruling poll
He who claims without a statement violates not only violates Law 68, but also Laws 74 A2 and A3 A2. "A player should carefully avoid any remark or extraneous action that might cause annoyance or embarrassment to another player or might interfere with the enjoyment of the game." I am ...
Kieran Dyke's bidding problem: QJ52 --- QJT9652 K3
If old fashioned 2/1 I+, 2. If 2/1 FG, 1NT followed by 3. My tricks are too slow to offer spades as trumps.
The Return of the Hand Pirate
I once read that Rubens and Rosler challenged each other with single hand problems back in Bridge Journal days. One struggled for hours before finding the unblock of the ten from an ATX suit to be able to finesse later in a guard squeeze.
Claim ruling poll
On the other hand I often find myself being bored and losing focus when I don't claim. Why should I risk losing for getting ahead of myself instead of meticulous claiming?
Claim ruling poll
I do not understand why 2-2 diamonds guarantees that declarer will lead the 8 on the third round.
Claim ruling poll
Did they not rule against the declarer in the world championships for failing to mention an unblock? What is difficult about parsing "any doubtful point as to a claim shall be resolved against the claimer."? If you fail to mention the unblock I doubt you see the need.
Would you have this three bid auction?
In college, playing for 1/5 cent per point, I won a 32 rubber on 2NT-7NT with honors followed by 1NT-7NT. I was wealthy. I was the Monarch of the Sea.

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