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Bill Shutts
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Aug. 6, 2011
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Chicago and $IMP addict from the '70s in Kansas City and '80s in San Diego. Currently disguised as a systems/software engineer and data maven supporting the USMC and USAF V-22 Osprey Communities. Proud to be the human of Wolfie Amadeus Muttzart AKA Count Barkula (pictured), philosopher - "I bark therefore I am" - and pom in the butt. My philosophy is a good pun is *not* as satisfying as an entry shifting squeeze.
United States of America

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Playing vs. Kaplan-Kay in Spingold
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Few and Far Between
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Scrambling after a Redouble.
Shades of Irina and Kerry in the KO finals. I thought pass implies at least three of the dearest suit was normal, Kerry obviously did not with her 4=4=3=2 after (1)-Dbl-(Rdbl). There is a lot of merit to playing (1m)-Dbl-(Rdbl)-Pass as ...
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: AQx 98xxx AQx xx
Partner's heart shortage could mean extra tricks since he may be forced to reverse the dummy. Ruffing 3 hearts would lead to 8 likely tricks on Kxxxx -- xxx xxxxx. Perhaps you need to find out whether they play support doubles before you take this line to the bank.
Jeff Sapire's bidding problem: KJ8742 74 AKJ5 5
I agree this is a bit subminimum. Since the pointed queens and a round ace produce a good play for game, perhaps just optimistic+. Turn the K into the ace and I think it would be a comfortable 2 rebid.
ATB-4/5 level decision
I blame East who misplayed and got lucky since if the King did not drop he was virtually guaranteed -500.
ATB-4/5 level decision
Why is East guaranteed to pick the K instead of going for 800?
Can the Director do this?
Regardless that 3 did not force game, a limit raise facing a known non minimum (ergo we have the balance of "power") should create a forcing pass at the five level. Only once in a blue moon will it give you the dreaded -750/-800 choice. Far more often ...
ATB - interesting hand
Agreed, when advancing a double, slow shows doubt is much more logical than when responding to 1NT. Also 9-10 with a double stop? Seems a bit desperate to me, but I suppose 3=3=4=3 could make you a bit desperate. If you would bid 3NT after the cue ...
What is your opening bid and why?
I believe I saw a recent comment that suggested there is a study indicating that opening 1NT with hearts is percentage, but not spades. In either event a 17 count whether it is worth an upgrade or not loses too often to 1M-(p)-2M for my taste.
ATB missed slam
I basically concur. I would try 3 with West's hand, but would not expect East to risk the five level. Rubensohl may well be a better approach when balancing over weak 2's.
ATB - interesting hand
Although East is mostly responsible for this, IMHO if East has shown a weak hand with club length and a probable single diamond stopper, West has no business passing 3NT. 5 rates to be cold losing a club and maybe a heart. 3NT rates to make much less than ...

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