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Bill Shutts
Bill Shutts
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Aug. 6, 2011
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about me
Chicago and $IMP addict from the '70s in Kansas City and '80s in San Diego. Currently disguised as a systems/software engineer and data maven supporting the USMC and USAF V-22 Osprey Communities. Proud to be the human of Wolfie Amadeus Muttzart AKA Count Barkula (pictured), philosopher - "I bark therefore I am" - and pom in the butt. My philosophy is a good pun is *not* as satisfying as an entry shifting squeeze.
United States of America

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Playing vs. Kaplan-Kay in Spingold
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Few and Far Between
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None at Present
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If partner is not required to control bid over 4, and we have no method to find out about key cards below 4NT, South can only go with the odds. Your and Aaron's constructions are way odds-off.
Form of the game matters. Am I supposed to assign the blame for missing a good 6 at matchpoints? When I was a boy, Goren's rule was an opening bid with a fit facing a jump rebid was a slam if you had sufficient controls. This hand is ...
Can You Explain This Auction...?
Assuming 1-1-1NT = nominally 11-13 balanced, pass seems a reasonable guess. If you open all 11's and upgrade 10's and 13's copnservatively, I suspect you will win a few IMPs in the long run by passing. I agree with South's evaluation to not upgrade, but ...
ATB: Letting through a game
Perhaps the right card at trick 2 is the Q, not the 9. Would this solve East's problem?
Neil Silverman's bidding problem: T83 AKQT54 9 KJ5
So partner will divine to bid 4 on Axx xxx xx AQxxx? FWIW, I find this really close. But I would have made a strong jump shift response (if available) had they not interfered. Despite Richard's construction, this suggests that going set at 5, or 6 if we ...
ATB -- Phantom Save
South forgot to tell his partner not to save and North fell into his partner's trap.
BIT in slam bidding
A heavy 4NT may be a logical alternative, but I think it is far from clear that 4 is suggested by the BIT. Balancing with four of a presumably single suited minor has such a low reward to risk ratio, especially at matchpoints, that you should expect a very ...
How Would You Rule on This Claim?
I believe the directors got this right. Failing to jettison the A is inferior, not irrational in the meaning of the laws. In fairness, there is a serious divide among bridge players over how much leeway a declarer should get when he fails to state a comprehensive line of play ...
If you know the play you know it/or else it's tough
You mean the hand Belladonna denied having played?
Double Trouble: Rod Strikes Out Again!
IMHO South is worth a constructive 3 on the first round. If not, a sign of life over 3 is in order.

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